Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dress for Success

So the birthday was a success!  BF loved his gifts he's received thus far.  The Washington Nationals birdhouse arrived yesterday, along with his silly t-shirt, so I'll be gifting those to him tomorrow evening once J is back at the house.  We went out to lunch with J for his b-day and then went miniature golfing.  We opened presents and then J went home and we went our for dinner.  Below is a cropped (and rather dark!) pic to show you all my Golden Girls dress.  ;-)  I felt really good in it and look forward to wearing it again, as I changed back at the house.  The evening plans were to watch the NASCAR Race, LOL.  Man loves his Jimmie Johnson.  We had some drinks and ice cream cake for dessert, though, and it was nice.

So today is my Thursday, which is awesome.  Yesterday was a chaotic mess at work.  I got in early, got a 15 minute lunch and stayed late.  Today should be much better.  I'm so looking forward to our getaway Thursday-Sunday.  A few days away at a rental house/cabin in the mountains of West Virginia sounds so great right now!  The place has two levels of huge decks on the back, a hot tub on the deck, two jacuzzi tubs in the house and a grill.  What else do we need???  :-)

Our plan is to be super, crazy low key.  We are going to grill, watch movies, play games and relax in the hot tub.  I'm going to read, maybe take a jacuzzi bath, too, to read in there!  I'm sure we will also explore the nearby town, though I'm not expecting a ton of things to do...which is A-OK! I'm not bringing any hair straightening items LOL.  I'm going curly and rogue, super short hair be damned!  I'm hoping for cool evenings to make the hot tub more enjoyable, and the chance to wear a hoodie.  :-p  I will also be packing my new Golden Girls shirt, which I washed last night in anticipation! We're also bringing J's birthday gifts and will be baking her a red velvet cake per her request.

In the meantime, just need to get through today and tomorrow!  Tomorrow night will likely be a lot of packing and organizing, which is fun enough when you're on your way somewhere and not coming back from somewhere.  ;-)

Cheers to a fast moving work day!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Bluemoon as a Golden Girl

Happy Friday!  It doesn't *feel* like a friday, but it is, and you will find no complaints from this girl. Fridays are jeans days, which automatically makes the day better for some reason.  I'm also wearing a bright, vivid purple shirt that I love today and some earrings that match perfectly, which I got in Columbia, Missouri during a visit to my friend T a couple of years back.  They make me happy because they kind of remind me of grape lifesavers.

In addition, I'm rocking my new favorite lipstick, which is the oft-sought and rarely found "your lips, but better" shade for me.  It's a L'oreal Colour Riche balm in the color of "Plush Plum".  I'm madly in love with it because it smells good, it's super moisturizing, and it doesn't need a gloss on top.  Also, the color is just perfect. Bought it with some CVS Bucks yesterday and it was definitely a good choice.

Signed up for Ipsy this week to see how it compares to Birchbox.  I figure I'll give it maybe 2-3 months and see which one I want to stick with.  Both should be coming in the next couple of weeks, so I'll be sure to share my thoughts.  ;-)  I do love getting a box full of random beauty items instead of just a mailbox full of bills and junk mail.

In other news, I sorted out BF's birthday on my own.  Thank you for the suggestions, though!  He's just a tough cookie to gift! He recently mentioned an interest in getting a birdhouse for the backyard, as we have some built in hooks on the fences from previous owners.  I had previously scoped one out on Etsy that was Washington Nationals themed, and I decided to go for it.  It's pretty neat and I think he'll really like it.

While in the Etsy vortex, I also made an impulse purchase of three t-shirts from one shop---one for BF, one for his daughter, J and one for me, LOL.  His is a goofy shirt, which is his favorite kind, J's says "Bye Felicia", which is one of her favorite current sayings, ha.  Mine is....well, behold the awesome of my shirt!

