Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello, September

How is it September already?  I feel like this summer has jetted by so quickly and now we're on the heels of it ending.  Once my vacation is in the books I know I will be fall-focused.  Autumn is my very favorite season and it's definitely looming.

I have four days of work, including today, before vacation times begin, and I'm continuing the countdown!  I'm checking the weather in OBX, adding to my packing list and figuring out when to do all the things I need to do before we leave.  BF took my car for an oil change yesterday during his tele-work day, so that's one less thing to worry about.  We take my car on on this trip since it has much more space.

I had a good weekend, too.  I spent Saturday morning and afternoon running a bunch of errands, which was really nice.  I don't often get a chance to run errands solo like I used to, as nothing is as close to where I live now, so we tend to consolidate our efforts.  This means that usually I have BF and often J with me for errands, and I hate shopping when people are waiting on me.

I bought three pairs of shoes on Saturday that I'm madly in love with. I got a pair of brown booties, a pair of black booties and a crazy comfortable walking/commuting/everything else shoe.  They're not the cutest things in the world, but they're not bad and they feel amazing.

Black Diba Bootie

Brown Crown Vintage Bootie

They're comfortable, sue me!

I also got a couple of pairs of super comfortable leggings at Kohls, a new bottle of one of my favorite perfumes (Viva La Juicy) and a couple of clearance shirts at Kohls.  It was a productive shopping day!

My new swimsuit arrived in the mail on Friday and I actually really love it!  I went with a dark teal color since I already have a pink swimsuit and it's very flattering.  The ruched waist on the bottom is a nice touch and I look forward to breaking it in this weekend.  :-)


I am SO ready for a break from work.  I definitely need a time out and will hopefully come back feeling a bit rejuvenated.  It's been a hectic summer around the office and I'm feeling a bit burnt out and my patience is thin!  Ten days away from the office, seven of them at the beach, can only help things.  :-)

I feel like tomorrow starts the downward slide toward vacation.  That's when I need to start thinking about things like doing laundry before my trip and beginning to set aside things to pack.  Thursday morning I've got to drive to Alexandria for a dental cleaning in the morning, then I have an acupuncture appointment in the evening.  After that I'm meeting up with a couple of girlfriends for dinner and catching up!  Since we're doing dinner with J Friday night, we're not going to have a ton of time to pack on those two evenings.  We plan to set out for OBX Saturday morning around 9:30 or 10 since our check in time is 4 pm.

I can't say I have too much interesting to offer these days aside from pining for this long-awaited vacation.  BF and I definitely need this trip and this break from the real world.  It will be so good to just have all of those days to just spend time together and have fun without worrying about the day to day obligations.  I hope to remember what it's like to sleep in a little bit and to stay up later!  Living with BF has really cramped my style in terms of my schedule.  I've definitely had to adjust to going to bed earlier and getting up earlier.  I had to in order to be functional!

Finished another book yesterday, "The Best of Enemies" by Jen Lancaster.  I enjoyed it well enough, but will admit it wasn't my favorite of her books.  Can't pinpoint why, but it was a good enough read. Started "If I Could Turn Back Time" by Beth Harbison on my commute home last night, but just barely, and it's not overwhelmingly engaging at this point.  Maybe I'm getting burnt out on the string of chick lit, brain candy books I've been reading lately?  Hard to say.

The books I have on tap to take to the beach include:

Station Eleven-Emily St. John Mandel
The Fever-Megan Abbott
Dare Me-Megan Abbott
The Secret History-Donna Tartt

I also have multiple samples on my Kindle as well as at least one other fiction book on there.

I've been trying to read "The Secret History" for months.  I've started it and stopped it at basically the same point multiple times, which is admittedly very early on.  I feel like if I can just really immerse myself in it for a day or two I'd be hooked, but it's been a struggle to get there!  Maybe now that the fall times are lurking ahead I'll be better able to focus on a less fluffy book like that one.

