Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On a Roll

It's true, I'm on a fitness roll lately.  Without all of the dating business keeping me busy, I've had a lot more spare time to play with.  I've chosen to fill the bulk of that time with working out.  I figure that if I have the motivation, I may as well seize the momentum and go with it!  My new thing is to work out with my trainer on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then go to the gym later that same night and get a full cardio workout in.  My training sessions are predominantly strength and toning, so it's not overkill. 

I did this last night actually.  Trained with B for an hour, then went to the gym and did 70 minutes on the elliptical.  The debates were on, so I actually had to force myself to stop after the 70, as I could have just stayed on through the end.  In summation, I am doing a ton of cardio in the last week or two, and it's awesome.  I feel awesome.  The muscles in my arms are getting more defined.  I can feel muscle in my thighs and calves, and my endurance is definitely increasing. 

Next week I'm going to do my regular two sessions with B and then try a new Abs class he's starting on Wednesday evening.  It's a small group, 3-4 people, and I'm interested to check it out.  I'm afraid of a full hour of abs, but that's the one area I really want to focus on.  My stomach is getting smaller, I know that objectively, but I really need to work on toning it.  Putting that into the mix with everything else should help!

Saturday boot camp is cancelled because most of the class is participating in the Breast Cancer 5k Walk, including me.  I'm looking forward to walking for the cause, in particular since my manager was just diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in the last few weeks.  She starts treatment soon, and this is particularly timely now.  Beyond that, the weather should be nice and fallish, requiring some layers for the morning chill, but I will be walking with a friend or two, so it should be good!

I'm also looking to add in some more variety, maybe jump roping, more walking outside (at a nice, quick pace), and I want to add a resistance band to my home fitness collection.  That's a great tool to use while watching TV or just chilling at home. 

I'm a little sore today, but it feels good.  Last night's training workout was difficult.  I like pushing myself, even when I feel particularly uncoordinated, like I did last night!  I definitely worked hard!  I took about a 30 minute break at home before going to the gym, and then back at home finished watching the debate before I took a nice epsom salt bath to wrap up the night.  I did manage to get a batch of turkey breast meatballs made, too, so those will be nice to have.

No official weigh in with trainer yet, but I weighed myself yesterday, as I do each Tuesday, and I'd lost another 1.4 pounds.  According to my records, that's a loss of 7.8 pounds since I started this on August 28th, seven weeks ago.  HOPEFULLY my measurements next week will reflect some change since I was pretty stagnant last week, save for (finally!) a half inch loss off the thigh. 

This officially wraps up my fitness blog post for the day.  I suspect a more normal post may follow later today!


  1. Wow. a pound a week is pretty darn good!!! Congrats to you!!!

    1. Thank you! Slow and steady wins the race, LOL. Plus I'm buying into that whole muscle weighs more than fat thing, too. ;)

  2. That's awesome! And you're very right about not dating giving you time to work on your body... I spent 2 years losing 80 lbs and didn't go on a single date. Worth it! :)

    1. Oh wow, that's awesome! TOTALLY worth it. I'm giving that whole "love yourself, take care of yourself and your life will be better for it" thing a whirl. ;)

  3. Girl, I don't know how you can do 70 minutes on the elliptical, I fucking hate that machine, I will generally do 30 minutes on that, then 30 on the bike, just to break up my cardio. An abs class would be fun, and its not like it will only be crunches. Bob Harper's workout DVDs are really good too, if you are looking to add something more at home. And cheap.

    Good luck on the BC walk!

    1. For some reason I don't mind it terribly. It helps that my gym has multiple TVs, so I've been watching football, debates and L&O: SVU while at the gym. ;) I also LOVE listening to music while I work out, and it really helps pass the time! I just don't burn enough cals on the bike and it feels so much more tedious to me.

      I'm afraid of the abs class. He said I'm going to hurt after, LOL.

      I may look into some workout DVDs, it's something I've thought about to mix things up!