Seriously, who doesn't love The Golden Girls?  I LOVE that show.  I've watched it for years in syndication, and I think I recall it actually being on TV as a first-run series. Anyway, I adore that show,  I adore those ladies, and this shirt is everything.  :-)

The birdhouse and the t-shirts won't arrive until next week, AFTER BF's birthday, but luckily I have a built in excuse for these tardy gifts.  We are renting a house in the mountains of West Virginia Thursday-Sunday, and it was originally planned as a joint birthday celebration for BF and J.  His b-day is 7/11 and hers is 7/22.  So I'm just going to give BF the gifts I currently have on Saturday, and then explain that I wanted to extend his birthday fun into the trip, so I will give him those two gifts at that time.  Cheers!  :-D

In related Golden Girls news....I think I previously mentioned having bought a summer dress at a thrift shop when out running around with J one Saturday.  Well, I haven't had an opportunity to wear it yet, but I think I'm going to bust that baby out Saturday evening for BF's birthday dinner.  We are going to a really nice local restaurant with a reservation and everything...fancy for us.  ;-)

Anyway, this dress is the weirdest thing to me.  It's a slip style dress with this crazy, wildly colorful random pattern on it.  I look at it and it legit screams Old lady Miami!  Golden Girls! to me for some reason. Objectively, I recognize that the pattern is probably pretty damn ugly when you look at it too closely or too long, AND YET....I was drawn to it, and I like it.  It's my Golden Girls dress!  It's the one thing I DON'T have a picture of for this post.  ;-)  I'm going to try to remember to get a pic Saturday since it's not often I wear dresses on the weekend.

This post brought to you by a decaf grande skim Caramel Macchiato, Friday enthusiasm and a feeling of success at finally finishing BF's birthday gift on the day before his actual birthday.  ;-)

Thursday, July 9, 2015


BF's birthday is Saturday.  For some reason, I am having the hardest time with gifts for him this time around!  I have a few things already taken care of, but I feel like I need one more good gift.  Of the things I got him, one he basically told me he wanted, one is more of a cute gift that we'll all appreciate, and one is a t-shirt I think he'll love, but may not be big enough (and his size is nowhere to be found).  Any magical, inspirational ideas of something cool I can do?  I'm usually so good at this and am ROCKING his daughter J's birthday ideas.  :-)

Anyway, real post coming later hopefully, but otherwise excuse this interruption of regular programming.  :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Chop Chop

Oh, the woes of a holiday work week.  It's finally Wednesday, but the week has been dragging!  My birthday week was pretty good.  It's always nice to feel loved and appreciated by my family and friends!  I'm another year older, and hopefully another year wiser.  :-)

Got my hair cut on Friday morning and wow...  It was shorter than expected.  I left feeling a bit shell shocked and a little self-conscious as well.  Definitely the shortest I've had it in a long time!  I was predominantly worried about how it would fare when it was curly.  :-o  Got lots of compliments on it from women, got a couple, "Wow, it's short" from guys.  This is not even a little shocking!  This reinforces my belief that more often than not, men prefer long hair over short.  If that's the case, OH WELL.  It's hair, it will grow, and I ultimately like it shorter than longer!

Please ignore my escaping bra strap, as the shirt had a weird cut and proved challenging all day.  ;-)
Anyway, wore it curly sunday and monday, and it was a bit challenging, too.  But I'll manage until it grows out a bit, and it actually looks pretty cute when blown out.  I did it myself yesterday and not only was it quicker, but it was a cute look!

Really looking forward to the long weekend.  Just one extra day, but I'll take it!  We really don't have any concrete, interesting plans.  I expect to watch fireworks somewhere, I expect to grill food.  That's all I've got so far.  I'd also like to finish watching this latest season of "Orange is the New Black".  I think I have about five episodes left.  Such a great show!

Boring today, so I'm going to wrap this up before I ramble any further about nothing.  Cheers to today being this week's Thursday!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Birthday Eve

So tomorrow is my 37th birthday.  :-o  Crazy how time flies as you get older!  I certainly don't feel 37.  As a general rule I feel about 30.  I still maintain that I felt older when I was 25 and married living in the midwest, LOL.  Strange!

I took tomorrow off as a Floating Holiday and BF took it off as well.  We don't really have many set plans other than to NOT be at work.  :-)  I do think we're going to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner, and I'm predicting a Red Velvet Concrete from BurgerFi will be my birthday dessert!  In the middle, weather dependent, there may be some miniature golf, a breakfast/lunch, maybe some birthday money shopping.  I'm just looking forward to spending the day with BF.

Tonight we have my Firm's tickets to the Nats game.  However, we are supposed to get potentially record-breaking temps today before some possibly severe storms roll through in the late afternoon/early evening hours.  Right now, it seems like the game may be delayed about an hour, but good to go at that point.  If that stays the case throughout the day, BF will commute into the city and we'll find somewhere to kill some time before the game.  Hopefully it works out!

