Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer Absenteeism

Well, it may not officially be summer until Tuesday, but the blogging ways of summer have clearly already set in!  I've been MIA for quite awhile, and I do apologize for leaving you all in the dark.  My life is super riveting so I'm sure you've all been teeming with suspense.  Ha!

Things are good!  I love this time of year.  It's busy and there's always things to do and I love that. Memorial Day weekend was good.  We went to a Washington Nationals game that friday night, we including myself, BF, J and my friend, A.  We also went to a Potomac Nationals game that Sunday, which was also fun!  We do love watching baseball.

Last week my friend, T visited from Columbia, Missouri.  We had a great time that included lots of margaritas, Chinese delivery food, the Museum of American History, the Newseum and 80s night at yet another Nationals game, which included an opening concert by an 80s band,  The Legwarmers. Two of my girlfriends joined us and we had a great time!  T and I also did some exploring of random shops in my town and surrounding areas and just generally enjoyed catching up.

This week at work has been super hectic.  I don't mind because it makes the days go by quicker, though.  Always love my fridays!  We randomly decided on Tuesday to venture to Hershey, PA this weekend for Father's Day fun for BF.  We're not leaving until tomorrow morning, but at that point we're heading straight to Hershey Park for a day of amusement park fun.  We'll check into our hotel after that to clean up a bit and then we're spending the evening at a Harrisburg Senators baseball game.  BF and I love checking out these other area stadiums and comparing to ours.  J, not so much, but she's obligated to enjoy for her father's sake.  ;-)  Sunday we'll probably get breakfast/brunch and then maybe check out Chocolate World before we journey back.

Next week, the fun continues.  Thursday night is an area Battle of the Law Firm Bands, and my friend, A is one of the singers again this year in ours, so I'll be joining some co-workers and friends to watch and support her!  It will make for a very late night for me (sigh), but I took Friday off because it's my birthday, so it all works out.  :-)

Friday I'll be sleeping in a bit and then heading out to meet A, who has also taken the day off.  We're going to just enjoy a fun Friday without work, probably including manicures, brunch, maybe some shopping, etc.  That night we're meeting BF and a couple other friends over at the National Harbor for dinner, a spin on the Capital Wheel and drinks!  BF and I also booked a hotel for that night so we don't have to drive the long way back after all that fun, so that's a nice extra.

Saturday will entail getting ourselves back home and relaxing a bit.  We may go to a local live music, food truck and fireworks type festival that night.  :-)  Sunday daytime is again for relaxing because sunday night we are joining some friends who got free tix to see Guns 'n Roses at FedEx Field!  So random, but I'm excited.  I was never obsessed with GnR, but I know it will be a great experience and a good story.  :-)

That will properly wrap up birthday weekend, and I'm quite happy about all of it!

Not too much longer after that we have the 4th of July and the accompanying 3 day weekend, and then on July 9-12 we're roadtripping it to Myrtle Beach!  BF has some family there who we will visit briefly, and his mom, sister, brother in law and nephew will meet us from Charleston there for one day.  Beyond that, we're staying at a beachside resort and I'm so excited to visit a new place.  So much to look forward to!

The rest of the summer looks good, too.  I'm still hoping to plan a weekend beach trip to Ocean City with A, and I got Phantom of the Opera tickets for August for me, BF and J.  J and I are also indulging BF for his birthday by going to a WWE wrestling event in DC in July, LOL.  Both J and BF have July birthdays!  Of course, the big summer finale is our Outer Banks trip Labor Day week.  :-)  It is truly my favorite week of the entire year!  A week of total indulgence, lack of life obligations and beaching, swimming, grilling, reading, exploring and spending quality time with my person.  :-)  <3

Did I mention that I love summer?

The only sad thing right now is a realization I had yesterday on my way home.  This will be the first year in many moons that my grandfather will not call me on the phone to sing me his rendition of Happy Birthday.  It was always so cute and sweet and goofy, just like him.  I continue to remind myself that he's in a better place, he's no longer suffering, and he'll be singing me the birthday song from a whole new place this year.  <3 <3

Life is so weird sometimes.  I sometimes have the inclination that I should feel guilty for being happy and excited about things going on in my life. That I should still be mourning his loss and not celebrating things. However, I take comfort in knowing that I'm filling my summer with fun and happiness and experiences and my grandfather would LOVE that.  :-)  I'm moving forward like he would want all of us to, but he will never be forgotten.  I think of him every single day.

I hope everyone is having a great (almost) summer!  We got a fantastic summery night of thunderstorms last night and I loved every second.  :-)