Thursday, May 30, 2013

always trust your insticts

Today's life lesson:

Always trust your instincts. 

I've been trying to extract myself nicely from the situation with Ice Cream Guy. You know, the sappy MOFO I went out with twice.  I basically was honest and told him we didn't seem compatible because he's so much hearts and flowers and feelings and insecurity, and I'm not.  He took that as an invitation to try a new tact, wherein he suddenly started pretending he was really this super confident, charming guy who could get any woman he wanted.  It was just as unappealing, and everything he says and does reeks of trying too damn hard. 

On the upside, I heard these few gems over the last few days:

"Bluemoon, the pool of women for me is deep."

Him: "Bluemoon, you don't even know."
Me: "Know what?"
Him: "The game I didn't bring on our dates."

"Getting women for me is easy.  Any woman I've ever wanted I've gotten.  If I wanted you, I could have you."

We got into some rather bitchy back and forth last night, but then he started to get super patronizing and I told him I was not interested and asked why he continued to contact me.  His response included "Sweet cheeks".  My response?  "Wow, you're gross."  Then I blocked his dumb ass on Gchat and on POF. 

About an hour later I get an email.  "Hahaha, take it easy."


Seriously, this guy is a loser reaching levels I didn't even know possible. 


  1. I wonder which is the real him: mushy or douchy. Either way, he sounds like a creep now.

  2. That's why when I'm over someone, I just don't talk to them again. If they even hint at too much creep, I'm out.

  3. He sounds like a real winner. Not. I wonder if those lines ever actually work for him.

  4. Holy crap - where did this doucheyness come from so suddenly? Sounds like he was always a douche and was trying to play you from the get go. Yuck!!!

  5. What a pathetic man, sounds like he was overcompensating for something. I'd say you insulted his manhood, but it doesn't seem like he had a manhood to begin with.

  6. Ewwww...this has happened to me when a guy offers to buy me a drink on a night I don't feel like drinking much and I say "no thank you" and he says...."on second thought, you are fat anyway, so no chance....." offered....URGH! Yikes, this man is confused and the instincts do often win, but once in a while, in dating and in life, you have to give second chances. He is lucky to have had the chance to be in your presence....and now, he best disappear......