Thursday, November 13, 2014


So yesterday around noon I went to my supervisor's office right around the corner to discuss a few things.  Ten minutes later I came back to my office to find a huge box on my desk.  Tucked inside were these beauties in this super adorable pitcher!  They came with a note that said, "Happy Hump Day!  I can't wait to see you tonight and I love you so much."- BF

I was so surprised!  Wednesdays are our standard week day that we spend together, placed right in the middle of the work week.  I cannot begin to describe how much I love getting flowers for no reason.  My birthday flowers were fabulous, but getting them out of the blue just because? Spectacular!  They are brightening up my desk so much, and I'm just madly in love with them, and with the sender.  :-)

Every day I am continually reminded of how lucky I am to be with this person, in this relationship.



Is anyone else seriously over seeing Kim Kardashian's naked body splashed all over everything all the time?  In the last couple of days you can't go anywhere online without reading about or worse yet, seeing her overexposed body.  Today's news is the release of full frontal pics because we haven't seen enough.

Twitter is all atwitter talking about her.  My biggest pet peeve are the Kim K defenders who proclaim that you're only mad about it if you're jealous.  Are we really pretending this is empowering?  Are we really pretending this is artistic?  Get real.  She's an attention whore who stays relevant by exploiting her ridiculous, photoshopped body.  She got famous for, as Joel McHale of The Soup always says, having a big ass and a sex tape.  Seriously.  What a legacy.

This blind, asinine worship of talentless attention whores drives me up the wall and is frankly embarrassing.  She is overexposed, desperate and can't seem to survive without masses of public attention that never comes for anything positive.  Any press is good press, right Kim?  Jebus.

Good for her for having a baby and working hard to get her body back.  That's awesome.  More power to her.  But will there ever be a day when she can just be satisfied with feeling good about herself and having her husband find her attractive?  Will she always need millions of strangers ogling her and poring over her latest nude spreads in magazines to feel validated?  Newsflash, Kim:  There are some people in the world who do NOT want to see your boobs, your ass and your crotch all over social media.  And some of those who do want to see want to see to make you the butt of their jokes, or to objectify you since you seem to trade on the fact that you're a sex object and nothing more. Sigh.  Yes, she has "businesses" like fashion lines, perfumes, blah blah.  But we all know what she's really famous for.

I take comfort in the fact that as a general rule, attention whores fade over the years.  We used to see Madonna, Paris Hilton, etc., etc. in various states of exposure and now they're gone from the front pages.  They aged out or had a lightbulb moment or better yet, maybe people stopped caring (Paris!). I'm just going to wait for that eventual fade of the Kim K obsession, though I suspect that if given the chance this woman will be dropping all her clothes for years to come, gladly welcoming the attention any way she can get it.  Sad.


Monday, November 10, 2014


After 10 months of dating, it's happening....I'm accepting his offer of a drawer...or two.  I've dismissed the offer for a few months now, but practicality knocked on the door this weekend, and I'm listening.

I'm legitimately there EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND.  Maybe not the whole weekend, but part of it unless I'm out of town.  Every weekend I pack up all of my toiletries except for shampoo/conditioner, body wash and loofah.  In the last month I got a lip balm and a body lotion for the bedside table.

This weekend I decided it's time to give in and accept the drawers so I can leave all the toiletries there.  I'm going to have all the essentials:  deodorant, face lotion, a toothbrush, shave lotion, a razor, hair product, flossing picks, makeup remover wipes.  I'm probably also going to bring a couple of pairs of socks and underthings, maybe a sleep t-shirt, those kind of things to place in said drawer(s). He also offered me a bathroom drawer, so that's where all the actual toiletries will go.

All I can think is how much easier it will be to pack every weekend when all I'm grabbing is clothes and my makeup bag.  Cheers to the small things!

In many ways his home feels like my home.  There are definitely more and more little touches of me around there, which is so nice since I spend so much time there!  The good thing is that neither of us have to worry (not that I think we would) that I'm moving in there gradually, as I would NEVER live there outside of weekends as it's massively inconvenient to my office in downtown DC.  I'm a weekend stowaway only!  :-)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy Go Lucky

Have I mentioned lately how happy I am?  I think I have, but I'm telling you-I wake up every morning feeling so grateful for all of the good things in my life.  I am so madly in love with BF, I can't even describe it.  The levels of happiness I've plateaued at lately are just incredible.  I know life can get bumpy sometimes, and those times always come again, but I'm so glad I have this fantastic person in my life who makes me laugh, supports me, understands me, comforts and takes care of me when I need it and enjoys being around when I'm a crazy person laughing hysterically over god knows what again.  <3

We went to our movie last night, but not until after we'd just laid together on the bed together for a bit, talking and holding onto each other.  We headed out to the movie and chatted the whole way, joking and laughing about random things.  In the movie we held hands or had some kind of physical connection the whole time, and we came home and just snuggled so nicely on the bed again.  We were silly and goofy and damn, do I feel loved unconditionally by this person.  It's such a spectacular thing.

