Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Couch = Perfect Man

So like I said earlier, I have a date tonight.  I have to tell you, I'm tired just thinking about it.  My trainer worked me really hard last night, then I went out for a few hours after and got more worn out.  Today at work we had our monthly all personnel lunch, and I ate more than I usually do for lunch.  I'm dragging here.  Also, my abs hurt like whoa.  Evil crunches with resistance bands and other assorted torture items.  My legs are sore, too.  Squats are the devil.

I've been toiling and debating about how to arrange tonight, all the while smacking myself for agreeing to go out on a date when I'd really just like a date with my couch and my DVR.  I need to get a workout in, but our scheduled meetup time is around 8. 

a) I could go to the gym first, but come hair looks really cute today, and going to the gym would require hurrying home for a quick shower I won't even enjoy, all to rush back out not looking as cute as I do now.  ;-) 
b) Alternately, I could go after the date, but that may put me at the gym around 10:30.  I've done it before, but it's not the most desirable timing, especially when I'm already so tired.
c) I could just go on a long walk outside pre-date, and count that as my workout for the night.  Skip taking friday night off and do my full workout then.  Go after the date to the gym if I suddenly get an extra burst of energy.
d) Shut up about all of it because talking this much about how to fit a workout in around a date is annoying.  ;-)

I WANT TO DATE MY COUCH.  He wears a nice coat, in the form of a lovely, soft blanket.  He cuddles and spoons with me and doesn't talk too much.  He likes my cats.  He is perfectly located (in my living room, in front of the TV, with a remote for DVR control nearby).  He won't tell me to change my hair, ditch my hoodie, or ask me to leave the house if I don't want to. 

I wonder if I am too tired to be my sparkly self.  I need an energy boost!  Evil, heavy lunch.  I think my body has shifted so that when I eat the indulgent things, or even just the slightly LESS healthy things, I feel weighted down from it.  Weirdness.

That is all.  Except for this:  sparkle, sparkle.


  1. When you are eating healthier pickin's and then have a more indulgent meal you are bound to feel off. Happens to me all the time, so I have less and less indulgent meals and just stick to 72% or above cacoa chocolate bars.

    My couch is totally the perfect man, god I love him. Maybe you can change the date to just get a drink or something?

    1. I also think I've just shrunk my stomach in general! I get full a lot easier, which I suppose is a good thing. :) Definitely makes me not want to eat the super crazy bad for me food, although I continue to crave a stupid donut (or three....damn Dunkin Donuts, lol).

      The date was fine, I came home and relaxed for about an hour and a half and that helped. Just got back from the gym post date. My night is complete!

  2. Bluemoon, how could one possibly be cute with short hair? ;) says the girl with short hair. Have fun. I think we are dating the same guy: the couch you speak of.

    1. Ha! :) Short hair rocks! I love my couch. I'm spending quality time with him right now before bed.

  3. I would totally date my couch, he is badass black leather but wears a sexy fake mink throw...I mean coat. Bonus points because my cat already likes him.

    Maybe you're just feeling the toll of some bad dates? Take a week off from them and focus back on getting you on track.

    1. So far the couches in our lives have gotten more love than the men, judging by the echoing responses above, LOL. :)

      Nah, I was just tired. Came home and relaxed for a bit before going on date, it was fine! Got to the gym and did my full workout after, too. :)

    2. Good. Just don't spread yourself too thin. That's how people like me end up sick.