Today is my brother's birthday.  We grew up  having to pick a spot together for our birthday dinners with the family and it was always such a chore, or so it seemed!  Now I feel a bit nostalgic for those joint birthday celebrations!  I'm never home to celebrate my birthday anymore, perhaps that's why.

Today and Thursday I have to spend 6 hours of my work day in a training room getting ready for our new database rollout in August.  I am positively dreading it.  I don't think I can login as myself, so I won't have access to my work email, and I'm afraid of what I'll come back to over my lunch break and at the end of the day.  6 hours of a 7.5 hour work day in a training room is simply too much!  It was supposed to be 12 hours broken up over a three day period, but since I'm out tomorrow I am having to squish it all into two days.  I'm just hoping that there will be competent trainers available, as the "just play, figure it out on your own" tactic they've suggested to this point has not been very valuable.

I guess I will go rally myself to get into this training.  At least I have a lot to look forward to tomorrow and Friday.  :-)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yawn Party

So BF is still getting over a cold, and as many of us know, the cough is often the last thing to go.  I know that when I was so ridiculously ill this winter I had the cough for MONTHS after I kicked that vicious bout of the flu.  Last night BF came to bed and proceeded to cough. And cough.  And cough some more.  He FINALLY gave in and took some Nyquil Cough, but by that point the damage was done.  Every time I'd dozed off he'd cough and I'd be jolted awake.  Boo. Woke up this morning feeling completely exhausted.  I know he's ready for that cough to go away, but I'm definitely looking forward to it as well!  :-o

I watched two more episodes of "Orange is the New Black".  I'm now through 5 of the latest season's 13 episodes.  I wish I had time to just marathon them!  Such a great show.  Once I finish that I'm going to go back to the latest season of House of Cards, which I'm only 2-3 episodes into so far.  I wish I had wifi for my bus rides to and from work, as I could get so much watched!  :-)  Alas, no such luck and my data plan isn't big enough to contain all that Netflix awesome.

This week is truly dragging.  Yesterday was just disgustingly hot, but today is slightly better.  Gotta love summer!  Current plan is to muddle through this Wednesday work day and probably spend some quality time with the BF this evening.

I've found that quality time during the week is challenging to come by if I want to keep on my gym routine.  I get home shortly before seven, we make and eat dinner.  I relax briefly and then have to head out to the gym.  Home an hour or so later, shower, then there's not enough time left to get much done before I need to aim for bed since we get up so early!  It's pretty frustrating sometimes, and that's why on occasion I just call it and decide to take a night off from the gym and spend the evening with BF.  We're making chicken fried rice tonight for dinner, and then I'm hoping to go on a nice, decent walk to make up a bit for the gym.  I really just want a few hours that are uninterrupted by the gym, or showers or a never ending feeling of having ten other things I should be doing!

It's definitely much better since we have lived together, as we do get all that in between time that we didn't used to, and we do go to bed together and wake up together, which is really, really nice.  But we don't have that designated "date night" like we did when we lived apart.  Occasionally I just have to make it happen!  :-)  We get lots of time on the weekend, but J is usually with us, so it's a different dynamic.

Tomorrow night I'm going to see my hair guy after work to get my highlights touched up.  I love a good salon trip!  I'm staying in DC for the evening to attend the Battle of the Bands event my firm is participating in, and will head that way post-appt.  This also means I need to pack a change of clothes so I'm not attending in work gear and prepare myself for a late night.  Our band doesn't play until 8:45, and so I'm imagining the earliest I'll get out of there is ten, and then I have probably an hour metro ride followed by a thirty minute car ride.  Cheers!?!  Guess it's going to be a tired Friday, too.  :-)

I guess that's all I know for now.  Happy wednesday (is almost thursday) to everyone!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Blues

You know, this morning started out well.  I woke up and actually got up when the alarm went off instead of snoozing.  I put on a cute dress and BF told me how nice I looked before I left.  I dozed on the commute in, got into the office and then...the s**t hit the fan.  Honestly. I have been here for an hour and already two different people have frustrated the hell out of me.  The frustration stems from a sheer lack of reading comprehension on the parts of these individuals, and laziness on the part of another.  WTF, mate?

