Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Can't hardly wait

It's happening, guys.  I'm at the point in my pre-vacation mindset where I've lost all ability to focus on anything BUT the upcoming trip.  I gave in and started my packing list today!  Our departure is still eleven days away, but I'm a list maker, and this makes me feel like I'm moving closer to the goal. I'm going to get my oil changed this weekend in preparation for the road trip, too.  I've generally reconciled myself to the fact that these last remaining days will probably go by pretty slowly since I have something to look forward to, but each day that passes, however slowly, is still a day closer to vacation.  :-)

I've got my beach books picked out to take with me, I'm bringing my super cute Golden Girls dress that I have only worn for BF's birthday dinner thus far.  New swimsuit arrives Saturday and hopefully will work out.  Did I mention that I'm excited for this trip???

This is only the second time since my honeymoon in 2002 that I've taken a week off of work.  It is still such a novelty to me!  It feels so decadent and I love it.  I definitely have earned the time off and I most certainly need it!  BF and I need a chance to just be together, relax and re-connect in the wake of the crazy last couple of months.

I'm possibly going to drive you all crazy talking about this until it happens, and I apologize in advance.  :-)  I'm scanning my calendar for the days in between to see what I have to occupy myself and here's what I've found:

Today:  All Personnel Firm Luncheon AND Building Ice Cream Social.  SCORE!  :-)

Friday: Hair appt.  Yes, hair guy went a little crazy last time, but a) I got used to it and b) now the layers have grown out and my home blow outs are not as successful.  Time for a shape up and trim, not to mention the general pampered feeling and awesome aftermath of a salon appointment!

Saturday: Oil change and errands during the day.  Dinner and comedy show with BF, his daughter, J and my friend, A.  Should be fun!

Thursday of next week:  Dental cleaning in AM (not fun, but love the feeling after!), acupuncture after work and then dinner/drinks/dessert with two girlfriends in Alexandria.  Also,  that day marks one year and 8 months I've been with BF!  He has his Fantasy Football draft that night with his friends.  :-)

Friday of next week:  Dinner with J before we head out of town!

Saturday of next week:  ESCAPE!!!  :-)

The countdown continues....

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's the final countdown

So I've been counting down, and it's 12 days until my vacation.  We booked this beach house in mid-February, so it's been a long time coming!  I've patiently waited all of these months and now it's almost here.  I couldn't be more excited, and I couldn't need this getaway more!

It's been a complicated 2015.  The best part of 2015 was making the choice to move in with BF.  It was a decision that was hard to come to, but I'm very glad I made the leap.  I truly love going to bed next to him every night and waking up with him every morning.  We aren't perfect, and we've had our struggles, but we've worked through everything and we're still here, ready to keep moving forward.

2015 also brought with it a continuing stream of health issues for me.  Nothing earth shattering, but a lot of stress, frustration and me meeting my high deductible pretty early in the year.  It's been challenging, but again....still here.  Still moving forward.

Add to this the job stress as of late and this amounts to one exhausted Bluemoon.  I *need* this vacation and it can't come soon enough!  I am reveling in the notion of ten days away from work, away from real life obligations.  Seven days at the beach, seven days of sand and sun and the ocean. Seven days of no alarm clocks, no recommended bedtimes, nothing to do but go to the beach, swim in our pool, explore the Outer Banks again and just enjoy being together.  I CANNOT WAIT!

I had this grand plan to get in better shape over the summer in preparation for this trip.  Due to a variety of reasons, some allowable, some excuses, I did not do this.  I strongly considered getting a one piece swimsuit for the trip.  I online shopped for one and never found anything I loved.  I was annoyed because last summer I really enjoyed wearing both bikinis I brought and I found I didn't really care what anyone else thought.  So in the end, I bought a new bikini to add to my collection. Screw it, right?  I can wear whatever I want!

So now I just have to make it through less than two weeks to get to this vacation.  I can totally do that.  I'll focus on getting my work done, starting my trip packing list and mentally preparing myself for a big, long break from reality.  :-)  Cheers to vacation!

Friday, August 7, 2015


I'm still here!  I just realized I haven't posted since mid-July.  :-o  This happens every year-the summer is just a dead zone for me posting wise!

I'm at that point of summer where I'm starting to get those little fall yearnings, except for the fact that my beach vacation is still a month away!  Work has been crazy, everything has been a little crazy, but I'm here, I'm good, I'm just behind on blogging...though still reading everyone else's blogs!

I've officially started my beach countdown.  We leave four weeks from tomorrow!  I absolutely cannot wait to have seven days out of town, at the beach, relaxing and enjoying tons of quality time with BF.  Life has been chaotic and stressful and we definitely need the down time.

In the meantime, I am being forced to come into work for six hours tomorrow, which does NOT please me, overtime or not.  I cannot stand the thought of work intruding on my weekend and it is something I'm just ready to get over with!

Weather is gorgeous the last couple of days, cooler, but warm and nice.  Getting ready to head downstairs for Happy Minute pizza and socializing at work and then escaping at five, especially since I have to be back here tomorrow.

Happy weekending!