Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Slow & Steady

Slow and steady wins the race.  That's what I keep reminding myself in this newfound journey towards getting in better shape.  I didn't gain this extra weight in a week, so why would I expect to lose it in a week? 

I've officially been doing this for a week today.  I meet with my personal trainer again tonight, and I'm looking forward to it.  I weighed myself for the first time last week on Tuesday, and decided that would be my personal weigh in day.  I hesitated about doing it weekly, wondering if I should just wait until the two week mark when my trainer does my measurements again.  I remembered the last time I tried Weight Watchers this spring. 

I dieted and worked out really well that first week, and I got on the scale and felt hopeful.  I'd lost a pound and change.  I felt so discouraged, and I basically gave up immediately.  The first time I did WW I lost about 4 lbs. the first week, and so seeing such a small loss that next time was hugely disappointing. 

This time around, I decided I had enough motivation that even a small loss wouldn't throw me off track.  I'm looking at the bigger picture, and I know how hard I've been working. 

Two pounds.  I lost about 2 lbs. this week.  Yes, I was a little disappointed when I first saw the numbers pop up on the scale.  But 2 lbs. is 2 lbs.  Slow and steady wins the race.

I have been kicking ass this week.  Truly.  I have never felt this motivated on both the eating better and working out fronts.  Usually one is easier, one is harder.  But I've had so many small victories on the nutrition front. 

* Opting out of Happy Minute pizza on Friday at work in favor of pre-personal training Peanut Butter Crackers
* Went to the store this weekend.  Only when I got home did I realize I'd left the store (my favorite, and a BEACON for so many delicious baked things and snacks I love) without buying dessert or sweets.  Nothing.  I bought lean meats, eggs, fruits, whole grain sandwich thins, veggies.  HUGE deal for me. 
* Last night I was still hungry after dinner.  I was craving ice cream or something sweet.  Instead, I opted for a bowl of Special K cereal.  Do I wish I'd been able to skip the snack entirely? Sure.  But I was hungry, and so I made a smarter choice about what to eat, and that's okay sometimes.  I'm proud of myself!

And to continue to document my awesomeness, on this, my first weigh in day and the week anniversary of my new path to superhero status:

Tuesday 8/25: Met with personal trainer for 60 minute workout session
Wednesday: 30 minutes cardio at the gym
Thursday: Stretching. Day off from gym due to ungodly soreness
Friday: 60 minute personal training session
Saturday: Strength training and workout at home, 30 minutes
Sunday: 60 mins at gym, plus strength training at home
Monday: 45 minutes at gym, plus strength training and exercise ball work at home

I kid you not, folks. Even when I'm at home watching a movie, or catching up on DVR, I'm sitting on the exercise ball.  I'm doing crunches on commercial breaks.  I'm lifting small hand weights.  I'm stretching.  I'm doing various exercises I've learned from the trainer.  I'm so much more conscious of how much I can do even when "relaxing" at home.  Little things can add up.  I'm drinking more water.  I'm snacking less often and healthier.  I'm planning for healthy meals.  I LOOK FORWARD to seeing my trainer. 

Also, this weekend he sent out a message that a client of his just found out she was PG, and wanted to sell her remaining 5 sessions for $60.  I snatched that up, oh yes I did.  So now I have 18 sessions on the books, two under my belt.  Pretty awesome.  :-)

So that wraps up my brag post for this fine Tuesday.  I apologize if it's obnoxious, but I think it's really important to remind myself of these victories, especially in the beginning.  I'm feeling really good about all of this, and it's nice to put it all down in one place and see that I have good reason to feel that way!


  1. Um... that's awesome. Even the fact you have found all this motivation is awesome. I've heard that it takes several weeks for weight to really start coming off and that a lot of times people actually GAIN weight before they lose it - don't read too much into the scale, yet. You're doing great!

  2. @ames: Thank you! :) I feel pretty awesome, I have to say.

  3. You are lifting weights, and it does really weigh more than fat. So just remember its going to scale out. I gained muscle and lost fat at the beginning of spring, and in the last month I've basically lost all my muscle since I have been working so much and not had time for workouts. I feel so gross and disgusting. I'm reading your posts and I'm jealous!

    Day off tomorrow, so I'll be hitting the gym and doing some much needed yoga.

  4. @Danielle: Good point. I need to remind myself of that, as I've honestly never done weight lifting prior to this. Just a mindset change I'll have to get used to!

    Enjoy your day at the gym AND the yoga. I hope to try to incorporate yoga at some point, maybe in a week or two when I'm settled in more with this part.