Thursday, October 25, 2012


First Abs class last night.  We did 500 reps of different abs exercises, in addition to some sprinting.  GOOD TIMES!  We ended up moving the class outside to a nearby high school's football field, which was awesome since we're having such great weather this week.  It was only three of us, and I actually laughed a lot, too.  I expect I'll keep going.  :-)

I came home afterwards and just relaxed for an hour, which was nice.  I did end up going back out to the gym for a full cardio workout.  I have some lingering soreness in my legs from our workout on Tuesday, and I suspect that tomorrow I may have some newly acquired ab soreness from last night, LOL.  Boot camp saturday, and sunday I plan to sleep in!!

I am still laughing over the men as candles discussions from yesterday.  :-)  I told my LED candle I would probably drive myself, and really, I don't see why it would be a big deal.  Sometimes I just build these things up in my head.  Like with Gym Boyfriend?  He's been MIA for two nights in a row, and I started thinking...what are the chances of anything actually coming of that, anyway?  None.  Life goes on.  There are TVs to watch, there is music to listen to, there are calories to burn, muscles to build.  The gym serves a bigger picture for me than checking out men.  ;-)

Today is an extra jeans day at work.  If we donated to a charity event we got to wear jeans, so I of course did.  It makes the work day better!  I wore some skinny jeans I'd had put away for awhile and I feel pretty good in them with some cute heels, though I had a self conscious moment of panic once I got on my bus and was separated from home.  Jeans day again tomorrow, but we always have jeans days on fridays.  Tomorrow is also the Firm's Halloween Parade for the kids of employees, capping off with a pizza party, so that should be fun!  I'm all about anything to break up the routine of a regular day.

This brings to an end the most boring post ever. 


  1. Wow 500 is a lot, good for you. I'm still chuckling over it as well. I'm sure with time I'll add some more candle men to the list.

    Even if nothing becomes of gym boyfriend, it's fun to flirt so enjoy it.

    Awww, little kids are the cutest at Halloween. We don't do that here because not many people have little one's but it would be fun.

    1. Thanks, I couldn't believe it was that many!

      Maybe my gym boyfriend is gone. Trainer cancelled for tonight due to a personal emergency, so it's just me and the gym.

  2. Gym boyfriends are just fun. I'll always indulge in a little sweaty flirtation. Its healthy, science says so.

    1. Agree! Gym boyfriend seems to have gone MIA, but I won't be opposed if another pops up, LOL.