Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It's the End of the World As We Know It..

Inauguration Week.  I've been dreading this week ever since the final outcome of the last election was revealed and now it's knocking on the door.  DC is getting ready.  There are already many white blockades out on many city sidewalks, ready to be put into place.  Fencing up in certain areas.  It's just the beginning.  Tomorrow my commuter bus puts their modified operating schedule in place for the rest of the week.  This means that I either have to drive to Metro and take the train in and out of the city, or I can take my normal bus in in the morning, but have to take the train to a certain station after work wherein they will have our commuter buses running every thirty minutes back to various park and rides.  Neither are ideal and I've yet to make a decision.  Some of the road closures start tomorrow afternoon, hence this modified operation.  I'm teleworking on Thursday because even more closures go into effect, and my office is closed Friday.

Watching the news makes my blood boil.  Reading anything this man has to say makes me feel embarrassed, ashamed and makes me question the thought process of every single person that cast a vote for him.  I am legitimately concerned about the future from Friday going forward.  I don't know what to expect, but I know that I have a pit in my stomach and a sense that it won't be good.

I will not be watching this Inauguration.  I will read pertinent info after the fact because I want to be informed, but I cannot handle watching it happen.  It's too sad.  I feel like I'm losing beloved family members with the impending departure of the Obamas.  To go from that to this.....shocking.  The world is laughing at us, or pitying us, or both.  I think a part of me is still in denial that this is actually happening.  It's like I can't process that this could actually be real.  Dumbfounding.

So I mentioned my office is closed Friday, but unfortunately that's half a lie for me.  I've been designated as (semi) essential personnel, thus requiring me to be online for part of the day.  Yes, I get paid double time, but I'm one of the lucky few non-exempt folks on this list.  My current understanding is that I will need to log on briefly in the morning and then be online for a couple hours towards the end of the day.  It could be worse, as this at least allows me some mid-day flexibility.  I'd originally planned to do something with my girlfriend, A to try to put a positive spin on what's sure to be a dark day.  I'm hopeful we'll still do something, even if just a breakfast, but we haven't pinned down any details.

I'm also dropping my car off that morning to get a remote starter installed.  Even though global warming has made our winter basically a joke this year, I still think it will be a nice thing to have.  I'll be getting a loaner for the day since it will take several hours, but I'm OK with that.  I plan to run a few errands while I'm out and before my afternoon lockdown.  It's the time of year where I need to restock on bras and underwear (thrilling) and I also want to go to Marshalls (!).  Hopefully it will work out to do these things with A since I miss our random erranding together that we used to do when I lived closer.

I did do something that made me very happy yesterday.  We booked our Outer Banks beach house for Labor Day week, which we seem to do a bit earlier each year.  I'd been interested in booking the same house from last year, but it switched management companies and jumped $800 a week in price.  :-o  I couldn't rationalize that, so I had to hunt down a new one.  I'm happy with our choice and glad to know where I'll be spending my very favorite week of the year.

As per usual this time of year, we've also been discussing other trips we'd like to make.  I do want to get BF and J to Omaha this year and that will likely be either during the end of J's spring break in April or the weekend after she gets out of school at the end of June.  That's basically a definite, just a matter of picking the weekend.  It will be a pricier than usual Omaha trip since we'll have to stay at a hotel since no one has room for three of us, but I'm still excited to bring J to a new state and to meet my family.

Beyond that, I may try to get to Omaha in March or April on my own if we decide on the June trip as a group.  We're also discussing a weekend trip to a cabin type location, maybe in West Virginia or something accessible for February with J, and then maybe a small, more local beach trip (ie Ocean City) for BF and I in May.  July will be Denver, CO for my family reunion with BF in tow, and of course, OBX in September.  There will also be a girls trip in there, though I have no idea where or when.  Nothing too crazy, just a small escape out of town!  Ocean City last year was fun, though far too short.

Anyway, anything to keep my mind off the Trumpocalypse that's looming, right?

If I don't pop back up in here, sending good thoughts out to everyone this week.  We're going to need them!


  1. I am with you. Are you going to the Women's March on Saturday? My mom and I are planning on it...

  2. "We're going to need them!"

    Yes, you guys in the States definitely will. But so will we here in Canada, as well as everywhere else in the world where the US juggernaut has an impact. Trust me.

    1. Believe me, I agree with you. I'm terrified as to what he will do within our country as well as outside of it. I feel like it's pretty certain that he's going to destroy a lot of relationships and really isolate us as a result of his selfish, impulsive, defensive demeanor. I feel like I need a big sign that says, "I didn't do it. I didn't vote for this. Not my fault." :-/

    2. The only good thing that I see is that at least, with the US system of government, his influence can be checked somewhat by the House and Senate. There are even some Republicans, along with the opposition Democrats, who he has made enemies with and who will vote at times against him. What I worry more is his foreign impact - trade deals killed, Nato dissolved, his relations with the EU. His cosy relations with Putin, while rattling China's mood. What gets me the most though is that half the US population didn't even get off their butts to go out to vote - for anyone! If they had then things might have turned out differently.

  3. I read/listen to the news daily and there are so many instances where I think "wait, that can't be real, right? This is must be a joke" but it's NOT. I won't be watching the inauguration. There's a women's march in SF on Saturday (and in cities all over) which I'll likely attend, unless it's too crazy. I do have a tiny fear of something bad happening.... the world hasn't been a good place for crowded public places this past year.

    On the bright side, it's great you have some travel to look forward to. Extra exciting to bring J to meet your family!

  4. I was in DC a few days before the inauguration and the sidewalk blockades everywhere were pretty annoying! I made sure to be far, far away for Friday. That said, hopefully there are only 4 years until the next inauguration ;)

    You can get a remote starter that easily? That's pretty cool!

    Haha so I used to see OBX bumper stickers all the time and for the longest time, I didn't know what it stood for! That trip sounds fun. Maybe one day I'll check it out!