Time to make myself an iced coffee and continue muddling through this already long Tuesday....but hey, at least it's September!  :-)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Can't hardly wait

It's happening, guys.  I'm at the point in my pre-vacation mindset where I've lost all ability to focus on anything BUT the upcoming trip.  I gave in and started my packing list today!  Our departure is still eleven days away, but I'm a list maker, and this makes me feel like I'm moving closer to the goal. I'm going to get my oil changed this weekend in preparation for the road trip, too.  I've generally reconciled myself to the fact that these last remaining days will probably go by pretty slowly since I have something to look forward to, but each day that passes, however slowly, is still a day closer to vacation.  :-)

I've got my beach books picked out to take with me, I'm bringing my super cute Golden Girls dress that I have only worn for BF's birthday dinner thus far.  New swimsuit arrives Saturday and hopefully will work out.  Did I mention that I'm excited for this trip???

This is only the second time since my honeymoon in 2002 that I've taken a week off of work.  It is still such a novelty to me!  It feels so decadent and I love it.  I definitely have earned the time off and I most certainly need it!  BF and I need a chance to just be together, relax and re-connect in the wake of the crazy last couple of months.

I'm possibly going to drive you all crazy talking about this until it happens, and I apologize in advance.  :-)  I'm scanning my calendar for the days in between to see what I have to occupy myself and here's what I've found:

Today:  All Personnel Firm Luncheon AND Building Ice Cream Social.  SCORE!  :-)

Friday: Hair appt.  Yes, hair guy went a little crazy last time, but a) I got used to it and b) now the layers have grown out and my home blow outs are not as successful.  Time for a shape up and trim, not to mention the general pampered feeling and awesome aftermath of a salon appointment!

Saturday: Oil change and errands during the day.  Dinner and comedy show with BF, his daughter, J and my friend, A.  Should be fun!

Thursday of next week:  Dental cleaning in AM (not fun, but love the feeling after!), acupuncture after work and then dinner/drinks/dessert with two girlfriends in Alexandria.  Also,  that day marks one year and 8 months I've been with BF!  He has his Fantasy Football draft that night with his friends.  :-)

Friday of next week:  Dinner with J before we head out of town!

Saturday of next week:  ESCAPE!!!  :-)

The countdown continues....

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's the final countdown

So I've been counting down, and it's 12 days until my vacation.  We booked this beach house in mid-February, so it's been a long time coming!  I've patiently waited all of these months and now it's almost here.  I couldn't be more excited, and I couldn't need this getaway more!

It's been a complicated 2015.  The best part of 2015 was making the choice to move in with BF.  It was a decision that was hard to come to, but I'm very glad I made the leap.  I truly love going to bed next to him every night and waking up with him every morning.  We aren't perfect, and we've had our struggles, but we've worked through everything and we're still here, ready to keep moving forward.

2015 also brought with it a continuing stream of health issues for me.  Nothing earth shattering, but a lot of stress, frustration and me meeting my high deductible pretty early in the year.  It's been challenging, but again....still here.  Still moving forward.

Add to this the job stress as of late and this amounts to one exhausted Bluemoon.  I *need* this vacation and it can't come soon enough!  I am reveling in the notion of ten days away from work, away from real life obligations.  Seven days at the beach, seven days of sand and sun and the ocean. Seven days of no alarm clocks, no recommended bedtimes, nothing to do but go to the beach, swim in our pool, explore the Outer Banks again and just enjoy being together.  I CANNOT WAIT!

I had this grand plan to get in better shape over the summer in preparation for this trip.  Due to a variety of reasons, some allowable, some excuses, I did not do this.  I strongly considered getting a one piece swimsuit for the trip.  I online shopped for one and never found anything I loved.  I was annoyed because last summer I really enjoyed wearing both bikinis I brought and I found I didn't really care what anyone else thought.  So in the end, I bought a new bikini to add to my collection. Screw it, right?  I can wear whatever I want!

So now I just have to make it through less than two weeks to get to this vacation.  I can totally do that.  I'll focus on getting my work done, starting my trip packing list and mentally preparing myself for a big, long break from reality.  :-)  Cheers to vacation!

Friday, August 7, 2015


I'm still here!  I just realized I haven't posted since mid-July.  :-o  This happens every year-the summer is just a dead zone for me posting wise!

I'm at that point of summer where I'm starting to get those little fall yearnings, except for the fact that my beach vacation is still a month away!  Work has been crazy, everything has been a little crazy, but I'm here, I'm good, I'm just behind on blogging...though still reading everyone else's blogs!

I've officially started my beach countdown.  We leave four weeks from tomorrow!  I absolutely cannot wait to have seven days out of town, at the beach, relaxing and enjoying tons of quality time with BF.  Life has been chaotic and stressful and we definitely need the down time.