I had to take a step back, minimize the inbox and I'm choosing to spend this quality time blogging while I cool down.  I refuse to let this entire day unfold this way!  It's June, it's (almost) summer, it's Pay Day, it's a billion degrees out.  Well, that last one isn't really a positive, but it's life!  :-)

So the weekend was good.  Friday night was pretty uneventful, as most are after a long week. Saturday BF had to go into the office for a few hours, so I took J to brunch with me, where we met a couple of my favorite girlfriends.  It was a good meal and we did a little shopping afterwards in the stores nearby.  After that J and I went to a huge thrift store she knew of in the area.  I'll fully admit thrift stores are NOT my thing, but it was actually pretty fun.  J convinced me to try on a dress by agreeing to try one on, too, and I actually liked mine and bought it. :-o  It was $9 and is not my usual style, but appealed to me, anyway.  It's hand wash only, so I'm going to do that this week before introducing it into my summer wardrobe.

Saturday night we stayed in and watched a movie with dinner.  Sunday we went to see "Jurassic World", which was actually excellent.  I've only seen the original Jurassic Park movie once and haven't seen the others, so it wasn't something I was obsessed with seeing like J was, but I enjoyed it! Back at home J and I did home manicures in the time before she got picked up.  BF and I grilled burgers for dinner and that's about it!

I'm hoping this work week goes by quickly.  I'll fully admit that I'm more focused on the fun stuff coming up than the work stuff!  This week my Firm is participating in a Battle of the Bands for charity.  It's Thursday night at a club in DC and I'm planning to attend.  It's going to be a logistical nightmare since I live so far out.  I'll either be getting back home at midnight or after and then going back to work 6 hours later, or I'll be inviting myself to spend the night at a friend's house closer in. Saturday is my Firm's annual picnic, which I've not actually attended yet.  We RSVPed to go this year and to bring J since she'll be in our company again.  Hopefully the weather will be decent and our commute out there won't be awful!  Sunday I think the plan is to go to a Potomac Nationals baseball game for Father's Day for BF.

All right, time to get focused back on work I suppose....after I get some breakfast!  :-)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

thursday thoughts

It's been a busy Thursday, but I take comfort in the fact that the week is nearly over!

Things I'm thinking about as this Thursday work day wraps:

....why I'm scheduled for a 4:30 meeting when I ideally head out at 4:50 for bus-catching purposes each day

.... the mouse I saw inside the CVS drugstore cosmetics and lotion aisle yesterday.

.... if I will ever find the perfect lipstick/gloss shade or if I will spend my life buying bad ones, mediocre ones and good enough ones

.... all of the above about the perfect curl products

.... how on earth I can get everything I want/need to get done on this dreadfully short post-commute work days.  It's hard to fit in dinner, house chores, gym, post gym-shower, periodic beauty indulgences (ie home manicures or hair blowouts) and regular old relaxation

.... if I will ever find the time to sit and marathon a whole season of something on Netflix

.... why it took me so long to get a new keyboard at work when my old one had the lettering on the keys rubbed off and they threw it out when I got the new one, anyway

.... if the mahi mahi fish tacos we had last night for dinner will be half as good for my leftovers dinner tonight

.... how glad I am tomorrow is friday

.... how much I'm randomly looking forward to sending out the FB invite to my birthday happy hour

.... how much I'm in love with this cute, cheap dress I got from New York and Company this past weekend, and how flattering it is

.... how much I hope this meeting doesn't make me late leaving work, and how much I really want to catch my regular bus to get home at a less unreasonable time than I would if I missed it

.... how glad I am we got our July long weekend cabin trip in the mountains of West Virginia booked yesterday

.... how much I miss writing, and how much I need to get back to it, and how on earth I'll find the time!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Lovely June Days

I cannot believe it's already June!  I've been out of school for years and years, but it constantly amazes me how quickly time passes when you don't have set points in a school year to break things up.  Regular adult life is comprised of so much routine and sameness that it's easy for a month or a season to pass without you realizing it!

The Lancaster trip was a good time.  :-)  It was a mini trip for sure, but I think we packed a lot in! We did some miniature golfing, we went to the Strasburg Railroad and took a 45 minute steam engine train ride through the Amish countryside.  We had lunch at a place with Amish cuisine and took a tour of an old Amish Farm House, which also had some grounds that held the CUTEST baby goats ever.  We wrapped up the night at a Lancaster Barnstormers baseball game, which I really enjoyed.

