Monday, September 10, 2012


I swear, if one more dumbass propositions me on one of these dating sites, I'm going to explode.  Does this BS actually work on some people?

I'd exchanged TWO messages with this guy, and though I was noticing that his responses mostly ignored anything I'd said, I was trying to give the benefit of the doubt.  I wrote him and since we were discussing our experiences on the site, told him that I'd been accused of being too selective.

Then just now I get a message that says, "Yes, too selective.  Or we can just get it on and worry about consequences/a relationship later, LOL."

Seriously, moron?  I responded "Hey, now you sound like 98% of the male population on this site!" 

I'm not feeling so LOLsy about these ridiculous propositions.  It doesn't seem to matter what I put on my profile about NOT being interested in casual hookups with randoms.  I guess it's hard to see that when all you're looking at are the pictures.

Words come out of my mouth, they fly into thin air and disappear. 

For everyone with a significant other they can stand, feel very, very lucky.


  1. I hope that people in good relationships, marriages, partnerships realize just how lucky they are.

    I'm so over all these douchebags online.

  2. @Danielle: I couldn't agree more. I sometimes wonder how I'm supposed to find ANYONE decent with the options that have been presented to me lately!

  3. annnddddd that's why they're single!!! For normal people, these sites SUCK if those are your choices. For weirdos like that, they're completely baffled how they've managed to stay single after all this time. Are you using more than 1 site? I know some are more notorious than others for being "hook up sites" but maybe this is more the rule than the exception. If they're really looking for some ass, they're not going to read your profile, they're just going to look at your pic and hope you're down for something skeezy like that.

  4. @ames: Seriously, it is really just sad sometimes! I'm using two free sites that I've actually had reasonably good luck with in the past. I've found the paid sites to be full of...people I'm not even a little attracted to. :/

    You're right, though-I can put anything I want in my profile, but it doesn't really likely do much to ward off the ones I really want to scare off! Such is life....

  5. This is why I fear online dating. I tried it once years ago and pretty much experienced the same thing. Either guys wanted pics of my boobs, or they felt the need to share pics of their packages.

  6. Ash: Are you kidding me?!?! bluemoon: you're probably doing this one or have tried it but ONE friend had luck with OK Cupid. Jury's still out on what I think about the guy she's dating, though...

  7. @ThatAshGirl: Wow. Suddenly I feel lucky to have not received any such messages! I've never gotten dirty pictures, though I have had people hint around for boob pics, LOL. SERIOUSLY? Not all are like this, but sometimes the bad ones wear me out!

    @Ames: I'm on okcupid and plenty of fish. I like the free ones because I don't care enough to pay, and I've found eharmony to be full of people I don't want. Match was just meh.

  8. I wish I was kidding. A guy once sent me a pic of his penis but titled it something like "Me and my brother" so I didn't realize what it was till it was too late. Eye bleach. I needed eye bleach.

    I also had a guy ask me if I had every made a man cry. He was serious. And another who told me that he would pay to hear me play the piano in public.

    And they wonder why they're single?