In the meantime, I am being forced to come into work for six hours tomorrow, which does NOT please me, overtime or not.  I cannot stand the thought of work intruding on my weekend and it is something I'm just ready to get over with!

Weather is gorgeous the last couple of days, cooler, but warm and nice.  Getting ready to head downstairs for Happy Minute pizza and socializing at work and then escaping at five, especially since I have to be back here tomorrow.

Happy weekending!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dress for Success

So the birthday was a success!  BF loved his gifts he's received thus far.  The Washington Nationals birdhouse arrived yesterday, along with his silly t-shirt, so I'll be gifting those to him tomorrow evening once J is back at the house.  We went out to lunch with J for his b-day and then went miniature golfing.  We opened presents and then J went home and we went our for dinner.  Below is a cropped (and rather dark!) pic to show you all my Golden Girls dress.  ;-)  I felt really good in it and look forward to wearing it again, as I changed back at the house.  The evening plans were to watch the NASCAR Race, LOL.  Man loves his Jimmie Johnson.  We had some drinks and ice cream cake for dessert, though, and it was nice.

So today is my Thursday, which is awesome.  Yesterday was a chaotic mess at work.  I got in early, got a 15 minute lunch and stayed late.  Today should be much better.  I'm so looking forward to our getaway Thursday-Sunday.  A few days away at a rental house/cabin in the mountains of West Virginia sounds so great right now!  The place has two levels of huge decks on the back, a hot tub on the deck, two jacuzzi tubs in the house and a grill.  What else do we need???  :-)

Our plan is to be super, crazy low key.  We are going to grill, watch movies, play games and relax in the hot tub.  I'm going to read, maybe take a jacuzzi bath, too, to read in there!  I'm sure we will also explore the nearby town, though I'm not expecting a ton of things to do...which is A-OK! I'm not bringing any hair straightening items LOL.  I'm going curly and rogue, super short hair be damned!  I'm hoping for cool evenings to make the hot tub more enjoyable, and the chance to wear a hoodie.  :-p  I will also be packing my new Golden Girls shirt, which I washed last night in anticipation! We're also bringing J's birthday gifts and will be baking her a red velvet cake per her request.

In the meantime, just need to get through today and tomorrow!  Tomorrow night will likely be a lot of packing and organizing, which is fun enough when you're on your way somewhere and not coming back from somewhere.  ;-)

Cheers to a fast moving work day!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Bluemoon as a Golden Girl

Happy Friday!  It doesn't *feel* like a friday, but it is, and you will find no complaints from this girl. Fridays are jeans days, which automatically makes the day better for some reason.  I'm also wearing a bright, vivid purple shirt that I love today and some earrings that match perfectly, which I got in Columbia, Missouri during a visit to my friend T a couple of years back.  They make me happy because they kind of remind me of grape lifesavers.

In addition, I'm rocking my new favorite lipstick, which is the oft-sought and rarely found "your lips, but better" shade for me.  It's a L'oreal Colour Riche balm in the color of "Plush Plum".  I'm madly in love with it because it smells good, it's super moisturizing, and it doesn't need a gloss on top.  Also, the color is just perfect. Bought it with some CVS Bucks yesterday and it was definitely a good choice.

Signed up for Ipsy this week to see how it compares to Birchbox.  I figure I'll give it maybe 2-3 months and see which one I want to stick with.  Both should be coming in the next couple of weeks, so I'll be sure to share my thoughts.  ;-)  I do love getting a box full of random beauty items instead of just a mailbox full of bills and junk mail.

In other news, I sorted out BF's birthday on my own.  Thank you for the suggestions, though!  He's just a tough cookie to gift! He recently mentioned an interest in getting a birdhouse for the backyard, as we have some built in hooks on the fences from previous owners.  I had previously scoped one out on Etsy that was Washington Nationals themed, and I decided to go for it.  It's pretty neat and I think he'll really like it.

While in the Etsy vortex, I also made an impulse purchase of three t-shirts from one shop---one for BF, one for his daughter, J and one for me, LOL.  His is a goofy shirt, which is his favorite kind, J's says "Bye Felicia", which is one of her favorite current sayings, ha.  Mine is....well, behold the awesome of my shirt!

