Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WTF, mate?

So I just got an email from someone I went on a single date with in June 2009.  The last time we spoke was November 2009. 


I met angry ex in April or May 2009.  We started dating, but Memorial Day weekend he had some existential crisis and we unceremoniously "broke up".  We still saw each other 4-5 days a week for lunches, but didn't get back together until the last week in June.  In that interim, I did a brief stint on, where I met this guy.  I mostly did it out of passive aggressive frustration with angry ex, as I still didn't understand what had happened.  Talk a bout a red flag missed!  There was no chemistry with this dinner guy, so it never went anywhere.

Cut to November 2009, when he messaged me to say hi. I was in the shower or something and angry ex saw the email as it came into my inbox and was fuming by the time I got back.  He basically freaked out on me and thought I was doing this while dating him.  I explained the situation and he was still livid.  I wanted to just delete it and move on, but he made me sit there and type up a response to this guy.  I recall him actually feeding me the words.

"The profile was canceled awhile ago. Why are you emailing me now when the last communication we had was in June?"

He said "I saw our old emails and thought about u. u lost touch unfortunately."

Angry ex then had me say, "Ok well thank you for emailing me, but I'm in a relationship. The profile should have been removed. Take care."

It was a source of great tension for awhile.  He kept thinking I'd been doing something behind his back when of course I wasn't.

Now today, October 2012, this guy messages me and asks me if I am still seeing someone.

WTF?  They really do always come back, even the completely insignificant ones.


  1. This is what I call a "penis reach out" I've had 2 guys do this to me, both of them I hadn't heard from for at least 2 years. Some guys are so stupid. They are testing the waters.

    1. In that case, this guy is sad. We never even kissed. NOT EVEN CLOSE, LOL.

    2. Yeah, I never kissed one of the guys, actually we never even went out. I think he thought I was someone else.

  2. Again, how do they KNOW? As soon as your deactivate, they come running. So strange.