Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Practical Shoes are for the Birds

So in recent weeks I bought three pairs of shoes.  Two pairs of wedges (black and blue) and a cute pair of tan/light brown kitten heels.  Two of three were predominantly purchased for work, but they're all amenable to out of work situations.  They were super cute, so I was wearing them a lot.

Ouch.  I ended up with very pissed off feet from all of the new shoe excitement, and I've had to take it easy on cute shoes in the last couple of weeks.  Today, for instance, I'm wearing a nice work dress and BLACK FLATS.  Boring!  It's a bummer to not be able to wear the cute shoes, new or old, but I *think* the back of my foot is finally improving, slowly, so I'm going to try to keep it going.  Note to self for future:  ALWAYS put a heel pad or some kind of protector at the back of these shoes, and DO NOT wear excessively!

It's supposed to be 70 today!  Right now it's only 59, but come on, still not bad!  Another nice day part of the day tomorrow and then the crap weather returns in the form of rain and maybe flurries.  :-o  Thursday is supposed to just be really cold and lousy.  AND they're saying there is a chance of winter weather sunday into Monday.  I cannot deal with any more of this!  It's MARCH, weather gods.  Cut us some slack already.

Bluefish is coming over tonight and we're going to Old Town for dinner, specific location yet to be determined.  He's got a couple of ideas that he wants to try, and I'm going to let him choose since they both sound workable to me.  I wanted to do something that would allow us to enjoy the nice weather, so we'll be able to wander before/after dinner in Old Town since it's a scenic area and the waterfront is so pretty.  :-)

There isn't a ton more going on right now.  Just trudging through the work week.  Had my monthly acupuncture appt. last night, which was much needed.  Tomorrow night I'm going to dinner in DC with my ex-H and a friend of his that I've not seen in a couple of years.  Thursday night I may just do the gym and redo my nails, especially since I just bought two new colors.  I'd done shellac manicures two consecutive times in the last couple of months, which was super nice to not have to worry about anything chipping. However, it takes away from my freedom to change colors often, so I'm taking a shellac break!

Friday night I'm doing a happy hour with several former co-workers/friends, and bringing my friend, A, along with me.  It should be a fun evening and I'm looking forward to catching up and having a reasonably relaxed night out.

Random things worthy of mention right now:

** Birchbox:  I subscribe to this monthly box of fun for the low price of $10 each month, and it's SO fun getting a little collection of beauty and makeup items each month.  My most recent box is on its way, and I love wondering what I'll get this time.  In the past some of my favorites have been a couple of different perfume samples, some different lipglosses, lotions, etc.  They also periodically have limited edition boxes you can buy separately, which I did today.  Should get that in a week or so, so that will be more fun!

** Veronica Mars movie:  It's finally opening Friday!  Can't wait to see it and I'm hoping to either see it with my friend, A or to just go see it solo.  Super excited as I adored that show and am looking forward to having it back in movie form!  Go Logan! ;-)

** Divergent:  Yeah, it's a YA book turned movie.  No, I didn't read the book series.  But I will admit I kind of want to see the movie, and the soundtrack is awesome.  Bought it this morning, listening to it on repeat now, skipping around to my newly discovered favorites.  So far favorite song is "Run Boy Run" by Woodkid.  It will be amazing to listen to while driving at too high of volumes.  ;-)

** Girls, the TV show.  Loving this season, though I haven't watched Sunday's episode yet.  Definitely need a night/weekend to catch up on DVR!  I don't care what anyone says about Lena Dunham, I love her and think she's very talented.

That's all I've got for now.  :-)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's My Prerogative (to eat Wendy's)

So I've had a solo week.  For some reason, through a combination of snow days, lingering bad weather, a cold on BF's side of things, and a scheduled session with trainer, I went from seeing BF many times last week to not seeing him at all since Sunday.We have plans Saturday evening, and that will be our first get together this week.

Yesterday I was bemoaning this fact to him, and said it was probably for the better since he had the cold, anyway.  [Yes, he is a man, and so his cold is way more significant than it would be for a woman.  Yeah, I said it!]  So I let it go, and along with it the notion of trying to see him Thursday night, and resigned myself to seeing him Saturday.  I decided that I would spend my Thursday night doing a little shopping, running a couple errands. I made a list of my desired stops today while at work, and I decided that I'm having a serious craving for Wendy's, so this will be my dinner.

So at 3:30pm, Bluefish messages me and asks, "Do you want to get dinner or something tonight?"  I read it and my first reaction was frustration.  NOW you ask?  After I spent all week missing you?  I didn't reply to it right away, and when I did, I replied honestly.  "I don't really feel like making the drive to the midway point tonight actually."

