Monday, July 9, 2012

Give me a break, man.

I am not bluemoon, the last chance saloon.  I am not here to be your ego boost, or your fallback plan, or something for you to settle with.

A guy I went on a date with in the fall messaged me today.  I actually met him for the first time the same weekend I met Baltimore.  Go figure. I liked him, he seemed very nice and sincere, and he suggested we get together again while we were saying goodbye in the parking lot.  I messaged him the next day to say it was nice to meet him, thank him for the date.  He never replied.  He just vanished.  I wrote it off because sometimes that happens.

Today I get "Hey, how have you been?"  I debated about responding, but couldn't help myself.  I replied "I'm good.  Surprised to see you resurface, since the last thing I remember is you not responding to my message after we went out."  Sure, it may have been petty, or unnecessary, butI wasn't going to pretend it hadn't happened. 

Just because you've made some laps in the online dating pool and realized that I was a pretty awesome girl doesn't mean that you get to just pop back up after being a jackass.  Not impressed.

Meanwhile, I saw Baltimore again on Friday.  We swung back away from the perimeter of boyfriend-like behavior to ambiguity.  We did talk for about 25 minutes in his driveway before I left that night, which was interesting.  He finally asked me to let him know once I got home.  It always bothered me that he'd never asked before, and I told him as much, LOL.  We're just a random little disaster, and I guess so long as I'm not tied up with anyone else, it doesn't really matter.

I do have a date tomorrow night.  I'm returning to a little pub nearby that I've been on a handful of dates at before.  ;-)  Not my suggestion this time, but I was pleased when he suggested it.  He lives two exits down the highway from me.  I've been talking to him for a couple of weeks, so we'll see how it goes.  Feels like it's been a bit since I've gone on a date, though I guess it's not been so long.

I told a friend about the date and she asked if I was excited.  Before I even answered she read my expression and it was declaring "LOW EXPECTATIONS, LOW EXPECTATIONS!"  It's a little sad, but honestly the fact is that I am certainly becoming a bit jaded.  I don't feel particularly excited.  I feel like things will go one of the following ways:

1) It will not translate in person on either side.  We'll muddle through being cordial and friendly, and never talk again.

2) He will like me and I will be unimpressed.

3) I will like him and he will be unimpressed.

Sigh.  Oh, to have legitimate dating hope again!  Why couldn't Baltimore just be more right than wrong?

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  1. I try and keep my expectations low, too. It's hard to be let down if you didn't expect much to begin with. That said, that changes when it's clear we're both interested in dating, otherwise, "he becomes a man of your excuses" :)I hope it goes well! Maybe the date you have the lowest expectation for will work out for the best!