Tuesday, September 4, 2012

4, 3, 2, 1....

I'm a prolific poster today, it seems.  It also seems I am having a hard time focusing at work. :-D

So, between last night and today, I've started talking to 4 individuals.  We're going to do a chronicle to see how long it takes 4 to become 0, and why.

In all honesty, one already went kaboom this morning, and I shall disclose the circumstances forthwith.

Candidate #1:  We shall call him Kaboom.  Messaged me this morning, we exchanged several replies.  He looked familiar, but I couldn't place him.  He seemed nice enough and then I asked why he'd been single for four years (it was in his profile).  He told me it was because his last two exes cheated on him for the same reason, and he'd been dealing with the repercussions.  Suddenly alarm bells went off.  I'd HAD THIS CONVERSATION BEFORE.  He remembered me, I didn't remember him until then. 

We stopped talking last time, which was a few months ago, because he was one of those guys who wanted to talk about sexual preferences and history before we even met.  I told him I wasn't into that, and he explained that because of his past, he had to be upfront and discuss these things like an adult right off the bat.  His problem?  His exes cheated on him because he was "too big". 

WTFever, sir.  I told you no sex chatter last time, I still mean it this time.  Told him as much, as nicely as I could.  "No problem Princess, I wish you luck."

Um.  Not your princess, Kaboom.  Down in flames he went, and he took his too large equipment with him, and I'm not sad.  A successful round trip from promise to disaster in about an hour.  Records are set!  Standards are failed.  The world goes on!

Candidate #2: We shall call him Ten, which is how many times I got his first message in succession due to a phone error.  ;-)  Seems like a nice guy, very earnest and somehow innocent seeming?  That's probably a lie, LOL.  We both love football, and he seems interested in talking on the phone or meeting up soon.  He has an unfortunate first name.  Actually, just a nickname I can't stand for a nice name.  I would have to rename him.  :-p

Candidate #3: BeachBoy is his name, because his username has something involving beach in it, and I'm lazy.  He's quite likeable.  Cute.  He's a cop, which is not my dream partner's job because it scares me, but I can deal at this early point.  Not crossing any lines yet (for a whole MORNING!!, ha) and hasn't asked about my attire.  Cheers!

Candidate #4: Supercuteboy.  Yup, all one word.  Because he's super cute.  Cutest of all the four.  I randomly messaged him last night when he popped up on the site.  It was really late, and historically I don't hear back from most of the really cute ones I message on my own, LOL.  But this morning, bright and early, he responded.  He was sweet and told me I was very pretty, and that he hoped to talk to me more soon.  Can I just say how nice it was to be told I was "pretty"?  Not sexy.  Not hot.  Not gorgeous.  I would take pretty any day because it feels more sincere.

I just had a moment of panic where I thought I responded to #3's message with #4's name.  :-o  Double checked and I'm safe, but that is one of the perils of holding so many simultaneous conversations...keeping the names straight!  I don't know #4's real name yet, though. 

Anyway, so there's today's outline.  Stay tuned to see how Ten, BeachBoy and Supercuteboy fare as the day (s) wear on.  OOOOH, the suspense.

My predictions?  One will randomly stop messaging me (#4?).  One will cross the line with sex talk or turn me off in some other fashion (#3?).  One may linger around for awhile, but then interest will wane (#2). 

It would be nice if I were wrong.  Really.  It would be quite lovely.


  1. I think #1 should be renamed, " Mandingo." LOL...I can't believe he told you that he was " too big!" I think the cop and #3 sounds promising!

  2. @gatorchica: I had to google that, LOL. Can you believe that guy? Oh, woe is him! As far as the others, I'm hopeful, but realistic. We shall see! Usually true colors are shown fairly quickly. ;)

  3. Yeah, my ASS for #1. No way. I don't believe it. Maybe he was confused because the exes said he WAS a big dick, not that he HAD a big dick. Sorry - haha

    I hope the other ones aren't creepers! Maybe you could just put a disclaimer in your profile that says, if you're looking to hookup and/or something casual, don't even bother. I'm sure some would not heed that warning but maybe it could weed out a few. I did that in my profile years ago but I also had a list of things that I absolutely would not put up with. It was funny. I wish I had kept it.

  4. @ames: I actually DID put a disclaimer like that up last week, after that other d-bag tried to hook up within 10 minutes of IMing me and then told me I was uptight, LOL. Not sure if it will work in the big picture, but I figured it was worth a shot. Probably I'm scaring some people off, too, but that's fine with me. Less detritus to sift through later on. ;)

  5. Guys that claim to have a big dick never have a big dick and it makes me sad. Hahaha, I think Ames is right though.

    Ooh a cop? I think you should def try to go out with him, for the role playing alone, oh la la. I would totally do it.

  6. @Danielle: LOL, you're probably right. He is so WOUNDED over the curse of his giant package. ;)

    Yes, I'm liking the cop a lot actually! Fun flirtation, he's keeping it proper, and is super cute. :)

  7. Seriously? At least you're able to weed out the idiots sooner than later! Am superexcitedgirl to hear how things go with 2-4!

  8. @Tracy: Right? I'm trying, LOL. And me too on the rest.