Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I would like to thank everyone who inquired about my safety and well being in the last few days with regards to Hurricane Sandy.  By comparison, the DC area was hugely spared, and I never even lost power.  I prepared for the worst because it really sounded like the worst was coming.  I got some water just in case, I had non-perishable snacks, I already had D batteries and I had blankets galore and made sure everything was charged. 

In the end we got smacked with a lot of high winds and a lot of rain.  It shuttered a lot of the city, including the Federal Government and my employer's offices on Monday and Tuesday, as well as our Metro trains.  The winds weren't quite as bad as what we saw with the derecho this summer, but they were pretty impressive nonetheless, mostly in their tenacity.  Those high winds just stuck around for hours! 

I managed to get to the gym Monday early afternoon before things really got worse, and I went yesterday afternoon as well.  Things were pretty well running fine in my world yesterday.  I wish I could say the rest for all of the other areas that got slammed so much harder.  The devastation is unreal, and my thoughts are with all of the residents in these areas. 

I'm back at work today, and it seems like most folks fared generally pretty well.  Our NY office is struggling more and is thusly still closed today, of course.  I only know of one person so far who lost power, which is really surprising, but great news. 

So today is Halloween.  Everything feels a bit off after the last few days, between anticipating the storm, preparing for the storm, enduring the storm and evaluating the's kind of overshadowed Halloween.  I wore all black and gray in honor of the holiday, with gray and orange alternating nails and a Halloween sticker or two providing my orange.  Orange is not my color! 

I don't have any particular Halloween plans.  Living in an apartment I didn't get any Trick or Treaters last year, and I don't anticipate any this year.  I will head home after work and likely get out to the gym shortly thereafter to get that off my list.  Beyond that, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is on tonight and I do plan to watch that!  It's a great Halloween tradition.  :-)

In other news, my throat hurts.  I'm 99.9% sure it's allergy related, but it hurts nonetheless.  My ears are bothering me a little bit, too, but nothing too awful at this point. Took an Allegra this morning, which usually helps me, but thusfar it's made no noticeable difference.  Not impressed!  Stupid allergies.  I never had any at all until I moved to this area nearly 8 years ago.  Thanks, DC!  ;-)

This concludes the well-adjusted post of the day.  Coming soon....a post about how I am dysfunctional on the inside.  Cheers! 


  1. I totally forgot it was Halloween. No joke.

    1. Yeah, was basically a non-event for me, too!

  2. I bet you did have D batteries in stock... HAHA

    I can't believe how many people were unprepared for the storm, or any storm for that matter. I have an emergency stockpile, as well as several gallons of bottled water, just in case. Although we only get earthquakes... totes boring.

    1. I'm not ever hugely prepared for anything like this. We just don't get much out here! I SHOULD save the water I bought for emergencies or something, but I won't. ;)