Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time to Let it Go?

I posted about this yesterday afternoon, then deleted it almost immediately.  Now I'm back to post about it again.

My wedding rings.  I'm THISCLOSE to selling them.

Bottom line?  I don't think I'm going to get very much for them.  They are soldered together and engraved, and I simply don't think I care enough to pay to get them separated and buffed, just for the random hope that someone on Craigslist would pay more for them that way.

Most buyers of such jewelry aren't in contention for me because my center stone is just shy of half a carat, and they all require at least .7 carats, if not 1 full carat.  I guess my half carat center stone and all the little surrounding diamonds aren't enough, and that's just how it is, it seems.

The one jeweler who made me an offer did not have an encouraging number for me.  For a ring set that appraised for $5300, he offered me $610.

It sucks.  I was pretty insulted for awhile after I first got the offer, and saddened, too.  These were rings that for many years were invaluable to me, and that I adored.  They are beautiful and sparkly and lovely, and in particular I loved my engagement ring. 

But the marriage is long over, and the friendship with my ex is over, too.  All these rings do is sit in a safe box, locked up, in their original white box. 

Others suggested having the diamond removed and put into another piece of jewelry, but wouldn't be the same.  And it would still be the divorce diamond.  I can't see it any other way.

So my question here is this:

Should I just suck it up and take the $600?  I truly believe that with the rings as they are I'm not going to get any better offers.  Even if they were separated and buffed, would the cost of those changes eat into any increased offers I got? 

It's less horrifying to think about selling the rings for this price now than it was at first, but it's still hard.  I have no use for them, looking at them honestly makes me sad, and money is money.  A big part of me just wants to GET RID of them, get them out of my possession, so I can stop worrying about it.



  1. Hey hun,

    My opinion is that you should take the $600. The cost involved in getting them fixed up would pretty much negate any extra money you got for them.

    If anything, getting rid of them will be cathartic I think. And you're right. Money is money and having them sit in a safe is a waste.

    I sold my engagement ring after my ex and I split. He didn't want it back and it wasn't even diamond so it wasn't about money. I just didn't want it sitting around. I pretty much got rid of all the jewlery he ever gave me with the exception of 1 bracelet that had no sentimental value but that I really liked. Figured why should I deprive myself of something fancy just because of him.

  2. @Ash: I think this is what I'm going to do. I think the only reason I'm stuck on the money part of it is because that's what many people have mentioned to me. For me it's more about purging myself of that last, biggest, most tangible item associated with that marriage. I have nothing to do with it, and saving it in a safe box forever will do what for me? I think I just want it gone. I didn't buy it, anyway, so I'm profiting either way, LOL.

    I hear you on keeping an item or two. I've kept everything else, and have no need to get rid of it. Wouldn't get any money and I still really like to wear a couple of the things. For me, them fitting my personal style and preferences in a practical, everyday sense outweighed any previous emotional attachment.

    1. Good for you. It has nothing to do with the money, it's about purging. Good insight. I think deep down it was easier for me because I always thought that my engagement ring was ugly. Should have taken that as a sign when he asked me to marry him.

    2. @Ash: That would have helped, but I did love my rings! Ah well. :)

  3. OK I'm a nerd but interesting that the diamond "isn't enough" because neither was he! See, the ring has to be reflective of the couple! I digress.

    Have you checked a couple different places? There's a place in Vienna who will let you try and sell your jewelry on consignment. The only thing that worries me about that is the engraving but you never know; someone could buy it cheap and then buff the engagement out with all the money they saved on the ring. If you want the name, let me know. I have to track it down but I was just there getting my watch fixed.

    If not, I say just take the money and run. Do something for yourself with it, though. Like, you have to.

  4. buff the "engravement" out. freudian slip

  5. I sell things on Craigslist all the time, what I would do is list them at the price you want to sell them for, minus the cost for separation and rebuffing or whatever, and include that information on your post. Easy. Its free to post on Craigslist, so you might as well keep them listed for a while.

  6. @Ames & Danielle: Rings sold. Weight lifted. Moving on. :) Thank you so much for weighing in, I definitely factored in everyone's thoughts.