Monday, September 24, 2012

Tumbling into Fall

Happy fall!  This is my favorite season by far, and in a handful of days we'll be arriving into my favorite month.  Lately our weather in the DC area has been spectacular, with cool mornings and evenings and lovely, sunny days.  I am crossing fingers that it continues and we get the pleasure of a real autumn.  I need to get down to my storage space and pull out the few seasonal decorations I have.  Once October arrives I can go out and get pumpkins, too!

So my weekend was weekend-like.  Boot camp on Saturday was incredibly difficult, but I still had fun.  We had to do more running, both in laps around the track at a steady pace and sprinting in relay-type events with fellow classmates.  He had us doing things that meant our performance affected others, and that was slightly intimidating! I will admit, though, that it is motivating! 

The last thing we did for the day was a relay with three teams of three.  We had to side shuffle down the width of the football field and back, then sprint the same distance, and then it was the next person's turn.  I was the third to go on my team, and I'm proud to say that I managed to perform well enough that my team won!  Our first leg we got a bit of a lead, but I pushed through and closed it out strong with my teammates yelling encouragement from the starting line.  :-)

Today I had a second co-worker notice my increasingly baggy pants, yay!  This week is measurements week again, too.  I'm not sure if he'll do that Tuesday or Thursday, but it's coming, plus my own weigh in tomorrow morning.  Also will be time for my requisite two week pictures I'm doing for my own personal record.  Tomorrow marks 4 weeks I've been doing this. Cheers!

Hmm, what else?  I blocked SC on gchat this weekend.  I had already decided I was done with him when he messaged me Saturday about the football game between our two teams.  He was trash talking right off the bat, and it was pushing my buttons.  I tried to be nice, but eventually I decided I no longer needed to walk on eggshells for this silly little boy, so I told him I thought his team was overrated (which I do).  He was not pleased, LOL.  He got snarkier, and as his team demolished mine (which I fully acknowledged, I'm not blind), he just kept going.  He said things like "Oh, this game is so close.  I hope I don't lose my bet."  I told him that he wasn't a very gracious winner, and he said "Don't trash talk back and I won't gloat."  And, BLOCK! 

I was tempted to get into a verbal sparring match with him, but he wasn't worth a single minute more of my time, so I blocked him and felt better.  What a toxic, petty little person!  Dodged a bullet there.

In other maybe dating news, I'm having an unusually good run of conversations on the online dating front lately.  I've got a small posse of gentlemen I'm talking to who actually seem possibly like good candidates, which is refreshing.  One has already asked me out for this week, I'm currently just deciding if I'm ready to proceed, LOL.  Beyond that, it's just nice talking to a few people who seem intelligent, well spoken and with at least a little bit of potential!  Sure would be nice to find someone to stay warm with for the cooler fall days. ;-)

Tonight should be a good night, if a bit busy.  I have my monthly acupuncture appointment at 7, and then I plan to come home and relax briefly before heading out to the gym to get my workout knocked out.  I don't mind going a bit later because it means I can watch the Monday night football game while I'm there, and that can help pass the time quite nicely.

Anyway, enough generic type rambling for now!


  1. I saw the white cinderella pumpkins at the grocery store this weekend, I almost bought a couple. Had to restrain myself, its only September after all.

    Good on you for blocking SC though. What a tool.

    1. I'm the same way...must wait until October! Almost there. :)

      Yeah, SC turned out to be a giant tool. Good riddance!

  2. haha! "Gentlemen posse" look at you! Yeah, bye SC.

    I love this weather, too, but I fear it made me sick with the extreme highs and lows throughout the day. This is also great wine-tasting weather :)

    1. LOL, I know, I know, and probably the group will diminish quickly, but you just never know. :)

      This weather is a bit wonky, but I do love it on the surface. So nice! I don't think I'll be doing any more wine tastings anytime soon, LOL.

  3. Good to hear you went with your guy on SC. The fact that he openly started being rude is total crap.