Monday, October 22, 2012


Every year I am disturbed by the way the holidays are thrust upon me so unceremoniously.  Here I am, all excited for Halloween, looking forward to carving pumpkins, watching scary movies and perhaps going to something haunted, and I go into Target and get assaulted by Christmas decorations and winterwear.  Meanwhile, people are talking about Thanksgiving and pumpkin pies and I'm still stuck back in Halloweenland. 

I am ready for Halloween, in my mind.  I still need to procure my second pumpkin, but I've got "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" on my calendar for 10/31 on ABC.  I can't think about Thanksgiving yet!  Give me until November, please.  And Christmas?  Don't talk to me about Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving!  There are rules here, people.  ;-)

In other weekend was awesome!  I saw a good scary movie on Friday night (Paranormal Activity 4, which I really enjoyed), then impulsively saw Labyrinth at a midnight showing.  Got up bright and early Saturday and did the Breast Cancer 5k Walk, which was a great way to start the day, then had a rewarding brunch!  Went to the gym for an hour, then relaxed for a little bit at home before I went into DC and saw Kevin Hart's comedy show at the Verizon Center and grabbed some dinner, too.  Sunday was a day to get caught up on everything I hadn't done the rest of the weekend, including catching up on sleep!  I slept until noon, but made up for it in productivity the rest of the day.  I made chili, I went to the gym for an hour, I did a load of laundry, I did dishes, vacuumed, went to Target and overall just cleaned up my world a little.  :-)

I loved this weekend because it was social, both in a planned and unplanned way, I got some extra exercise outside on a gorgeous fall day, and I also had a full day of time to just do my own thing.  It was the ideal mixture of things! 

One more pretty awesome thing happened this weekend, too.  My brother, who is getting married in April to a girl I positively adore, asked me if I would get ordained and perform their wedding ceremony!  I was shocked to say the least, as I wasn't expecting that at all.  Once I had some time to think about it I realized this seemed like something they would do.  They are bucking a lot of tradition in favor of making the wedding true to them, and my brother told me that they really wanted me to be a part of the wedding. 

The ceremony should be pretty short, as neither of them are really religious, so it will be very straightforward and brief.  I'm betting 15-20 minutes tops, and that, along with the fact that they are keeping the ceremony pretty small, helped me make my decision.  I'm pretty excited and very honored that they want me to take on this role in their special day, and I can't wait to find out what it will entail and work out the details with them.  I have several months to get it all figured out.  :-)

This concludes my functional update type post.  I predict a more thoughtful post will follow sometime today!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I'm with you on the decorations. I love Christmas, OK. But let's not put out decorations until, at least, black Friday!!!

    1. I totally agree, that's my policy, too!

    2. That said, the Christmas tree has always gone up the night before Thanksgiving in my family . I realize that's crazy but it's been my family tradition.

    3. That's not SO bad. I can forgive that. :D

  2. Girl I've already eaten a pumpkin pie, you better catch up. Hahaha, just kidding... about the catching up, I never joke about pie. Yeah, I feel you on this. Luckily I rarely go to "that side" of Target, as mine has 2 separate entrances. However, Trader Joe's keeps with a calendar. As I'm waiting for them to bring out mulling spices and their dark 'winter brew' beer so I can stock up. Also, two words: Peppermint Bark. No one else does it better. But, I will have to wait till after Thanksgiving.

    I do like to get my Christmas shopping done early, but not this early.

    Sounds like a good weekend. I hope you find a sharp dress for the ceremony! Body hugging.... You can be the female equivalent to Friar F*ck from Sex and the City!!!

    1. You know, I'm weird...I don't really do pies unless they are chocolate, or peanut butter or some combination. ;) I do love a good pumpkin chocolate chip ANYTHING, though. Mmm, peppermint bark. You are a bad influence, LOL!

      I'm never an early shopper. I always WANT to be, but I never am. I generally buy all my presents online and ship them straight to my mom's in ye olde Midwest, to avoid the hassle of flying with presents. BONUS: She wraps everything (except for her own gifts!) for me. :)

      I will definitely be looking for a nice dress for the wedding, something black or charcoal and I'll be accenting with coral, as that's their pop of color in the wedding scheme. Fun, fun!