Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Things

Thursday is almost friday, and for that I am grateful.  This week feels as if it has dragged, yet simultaneously gone quickly.  How is that for strange?

As mentioned in my post last night, my bowling plans disappeared quite last minute.  I was at the gym, being that annoying person texting while on the elliptical, when I found that out, and that meant I could no longer rationalize a shorter workout.  I ended up stuck there doing my whole usual thing, which I suppose was good.  I went home and watched a bunch of DVR, including the latest Survivor premiere.  I enjoy the constancy of that show.  :-)

Tonight I meet with my trainer again for our second session of the week.  I did my weekly weigh in on Tuesday and I'd lost another pound, totaling at 4 lbs. gone in three weeks.  Good start, I suppose!  I'm waiting for the inevitable week when I either gain something back or just hold steady.  It will happen, and it will be okay!

For now:  the pants I'm wearing today used to be so snug (and they were fat pants, no less) that they left a dent in my stomach from wearing them, LOL.  Today they are so loose around the waist that I could pull them right off without unbuttoning or unzipping.  Time for a belt!

I have a date tonight with a new guy.  We're meeting at a local restaurant/bar later on tonight.  No idea what to expect, he seems nice enough, so we'll see how it goes!  I'm keeping my options option since SC is still on my questionable list.  At the very least, I'm excited for the soup at the restaurant. 

You know, for the first couple of weeks of my working out, I basically did very little other than work out and take care of practical things like errands.  I didn't do much socially because I was super focused on building a routine.

Now I'm over three weeks in, and in the last week I've been integrating more socializing back in, and it's an interesting balance.  It's not only a matter of timing, and working my plans around my training sessions or gym visits or Boot Camp classes, but also balancing out eating wisely and drinking less and everything else.  No, it's not always convenient for me to go out at 9 to accommodate my training, but it's important to me, and I'm making it work. 

Also, I've been pleased to discover that already the working out feels like a pretty solid routine.  I don't even like to miss a day, and always end up doing SOMETHING to stay active, even if it's milder.  The 500 calories it seemed so hard to burn when trainer first suggested it (instead of the 250 I had been doing)?  Now it seems fairly routine, and like I could definitely do more if I want to, and sometimes I do.  It's good to see and feel the progress of these big changes!  I used to have low fat ice cream many nights at 10:30 or 11pm, now I have a small glass of chocolate milk, or a granola bar, if anything.  I'm snacking WAY less, I'm eating more fruits and veggies, and my food choices in general have improved hugely.  Cheers!

I really need to get to work.  I have a fair amount to do, but I'm sitting here thinking of my drugstore shopping list for the lunch hour, and what the weather will be like Saturday morning for boot camp, and if I will find the right fall jacket this weekend when I go shopping for one.  Priorities...I've got 'em.  ;-)


  1. SHOPPING IS ALWAYS A PRIORITY! Yes, that needed to be in caps.

    Working out a lot and dating is hard, especially if drinking is involved. If I'm in one of my hardcore working out modes, I don't want to drink. But how lame am I if I sit there with my salad and a water when I'm at a tavern? Super lame!

    Its all about balance. It looks like you're doing a good job balancing it out!

    1. @Danielle: I agree! :) I won't have time to do the real shopping until maybe Friday night post happy hour and post gym....and if not, then Saturday or sunday for sure.

      Yeah, the drinking thing is interesting. Last friday I had one drink that I made last forever, then a bunch of water. I will splurge on the right occasion, but a random happy hour probably won't be it!

  2. I long to find that motivation to get back into the groove of regularly going to the gym and feeling annoyed when I wasn't able to make it. So awesome about the pants!!! And that's just after 4 lbs! Imagine what another 4 will do.

    I hope the date goes well. Keep us posted :)

  3. @Ames: I hope the date goes well, too, as I think SC is on the way out the door he barely got in. We'll see, but I'll update accordingly.

    You're so right about the pants...I was thinking that if I actually reach my goal loss (20 lbs.), several of my pants will definitely not fit at all. That would be a good problem to have. ;)

  4. That means shopping! Why do you think he's out the door? Did something else (not)happen?