Monday, February 12, 2018

94 Days

Guys, I'm getting married in 94 days!  It's crazy to think that I got engaged over five months ago and am now nearing the three month mark until my wedding day.  We're getting married on Friday, May 18th in Duck, North Carolina.  It is going to be a super small affair - just 14 people including us, and two are small kids.  We've rented a beach house for the week and will arrive the Sunday before the wedding.  We'll have the house to ourselves until Wednesday when our guests start to arrive.  Ceremony will be on the beach, weather allowing, with the celebration continuing back at the house. The beach house has a big, fenced yard, a pool, hot tub, swing set for the little one, a grill, all that jazz. 

Our wedding will involve tacos and margaritas for dinner, cupcakes and donuts for dessert and me in a tea-length, strapless ivory dress.  BF's daughter, J is going to be our "Ring Maiden" (her request, ha!) and will be in charge of the rings and will also be doing a reading and saying something at the ceremony.  Ceremony will be short and sweet! 

We're excited for our families to meet and spend a few days together.  It will probably be a little chaotic, but I think we can handle it.  ;-)  We will be honeymooning later in the year, probably around our normal OBX trip time in Sept. since we'll already be taking a week at the beach in May.  We're still deciding on the honeymoon destination!

Everything is pretty much done.  Officiant, photographer, baker, florist all booked.  We've got my entire ensemble decided on (dress, shoes, jewelry) and we got J's dress already.  We'll be going for alterations in March or April.  Good times!

Beyond that, everything is really good, too.  I got a hard earned promotion in October that I personally lobbied for and made happen.  Got a manager title, a nice salary bump and out from under the supervision of my former boss.  Report directly to the CFO now, which is much better.  I have a lot more responsibility, but I love it even though it can be overwhelming at times. 

Right now I'm getting through these last few months of anticipation (and WINTER) by looking forward to small goals.  This coming weekend I have a really fun girls day planned on Saturday with my friend, A.  We're getting blowouts at Drybar, doing lunch, shopping for a dress for the wedding for her to wear and then going to see Sarah Colonna's comedy show that night. 

The following weekend BF and I are making a little weekend escape to a cabin about 1-1.5 hours away from us.  I'm really looking forward to the break from reality and the chance to focus on each other without the distraction of cats, house obligations or anything else.  We're really getting into a busy time that will not stop for several months soon.  After these next couple weeks we'll begin waiting for J to hear about college admissions for next year, then we have the wedding, then J graduates, then my birthday, then BF's birthday, then J's birthday, then J goes to college, then the honeymoon.....  It's a LOT!

Life is good, though.  Lots to look forward to.  Lots to do!