Seriously, who doesn't love The Golden Girls?  I LOVE that show.  I've watched it for years in syndication, and I think I recall it actually being on TV as a first-run series. Anyway, I adore that show,  I adore those ladies, and this shirt is everything.  :-)

The birdhouse and the t-shirts won't arrive until next week, AFTER BF's birthday, but luckily I have a built in excuse for these tardy gifts.  We are renting a house in the mountains of West Virginia Thursday-Sunday, and it was originally planned as a joint birthday celebration for BF and J.  His b-day is 7/11 and hers is 7/22.  So I'm just going to give BF the gifts I currently have on Saturday, and then explain that I wanted to extend his birthday fun into the trip, so I will give him those two gifts at that time.  Cheers!  :-D

In related Golden Girls news....I think I previously mentioned having bought a summer dress at a thrift shop when out running around with J one Saturday.  Well, I haven't had an opportunity to wear it yet, but I think I'm going to bust that baby out Saturday evening for BF's birthday dinner.  We are going to a really nice local restaurant with a reservation and everything...fancy for us.  ;-)

Anyway, this dress is the weirdest thing to me.  It's a slip style dress with this crazy, wildly colorful random pattern on it.  I look at it and it legit screams Old lady Miami!  Golden Girls! to me for some reason. Objectively, I recognize that the pattern is probably pretty damn ugly when you look at it too closely or too long, AND YET....I was drawn to it, and I like it.  It's my Golden Girls dress!  It's the one thing I DON'T have a picture of for this post.  ;-)  I'm going to try to remember to get a pic Saturday since it's not often I wear dresses on the weekend.

This post brought to you by a decaf grande skim Caramel Macchiato, Friday enthusiasm and a feeling of success at finally finishing BF's birthday gift on the day before his actual birthday.  ;-)

Thursday, July 9, 2015


BF's birthday is Saturday.  For some reason, I am having the hardest time with gifts for him this time around!  I have a few things already taken care of, but I feel like I need one more good gift.  Of the things I got him, one he basically told me he wanted, one is more of a cute gift that we'll all appreciate, and one is a t-shirt I think he'll love, but may not be big enough (and his size is nowhere to be found).  Any magical, inspirational ideas of something cool I can do?  I'm usually so good at this and am ROCKING his daughter J's birthday ideas.  :-)

Anyway, real post coming later hopefully, but otherwise excuse this interruption of regular programming.  :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Chop Chop

Oh, the woes of a holiday work week.  It's finally Wednesday, but the week has been dragging!  My birthday week was pretty good.  It's always nice to feel loved and appreciated by my family and friends!  I'm another year older, and hopefully another year wiser.  :-)

Got my hair cut on Friday morning and wow...  It was shorter than expected.  I left feeling a bit shell shocked and a little self-conscious as well.  Definitely the shortest I've had it in a long time!  I was predominantly worried about how it would fare when it was curly.  :-o  Got lots of compliments on it from women, got a couple, "Wow, it's short" from guys.  This is not even a little shocking!  This reinforces my belief that more often than not, men prefer long hair over short.  If that's the case, OH WELL.  It's hair, it will grow, and I ultimately like it shorter than longer!

Please ignore my escaping bra strap, as the shirt had a weird cut and proved challenging all day.  ;-)
Anyway, wore it curly sunday and monday, and it was a bit challenging, too.  But I'll manage until it grows out a bit, and it actually looks pretty cute when blown out.  I did it myself yesterday and not only was it quicker, but it was a cute look!

Really looking forward to the long weekend.  Just one extra day, but I'll take it!  We really don't have any concrete, interesting plans.  I expect to watch fireworks somewhere, I expect to grill food.  That's all I've got so far.  I'd also like to finish watching this latest season of "Orange is the New Black".  I think I have about five episodes left.  Such a great show!

Boring today, so I'm going to wrap this up before I ramble any further about nothing.  Cheers to today being this week's Thursday!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Birthday Eve

So tomorrow is my 37th birthday.  :-o  Crazy how time flies as you get older!  I certainly don't feel 37.  As a general rule I feel about 30.  I still maintain that I felt older when I was 25 and married living in the midwest, LOL.  Strange!

