Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Fine Art of Flirting (at the Gym)

Business first, my blog friends.  Today marks 8 weeks that I've been committed to working out and getting in shape.  I did my standard Tuesday morning weigh in and made a pleasing discovery:  as of today, I've lost 10.2 lbs.!  I was so excited to see that I'd hit the 10 lb. mark, and it felt like such validation for all of my hard work, in particular my extra push in the last two weeks.  I've lost 4 of those pounds just in these two weeks!  So that's my little brag for the morning.  :-)

Last night I had acupuncture, and it was incredibly relaxing as always.  So love those appointments!  I got some serious rest for that hour I was stretched out on that table, and it was a good way to loosen up prior to my gym time for the evening.  I've found recently that sometimes when I'm at the gym I get so into it, and I'm so busy watching Dancing with the Stars, or the debates, or football that I end up going longer than I intend to and actually have to make myself stop.  This happened last night actually.  Good problem, right? 

Speaking of my gym time, I saw my gym boyfriend again last night.  We barely crossed paths, as he seems to show at about 9pm and I tend towards about 8:30, and last night I got there at 8.  We were only at the gym for about 15 minutes at the same time, which was tragic.  ;-)  He picked a machine directly in front of me, and we continued in our game of looking at one another, but not speaking.  At one point he even swiveled all the way around and looked right back at me, which was impressive, since he was actively using the machine. 

One of two things is happening here:

1) He's totally checking me out and wondering how to score me as his gym girlfriend in the same way I'm wondering how to score him as my gym boyfriend.

2) He thinks I'm a creeper and is keeping an eye on me for his own personal well-being. 

It's a toss up really.  I think my flirting chip is disabled in the gym!  We make a ridiculous amount of eye contact, but WHY CAN'T I PRODUCE A SMILE???  I think I feel slightly off my game in that setting, especially since he was still fresh as a daisy from just beginning his workout and I was just wrapping mine up, and thusly glistened with a dewy glow, as we women are wont to do.  Don't get me wrong, I'm feeling better and better in my gym attire lately, as I know my body is changing for the better, but come's still the gym!

Hoping tonight for a better timed encounter.  My training session got bumped to 8, so I won't be arriving at the gym until about 9:15.  Goal?  Gym boyfriend will be there and this time I can score the machine behind him (or maybe in front of him?  Angles are important, people).  Damn it, I will smile at him if he's there first.  Or at all.  Maybe.  If I can remember how in that setting.  ;-)

I know this is all silly, but it makes the gym even more entertaining for me, and gives me something to do on commercial breaks.  Also?  It would be kind of a little awesome to meet someone at the gym because, HEY, we already have something in common, AND they wouldn't try to cramp my workout style.  These are things I actually think about!

I'm off to do some work, to ponder the skill level of my eye flirting (maybe I can smile with my EYES?  Tyra Banks would be so kickass proud of me), and to psych myself up to get the nerve of a 13 year old girl to smile at a boy she thinks is cute.  I kind of love my life these days.  :-)


  1. Just give a half smile, at the very least. That can't be too hard.

    Congrats on the weigh in!!

    1. Thank you! I was very pleased. :)

      I did the half smile once, but that was the night where I was SO exhausted I'm not sure how well it translated, LOL. Don't worry, I'll check it off the 13 year old girl list of things to do tonight (assuming he's there). I know it's not a big deal, it's just some random entertainment for the gym. :)

    2. wow - 10 lbs! You should be very proud of yourself. OK. Don't be upset but just to play devils advocate: it would be GREAT If gym guy turned out to be awesome and boyfriend material and turned into something long-term, and the man of your dreams - of course. But what IF you go out a few times, there's no interest and then you have to face him at the gym? Do you think that would be an issue for you? Do you think you'd lose momentum with your working out, fitness lifestyle now? But then again, its good to take chances on someone despite what the outcome might be so... I'm confusing myself.

      However, if you're going to be an eye-shot from him, be behind him so he can't see your back sweat! Just my two cents.

    3. Thanks! :)

      As far as the rest, not upset, it's fine! But I can tell you unequivocally that nothing, especially some random guy, is going to throw me off my course. :) I've been on enough dates in the last year and a half, run into enough people in other settings, and I've been just fine. Part of the deal, and not even a little bit of an issue, especially when I'm on such an awesome roll.

