Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dress for Success

So the birthday was a success!  BF loved his gifts he's received thus far.  The Washington Nationals birdhouse arrived yesterday, along with his silly t-shirt, so I'll be gifting those to him tomorrow evening once J is back at the house.  We went out to lunch with J for his b-day and then went miniature golfing.  We opened presents and then J went home and we went our for dinner.  Below is a cropped (and rather dark!) pic to show you all my Golden Girls dress.  ;-)  I felt really good in it and look forward to wearing it again, as I changed back at the house.  The evening plans were to watch the NASCAR Race, LOL.  Man loves his Jimmie Johnson.  We had some drinks and ice cream cake for dessert, though, and it was nice.

So today is my Thursday, which is awesome.  Yesterday was a chaotic mess at work.  I got in early, got a 15 minute lunch and stayed late.  Today should be much better.  I'm so looking forward to our getaway Thursday-Sunday.  A few days away at a rental house/cabin in the mountains of West Virginia sounds so great right now!  The place has two levels of huge decks on the back, a hot tub on the deck, two jacuzzi tubs in the house and a grill.  What else do we need???  :-)

Our plan is to be super, crazy low key.  We are going to grill, watch movies, play games and relax in the hot tub.  I'm going to read, maybe take a jacuzzi bath, too, to read in there!  I'm sure we will also explore the nearby town, though I'm not expecting a ton of things to do...which is A-OK! I'm not bringing any hair straightening items LOL.  I'm going curly and rogue, super short hair be damned!  I'm hoping for cool evenings to make the hot tub more enjoyable, and the chance to wear a hoodie.  :-p  I will also be packing my new Golden Girls shirt, which I washed last night in anticipation! We're also bringing J's birthday gifts and will be baking her a red velvet cake per her request.

In the meantime, just need to get through today and tomorrow!  Tomorrow night will likely be a lot of packing and organizing, which is fun enough when you're on your way somewhere and not coming back from somewhere.  ;-)

Cheers to a fast moving work day!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Bluemoon as a Golden Girl

Happy Friday!  It doesn't *feel* like a friday, but it is, and you will find no complaints from this girl. Fridays are jeans days, which automatically makes the day better for some reason.  I'm also wearing a bright, vivid purple shirt that I love today and some earrings that match perfectly, which I got in Columbia, Missouri during a visit to my friend T a couple of years back.  They make me happy because they kind of remind me of grape lifesavers.

In addition, I'm rocking my new favorite lipstick, which is the oft-sought and rarely found "your lips, but better" shade for me.  It's a L'oreal Colour Riche balm in the color of "Plush Plum".  I'm madly in love with it because it smells good, it's super moisturizing, and it doesn't need a gloss on top.  Also, the color is just perfect. Bought it with some CVS Bucks yesterday and it was definitely a good choice.

Signed up for Ipsy this week to see how it compares to Birchbox.  I figure I'll give it maybe 2-3 months and see which one I want to stick with.  Both should be coming in the next couple of weeks, so I'll be sure to share my thoughts.  ;-)  I do love getting a box full of random beauty items instead of just a mailbox full of bills and junk mail.

In other news, I sorted out BF's birthday on my own.  Thank you for the suggestions, though!  He's just a tough cookie to gift! He recently mentioned an interest in getting a birdhouse for the backyard, as we have some built in hooks on the fences from previous owners.  I had previously scoped one out on Etsy that was Washington Nationals themed, and I decided to go for it.  It's pretty neat and I think he'll really like it.

While in the Etsy vortex, I also made an impulse purchase of three t-shirts from one shop---one for BF, one for his daughter, J and one for me, LOL.  His is a goofy shirt, which is his favorite kind, J's says "Bye Felicia", which is one of her favorite current sayings, ha.  Mine is....well, behold the awesome of my shirt!

Seriously, who doesn't love The Golden Girls?  I LOVE that show.  I've watched it for years in syndication, and I think I recall it actually being on TV as a first-run series. Anyway, I adore that show,  I adore those ladies, and this shirt is everything.  :-)

The birdhouse and the t-shirts won't arrive until next week, AFTER BF's birthday, but luckily I have a built in excuse for these tardy gifts.  We are renting a house in the mountains of West Virginia Thursday-Sunday, and it was originally planned as a joint birthday celebration for BF and J.  His b-day is 7/11 and hers is 7/22.  So I'm just going to give BF the gifts I currently have on Saturday, and then explain that I wanted to extend his birthday fun into the trip, so I will give him those two gifts at that time.  Cheers!  :-D

In related Golden Girls news....I think I previously mentioned having bought a summer dress at a thrift shop when out running around with J one Saturday.  Well, I haven't had an opportunity to wear it yet, but I think I'm going to bust that baby out Saturday evening for BF's birthday dinner.  We are going to a really nice local restaurant with a reservation and everything...fancy for us.  ;-)

Anyway, this dress is the weirdest thing to me.  It's a slip style dress with this crazy, wildly colorful random pattern on it.  I look at it and it legit screams Old lady Miami!  Golden Girls! to me for some reason. Objectively, I recognize that the pattern is probably pretty damn ugly when you look at it too closely or too long, AND YET....I was drawn to it, and I like it.  It's my Golden Girls dress!  It's the one thing I DON'T have a picture of for this post.  ;-)  I'm going to try to remember to get a pic Saturday since it's not often I wear dresses on the weekend.

This post brought to you by a decaf grande skim Caramel Macchiato, Friday enthusiasm and a feeling of success at finally finishing BF's birthday gift on the day before his actual birthday.  ;-)

Thursday, July 9, 2015


BF's birthday is Saturday.  For some reason, I am having the hardest time with gifts for him this time around!  I have a few things already taken care of, but I feel like I need one more good gift.  Of the things I got him, one he basically told me he wanted, one is more of a cute gift that we'll all appreciate, and one is a t-shirt I think he'll love, but may not be big enough (and his size is nowhere to be found).  Any magical, inspirational ideas of something cool I can do?  I'm usually so good at this and am ROCKING his daughter J's birthday ideas.  :-)

Anyway, real post coming later hopefully, but otherwise excuse this interruption of regular programming.  :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Chop Chop

Oh, the woes of a holiday work week.  It's finally Wednesday, but the week has been dragging!  My birthday week was pretty good.  It's always nice to feel loved and appreciated by my family and friends!  I'm another year older, and hopefully another year wiser.  :-)

Got my hair cut on Friday morning and wow...  It was shorter than expected.  I left feeling a bit shell shocked and a little self-conscious as well.  Definitely the shortest I've had it in a long time!  I was predominantly worried about how it would fare when it was curly.  :-o  Got lots of compliments on it from women, got a couple, "Wow, it's short" from guys.  This is not even a little shocking!  This reinforces my belief that more often than not, men prefer long hair over short.  If that's the case, OH WELL.  It's hair, it will grow, and I ultimately like it shorter than longer!

Please ignore my escaping bra strap, as the shirt had a weird cut and proved challenging all day.  ;-)
Anyway, wore it curly sunday and monday, and it was a bit challenging, too.  But I'll manage until it grows out a bit, and it actually looks pretty cute when blown out.  I did it myself yesterday and not only was it quicker, but it was a cute look!

Really looking forward to the long weekend.  Just one extra day, but I'll take it!  We really don't have any concrete, interesting plans.  I expect to watch fireworks somewhere, I expect to grill food.  That's all I've got so far.  I'd also like to finish watching this latest season of "Orange is the New Black".  I think I have about five episodes left.  Such a great show!

Boring today, so I'm going to wrap this up before I ramble any further about nothing.  Cheers to today being this week's Thursday!