Friday, September 28, 2012

Check your ego at the door there, cowboy

They always come back.  And by the time they do, I really want them even less than before.  Case in point:

This guy messaged me this morning.  Relevant information:  our last contact was in the second week of July.  Prior to that our last contact was FALL 2011. 

So he sends me this bitchy little message that read: "I thought dating wasn't your thing now. I see that at least you know how to be honest."

Um, seriously?  Get over yourself.  There is nothing I love more on a friday morning than a self-righteous, baselessly judgmental message from a big boy with a huge ego and probably a tiny tool in his pants.  Was I truly this awesome that I continue to haunt him?  I didn't realize how much I mattered!  It's not creepy.  At all.  :-/ ;-)

I debated about the nature of my response, or if I should even respond at all.  I did:

Hello to you, too!

Here's some friday honesty for you:

Not that I owe anyone an explanation for anything I do, but I've had this profile up for eons. My dating interests ebb and flow from week to week, so when I told you it wasn't my thing, it wasn't. The profile remained up because I don't care enough to take it down, and I simply ignore it when I'm not into it. I was overloaded with work at the time and that's all I focused on for a couple of months.

I also was turned off that you blew me off the first time around, and then circled back around after some time on the online dating merry go round. I'm not interested in being a backup plan or a second choice once you've seen what else is out there.

I hold no ill will towards you, I just think that any window we may have had was missed the first time around, and when you messaged me again months later, I was hesitant about talking to you again. My heart wasn't in it. Couple that with being overloaded at work, I just chose not to pursue things any further, with you or with anyone at that time.

Your parting words about it being my loss didn't really impress me either. That sounded like sour grapes, and I'm not one who is looking to spar with a big ego.

I wish you lots of luck on this site, and I hope you find someone that is a good fit for you, either here or somewhere else.

Take care!

I've not gotten a response yet, but I expect something snarky and possibly spiteful.  This man's ego is ridiculous, and why he can't just let it go and move on is beyond me.  We went out on ONE DATE.  He blew me off after that date.  He finds me again several months later, and acts as if I'm supposed to be so grateful that someone so wonderous has alighted upon my barren romantic life again.  Guy is good looking on the surface, sure.  But I'm beginning to see that inside he's a very unnattractive person.  Confidence is one thing, but an overblown ego is another entirely. 

I was much nicer in my response to him than I initially wanted to be.  He really merited something quite bitchy, or to just be ignored entirely, but I took the path I did and I'm okay with it.  I said my piece, and I was honest.

Don't judge me, little man.  Open up your eyes and realize that your behavior carries weight, your actions have consequences, and a pretty smile and nice muscles will not erase the fact that you are a true jackass, at least not for this girl!


  1. Your response was waaaay nice. I probably would have gotten worked up about it, typed a bitchy message with loads of F bombs, then smart up and ignore him.

    Its men like that who put me off dating in a big way. Such douchebags!

    1. Yeah, I was way nicer than I wanted to be, LOL. Haven't heard back so hopefully he'll finally go away!