Friday, October 19, 2012

I *wanted* to be smiling!

Last night was a big old torture-fest.  Went to my trainer and my workout was intensely difficult.  He had me doing this suspension workout I'd never tried before, and it was immensely challenging.  It won't be the last time I do it either...he warned me!  :-/

I went straight to the gym after my session to get my cardio in.  I knew that if I caved and went home even briefly in between, I'd never get back out!  I got my 60 minutes of cardio in, and somewhere in the last 15-20 minutes my future gym boyfriend materialized.  He was pretty much on the opposite end of the room from me last night, so our most meaningful moment was had when I was heading out.  He caught my eye and I tried to give him a half smile.  But seriously?  I was SO.EFFING.TIRED that I don't have any idea what look I *actually* gave him.  I was smiling in my head, I swear!  My body, even my poor face, was just too tired to perform.

I went home and laid in a pile on the floor after taking a nice, long, hot shower.  It was awesome to finally be off my feet.  I worked my ass off this week! Pretty damn happy that tonight is my night off from working out.  I need it.  :-)


  1. TRX? Sometimes after a hard workout, showering is the most difficult thing in the world.

    1. Yup, that's it. TRX = evilness, LOL. I suspect I'll be doing it again tomorrow!