      (Sidenote: I love saying things like this and knowing 100% it's the truth. Go go motivation!) :)

    4. You, lady, are a bigger person than I. I run run run away after things end with someone. It's not fair I let someone get to me that way.

    5. Well now, if it were someone I dated for a serious length of time and had a lot invested in, that may be more challenging. But it's been so long since I've done that it's hard to consider!

      Also, I'm just on a workout mission, and no man is going to get in the way of that. :)

  2. Awesome job!

    I totally don't get the whole flirting at the gym thing honestly. For me, I'm self conscious just being there amongst some of the super models that go to my gym, two, I sweat when I work out. Not disgusting amounts but I mean it looks like I've worked out when I'm doing cardio. But I figure any guy who smiles at you when you're at your sweatiest is probably decent.

    1. Thank you! You know, I didn't get it until recently either. But I don't really feel self-conscious, and my gym is a cheap, no frills one, so perhaps I avoid the supermodel types? :p I figure everyone is sweating, so I'm not gonna stand out, LOL. Like you said, (and like I told a friend!) if I meet a guy who finds me attractive after a 70 minute cardio workout, that's a SCORE! :D

    2. One of the girls in my exercise class told me she's had a lot of dudes tell her that he likes seeing girls who aren't afraid to sweat. So maybe your gym boyfriend is the same?

      If you didn't get a chance to see my response to your comment on my blog - I advise you to just go for it and ask him out! :-p

    3. Maybe that's what it is! I don't find it that weird really. It makes sense to be attracted to people who are taking pride in taking care of their bodies. Plus, for me the gym is such an adrenaline rush, anymore I just feel kind of awesome there, even when I may not look my best. Perhaps, like in the rest of the universe, that confidence just radiates good energy?

      All I know is I like getting totally baseless, silly butterflies while at the gym. It's not a bad thing. ;)

    4. Aww totally baseless, silly butterflies are the best :-)

    5. This is very true. :) For the record, Gym Boyfriend was MIA last night, LOL.

  3. A friend of mine pointed out that regardless of your body type at the gym everyone has the same goal of getting healthy. Thought it was a good way to look at it. I wish my gym was a quiet, cheap no-frills type gym. The classes are probably the worst at mine so I steer clear. The muscle bound dudes hang out at the free weights and the models all prance on the treadmills chatting on Bluetooth headsets while wearing $300 workout outfits and reading Vogue. It's very much a place to be "seen". Actually the funniest thing I ever saw at the gym was a very thin woman on a stationary bike eating a bag of gummy bears.

    1. This is very true! My gym gets mocked for doing things like pizza night the first Monday of the month and now some weird cupcake promotion (SERIOUSLY), but if you can ignore all that crap, it gives me exactly what I need for $10 a month! I'm not a fitness class type generally, I just want the machines. I LOVE that it's not a gym that's all about women full of makeup and perfectly coordinated outfits, and that generally it's just a big old group of sweating, hard working people there for a purpose. :)

      HA, gummy bears on the bike, that's awesome. Last night I listened to a grown woman smack her gum like a mannerless horse last night for a full hour while she mosied her way through a slow walk on the treadmill. I could hear it over my music on my headphones. :o

    2. Ok mine is $68 a month and in the financial district of the city so DAMN, I need to find a different gym. But it's like 6 blocks from my apartment!!

      Seriously?? Pizza?? We have a vegan smoothie bar that goes to charity. Shows you how hippy my club is. I so don't fit in there.

      I'm not a class person either because honestly, me and coordination are strangers. But I like the Spin classes. Such a good workout.

      That is so rude with the gum. I swear, people were raised in barns.

    3. Yes, pizza. I totally don't get it, and I can proudly say I've never partaken, LOL.

      I, too, am hugely uncoordinated, hence my disdain for classes!

      The gym woman was DRIVING ME INSANE. So disgusting, and for a full 60 minutes. She finished right when I did and kept snapping away. Ugh.

    4. I think the person on the bike you saw was me, Ash. Its like giving a cat a pill to get me to work out and if I succeed in getting to the gym, I often bring snacks. It's pathetic.

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