I took tomorrow off as a Floating Holiday and BF took it off as well.  We don't really have many set plans other than to NOT be at work.  :-)  I do think we're going to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner, and I'm predicting a Red Velvet Concrete from BurgerFi will be my birthday dessert!  In the middle, weather dependent, there may be some miniature golf, a breakfast/lunch, maybe some birthday money shopping.  I'm just looking forward to spending the day with BF.

Tonight we have my Firm's tickets to the Nats game.  However, we are supposed to get potentially record-breaking temps today before some possibly severe storms roll through in the late afternoon/early evening hours.  Right now, it seems like the game may be delayed about an hour, but good to go at that point.  If that stays the case throughout the day, BF will commute into the city and we'll find somewhere to kill some time before the game.  Hopefully it works out!

Today is my brother's birthday.  We grew up  having to pick a spot together for our birthday dinners with the family and it was always such a chore, or so it seemed!  Now I feel a bit nostalgic for those joint birthday celebrations!  I'm never home to celebrate my birthday anymore, perhaps that's why.

Today and Thursday I have to spend 6 hours of my work day in a training room getting ready for our new database rollout in August.  I am positively dreading it.  I don't think I can login as myself, so I won't have access to my work email, and I'm afraid of what I'll come back to over my lunch break and at the end of the day.  6 hours of a 7.5 hour work day in a training room is simply too much!  It was supposed to be 12 hours broken up over a three day period, but since I'm out tomorrow I am having to squish it all into two days.  I'm just hoping that there will be competent trainers available, as the "just play, figure it out on your own" tactic they've suggested to this point has not been very valuable.

I guess I will go rally myself to get into this training.  At least I have a lot to look forward to tomorrow and Friday.  :-)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yawn Party

So BF is still getting over a cold, and as many of us know, the cough is often the last thing to go.  I know that when I was so ridiculously ill this winter I had the cough for MONTHS after I kicked that vicious bout of the flu.  Last night BF came to bed and proceeded to cough. And cough.  And cough some more.  He FINALLY gave in and took some Nyquil Cough, but by that point the damage was done.  Every time I'd dozed off he'd cough and I'd be jolted awake.  Boo. Woke up this morning feeling completely exhausted.  I know he's ready for that cough to go away, but I'm definitely looking forward to it as well!  :-o

I watched two more episodes of "Orange is the New Black".  I'm now through 5 of the latest season's 13 episodes.  I wish I had time to just marathon them!  Such a great show.  Once I finish that I'm going to go back to the latest season of House of Cards, which I'm only 2-3 episodes into so far.  I wish I had wifi for my bus rides to and from work, as I could get so much watched!  :-)  Alas, no such luck and my data plan isn't big enough to contain all that Netflix awesome.

This week is truly dragging.  Yesterday was just disgustingly hot, but today is slightly better.  Gotta love summer!  Current plan is to muddle through this Wednesday work day and probably spend some quality time with the BF this evening.

I've found that quality time during the week is challenging to come by if I want to keep on my gym routine.  I get home shortly before seven, we make and eat dinner.  I relax briefly and then have to head out to the gym.  Home an hour or so later, shower, then there's not enough time left to get much done before I need to aim for bed since we get up so early!  It's pretty frustrating sometimes, and that's why on occasion I just call it and decide to take a night off from the gym and spend the evening with BF.  We're making chicken fried rice tonight for dinner, and then I'm hoping to go on a nice, decent walk to make up a bit for the gym.  I really just want a few hours that are uninterrupted by the gym, or showers or a never ending feeling of having ten other things I should be doing!

It's definitely much better since we have lived together, as we do get all that in between time that we didn't used to, and we do go to bed together and wake up together, which is really, really nice.  But we don't have that designated "date night" like we did when we lived apart.  Occasionally I just have to make it happen!  :-)  We get lots of time on the weekend, but J is usually with us, so it's a different dynamic.

Tomorrow night I'm going to see my hair guy after work to get my highlights touched up.  I love a good salon trip!  I'm staying in DC for the evening to attend the Battle of the Bands event my firm is participating in, and will head that way post-appt.  This also means I need to pack a change of clothes so I'm not attending in work gear and prepare myself for a late night.  Our band doesn't play until 8:45, and so I'm imagining the earliest I'll get out of there is ten, and then I have probably an hour metro ride followed by a thirty minute car ride.  Cheers!?!  Guess it's going to be a tired Friday, too.  :-)

I guess that's all I know for now.  Happy wednesday (is almost thursday) to everyone!