I have trainer tonight and I'm looking forward to it.  Lately he's been raving about how strong I'm getting, in particular my legs.  I know I need to tone all over, including my calves, but just knowing that I'm so much stronger than I was before is awesome.  Love it!  I've finally gotten out of the habit of bitching (however sarcastically) about the reps he has me doing and just doing them, concentrating and working hard.  It feels good, especially when I get a good cardio workout in first!

Tomorrow night I'm doing a happy hour with some friends, including some former co-workers from my last firm.  We're going to the same bar/restaurant we went to for my b-day happy hour and I'm really looking forward to it.  Should be a good group and it's a nice way to wrap up a long week!  My part-time clerk starts tomorrow morning as well, so I'll be working with him on getting him trained and situated.  I don't love training, but I love the end result where I get some help catching up on all of these organizational and clean up projects.

Weather this weekend is supposed to get a bit cooler again after a week of sixties, meaning highs in the 50s.  Can't complain too much as we've been very lucky this fall so far and we're supposed to be back in the sixties at least for the early part of next week.  On the weekends with BF I kind of love relaxing in warmer things.  I have a pair of leggings I bought last year and never wore, and I randomly unearthed them last week.   With hesitation I wore them last Saturday afternoon after our errands and discovered two things.  1)  Boyfriend is a big fan!  2) They are insanely comfortable.  So I did a crazy thing and went and bought one additional pair for now. Don't think I'm ballsy enough to wear them in for real public (aside from grocery store or something), but I will definitely rock those comfortable things like it's my job on the weekend!

It's so nice when I wear something like that and feel a tiny bit insecure about it (ie I wish my thighs were a little tighter, my stomach a little flatter) to have boyfriend remind me that he thinks I'm sexy just as I am.  As a general rule I'm pretty happy with myself, but I know it's normal to have those moments, and I'm grateful to have him there to remind me that what I am is good enough!  It's good to have a cheerleader!

I won't be heading out to BF's until Saturday this weekend in light of the happy hour.  I don't think it will run very late, but I'm going to try to take advantage of the evening afterward to get to the gym (maybe!) and catch up on a little Bluemoon DVR!  I'll pack up and head out Saturday early afternoon and spend the rest of the weekend with BF and his daughter.  It's a full weekend with her after not having her at all last weekend.  Looks like next weekend might be a no daughter weekend, too, as she has plans Friday and we may be going to the Maryland-MSU football game that Saturday night, IF MSU beats Ohio State this Saturday night.  Guess we'll see how it all shakes out!

Happy thursday to all!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


How on earth is it already November?  I feel like I just got used to October and now it's gone, and it took the daylight with it.

It's really crazy to think that Thanksgiving is just three weeks away.  Three weeks from today I'll hopefully be at BF's family's house, having survived a crazy holiday drive with all of the other kind souls in the DC metro area trying to get out of town.  We plan on leaving really early Wednesday morning, so I'll be heading over there Tuesday night after work.

My mom emailed me this week to ask for Christmas ideas, which is even crazier.  My firm sent out their email about our holiday party, which will be on December 11th this year.  I'm really excited about it, as always, but more so this year because I'll get to bring BF, and my friend A is probably bringing her boyfriend, and they get along pretty well (based on the one time they've met!).  I think it will be nice for them to have one another as company.

I don't know that I'll buy another party dress, as I just don't wear them enough for that to make much fiscal sense, but you never know.  I need to take inventory of my party dresses and see what I have to work with!  Maybe I can use one I have and mix it up with different jewelry or hair or shoes.

Again, I can't get over that I'm talking about Thanksgiving, holiday parties and Christmas!

BF is coming over tonight, as he does on Wednesdays.  I think we are going to go see "Birdman" and have a late dinner at home.  I have some fish fillets in the fridge, some jasmine rice and steamer veggies, so that should be fairly painless to manage.

We got to spend the whole Halloween weekend together, which was lovely.  His daughter had a lock-in at her school Friday and plans with her Mom Saturday.  I got off work a couple of hours early on Friday and headed out his way.  We got our new fire pit set up and fiery in the driveway, pulled up some chairs and spent the next few hours warming ourselves by the fire and handing out candy.  It felt so old school Halloween, with tons of kids out trick or treating, and parents with most of them, some of them dressed up, too.  Everyone was so polite and the costumes were great, and I just had the best time!

We closed out the night ordering pizza and watching Halloween, which seems ideal!

Saturday we ran some errands and did some shopping, had a crockpot roast and veggies for dinner and watched football while getting a little tipsy together.  It was a nice evening and I laughed until my stomach hurt and I couldn't breathe more than once!  Sunday was leftovers for lunch, NFL and cooking dinner together before I headed home.  Love that man.  We had a lot of really good convos over the weekend and I love continuing to learn new things about him.  Learning about someone's past and how they've gotten where they are can really offer such good insight into who they are now and why, and I love watching the pieces come together!

Work day is wrapping up in less than an hour and I'm so ready.  Can't wait to go home and change out of work clothes and into comfy movie clothes so I can spend an hour in a theater being entertained and maybe holding my boyfriend's hand sometimes.  <3