A few pictures:

Strasburg Railroad

Gorgeous countryside

My new BFFs, the baby goats!

Baseball game-gorgeous weather!

The work week has been incredibly slow moving.  :-/  I have a couple of meetings this afternoon, but other than that just a regular old Friday.  We got a new quilt for the bedroom at home.  BF previously had a plain black comforter on the bed along with gray sheets.  Thrilling, right?  In addition to it being BORING, it was getting too heavy for the season, so I upgraded us to a really cute patterned quilt.  It's a gray color palette, but it's much nicer looking overall and much lighter-weight.  BF is lucky I'm not into uber-girly things like floral patterns and the like.  :-D

No big weekend plans on tap.  Tonight will just be relaxing at home with BF and J, maybe watching a movie.  Tomorrow we have the usual day of erranding on tap.  I need to get to DSW to find some new gym shoes, and then we have much less exciting stops to make at places like Lowe's for new blinds.  Thriller! It's J's half weekend with us, so she'll get picked up at 6pm on Saturday.  We don't have any plans right now for the evening.  It may depend on the weather!  We've had the dreariest, most drizzly and gray week of weather.  It's been unseasonably cool as well.  Hopefully this weekend we'll get some better weather!

The rest of June should start to get a little busier, though.  It includes a brunch with girlfriends, possibly attending a Battle of the Law Firm Bands for my firm at a local club, my Firm's annual picnic at the Zoo, Father's Day for BF with J, hopefully another Nats game and birthday festivities, which right now just include taking my b-day off since it falls on a Wednesday and a happy hour the friday of that week to celebrate.  :-)  I'm looking forward to all of it!  But in the meantime, I'll settle for nicer weather, a relaxing weekend and some shoe shopping.  :-)

Happy (almost) weekend!

Friday, May 29, 2015

(Tiny) Road Trippin'

Happy Friday!  It's been a decent week at work after the long holiday weekend.  My supervisor was out all week recovering from a surgery, so it was quiet on that front.  The evenings have mostly consisted of dinner and movies with BF and one trip to the gym.  Woefully inadequate!  Anyway, BF made me watch "The Rundown", which is an older movie with the Rock in it.  :-p  I then made him watch "Suicide Kings" last night since his movie reminded me of my love for all things Christopher Walken.

Today I'm meeting my friend, Mary for lunch.  It's always good to catch up!  We used to work together and get together on occasion for lunch since we're within walking distance.  Tonight I will be going out to my first Happy Hour of the season with my friends A & J.  We're going to a Mexican spot in Chinatown for margaritas and chips and salsa!  Can't wait.  :-)

I had to get up and drive to Metro this morning in light of these plans.  The train ride home tonight will be long and boring, and then I'll have a decent drive home after that.  Not the most convenient living location, but I love BF and wouldn't trade the pleasure of going to bed next to him and waking up next to him every day for anything!  Hopefully I won't get home too late after all of that commuting fun!

Tomorrow morning we are waking and getting out the door earlier than usual.  We fairly impulsively decided to take an overnight trip to Lancaster, PA.  We're going to explore the sights, hopefully rounding out Saturday night with a Lancaster Barnstormers baseball game and accompanying fireworks, weather allowing.  Sunday morning we'll probably find a good breakfast and then head back home. So it will be a short trip, but it's only 2-3 hours away and it will be nice to do something different.  I'm sure J is less than thrilled on the face of things (she is NOT a sports fan), but I'm sure she'll have a good time with us!

Things are just good.  I'm happy.  It's almost June.  June is my birthday month, June is summer.  Next week marks 17 months I've been with BF.  Can't believe we're closing in on the year and a half mark this summer!  We just laugh so much, and have both taken such great efforts throughout the course of our relationship to be better people to each other, to understand the other, and to really compromise and show humility when appropriate.  This remains the most balanced, reciprocal and healthy relationship I've ever had by a long shot.  Though he may drive me nuts on occasion (and vice versa!), I think we have both agreed that we are very lucky to have found each other. <3

Anyway, I'm definitely ready for the weekend....I just have to get through this work day first!