Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just Say Yes

I am listening to the new Mumford & Sons album, and as expected, I'm madly in love with it.  The music is beautiful, I love the lyrics, and it's just so lovely to have in the background at work, or in the foreground when I get the chance.   The only problem with Mumford & Sons is that listening to them tends to make me feel all introspective and thinking-like.  Is that actually a problem?  Maybe not, so long as I don't OVERthink, which I am often prone to do.

Practical business aside, first.  Met with trainer last night, and my abs and arms are sore as proof!  He is definitely beginning to ramp up the difficulty of our sessions by modifying some of the existing exercises and adding additional resistance or weight.  We did my measurements last night and I lost another half an inch on my waist and half an inch off my bicep.  Same thigh measurement, but he again assured me it was no cause for panic, and that things would shift on that front eventually.  I trust him, so I'm taking him at his word.  My important takeaway from this is that my waist is now 4 inches smaller than it was a month ago, and my bicep is an inch smaller.  I'm 3.5 inches away from goal measurement on waist and 1 inch from goal measurement on bicep.  Four inches to go on evil thighs, LOL.

ANYWAY.  I illogically decided that I should totally overbook myself this week.  Monday it was acupuncture and gym.  Tuesday trainer and met up with a friend for a couple of hours.  Tonight it's gym and then a date.  Tomorrow, trainer then a date.  What ever am I doing to myself?  All of these things require me to run home, shower/change and run back out the door in a quick-like fashion.  I suspect I may be staying home friday night to recover, and maybe finally do some laundry!

Tonight's date:  Guy seems very sweet and sincere.  Not someone who strikes my attraction fancy right off the bat, but you never know.  Not unattractive, anyway. Name is disturbingly similar to angry ex, but I can't hold that against him.  We're going miniature golfing, so that will either be really fun, or a really bad idea if he's a dud.  Those courses can take awhile in nice weather with the crowds!  :-/  I was going to suggest just a drink or something to eat, but I felt like being impulsive and gambling.  At most it will be an 60-90 minutes of my time, you know? 

Tomorrow night's date:  Guy seems like a charmer and like he has a good sense of humor.  Very good looking.  We'd initially talked a few months back, but things fell off the radar before we ever met, and I do believe that was on me.  He resurfaced again, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  We're just meeting at a local restaurant for a drink. 

Neither of them live particularly close, but date #1 is in the area tonight for a retirement party before our meeting, and date #2 works in the area.  We shall see if either of them merit the pronouncement of nicknames.  ;-)  I'm talking to probably 3-4 other people, including one I know definitely wants to go out sometime soon.  I've been talking to him for 2-3 weeks now.  I guess I'm in one of my phases where I'm just throwing a bunch of things out there and seeing if anything sticks.  In other words, I'm just saying yes, at least more often than I had been previously.

I want something real.  I want someone who wants me.  I want the whole big picture instead of just a tiny framed excerpt, one part of a larger piece.  I'm tired of having the leftover pieces. 


  1. At least with mini-golf, you can make a lot of small talk about the course :) Similar to you, I've been saying YES a lot more, to see what might stick. It's unnerving and exhausting, but I think I'd regret not trying.

    1. Yeah, I had this thought, too. I've had a bad date already once before, awhile back, at a mini golf course, LOL. Hopefully I will have better luck this time!

      Crossing fingers that our saying yes pays off some way or another. :)

  2. I was considering the new Mumford & Sons, but they seem to be leaning way harder on the banjo than the last time around. I shall see, perhaps when I'm done obsessing over The Lumineers.

    I commend your double booking, I am so not into that right now. Although I am working very late hours and don't even have time to get to my yoga classes.

    I hope both of these dates go well for you. I think its my turn in the blogosphere to go on all the dull and bad dates anyway.

    1. Ah, but the album is so, so good. I'm wildly obsessed with "Hopeless Wanderer".

      Yeah, normally I don't dig the frequent dating like this, but it seemed like something fun to do this week, LOL. We'll see!