He responded that he was actually still at work (thus would have come to me), but said he would go ahead and head home.  I explained that in the absence of plans with him tonight, I'd made some Bluemoon solo plans, and I was going to proceed with those.

"Alright.  I tried!"

Sure, he tried.  At the last minute, and I told him as much.  :-)

I thought about giving in when he asked. It was what I'd wanted all week!  But all week long when we'd talked about missing each other, no plan to fix this was suggested.  He kept referencing his cold, and how we'd make up for it on Saturday.  I felt disappointment each time he said these things, but accepted them and we agreed to plan better from now on.

So I could have easily given in when he suggested this at 3:30.  Did I want to see him?  Sure.  But on this timetable?  When I'd made plans in lieu of seeing him?  No, they were not important plans.  But I'd been looking forward to them throughout the day.  And I'd realized I wasn't feeling that social today, anyway. And above all that, I got up late and went to work with dirty hair (remedied only by dry shampoo, which is about as effective as a 25% real shampoo!).  So even though I've gotten compliments on my hair today (?!?), I know it's dirty, and thusly I do not feel super alluring. And I'm tired.  And all I really want out of the rest of this Thursday is Wendy's, to buy cat food, maybe make a couple of quick shopping stops, go home, make chicken enchiladas that will serve as lunch tomorrow and saturday, watch some DVR, and maybe go to bed at a reasonable hour.  This is what I want for my Thursday.

I adore my boyfriend.  I want to see him.  I'm excited to see him Saturday and I'm still bummed that this week ended up the way it did. But in the end, my plans with myself, no matter how trifling or silly they are, mattered more to me today.  My weekend is packed, and I know that I won't feel relaxed if I can't get these errands done, if I don't have a planned night to myself when I was expecting it.

I want to give BF the best version of me.  I know it's not realistic all of the time, but I know what I need in order to be a happy Bluemoon, and tonight, that's what I'm sticking to.

Hopefully it doesn't make him feel miffed or anything weird.  Hopefully he understands that sometimes, a little notice is nice.  And hopefully he will just be all the happier when he does see me on Saturday.  :-)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Two Months

So Monday marked two months since my first date with Bluefish.  :-)  I love that he's just as aware of these little milestones as I am.  We were talking about it yesterday (on yet another snow day here in DC!) and I commented that they'd been two really, really good months, and he added, "Two GREAT months".

I spent two full nights with him this weekend, which was another milestone of sorts.  Our opportunities to do that will be very, very rare, so we took advantage since we had the chance.  Friday night he picked me up from the Metro stop out by his daughter's school.  We grabbed some dinner before going to see her musical. The show was AWESOME.  It was so fun, so entertaining and actually really good.  BF's daughter, J, did such a great job in her first show.  She had three different smaller roles, but she rocked them.  She is not shy at all, she is such a performer!

After the show we found her in the crowd and I gave her a cute little bouquet of flowers I'd picked up for the occasion, BF gave her a sandwich from her favorite sub place.  ;-)  I think he did the knowing dad thing, I did the appropriate GF thing, and together we covered all bases.  One of my favorite moments of the night was toward the end of the show when J and some others ran right in front of our (FRONT ROW :-o) seats. She looked right at me and gave me the biggest smile.  :-)

We dropped her off at her mom's house after the show after waiting for her cast party to wrap up.  She wanted to know what our favorite parts were, what we thought, who we thought did well.  She was very excited to get our thoughts.  After that we went back to my place and I'll be honest, we crashed pretty early! It was a long day.

Saturday we got brunch, then BF headed home.  I went to the gym, ran a couple errands and then headed out to his place.  We watched some "True Detective", went out for dinner, and made some precut cookies for dessert.  I have really come to love his townhouse and I'm starting to feel super comfortable there.  It's so much space, and it's so clean and organized and nice.

Sunday we went to see "Non-Stop" at the movies before coming back to relax briefly.  I headed home about 3pm because I had plans with my girlfriend, A to eat pizza and watch the Oscars. That plan was a raging success and I ate a lot of delicious pizza that hit the spot and perused all the Oscar fashions.

So things are good.  Two months down! One other plus of this weekend is that I got to learn a fair amount of new information about BF's history, in particular with relationships.  His last couple real ones didn't exceed the one year mark, so I was teasing him that it was good to know when our endpoint would be.  He was quick to say that he hoped we would beat that benchmark, and we both agreed that so far we'd been pattern breakers for each other!  He usually dislikes sharing a bed with someone, I feel smothered easily, he gets tired of people easily.  So far, so good, we're avoiding all of those, and he sleeps really well next to me.  :-)