Friday, May 17, 2013

Muffins and burnt fingers

I just burnt my index finger on a curling iron.  Why, yes, I am at work!  It's that kind of Friday...the kind where I get to work late, close my door and touch up my hair with the curling iron.  No one's around early on in the day, so I can do these kinds of things.

I was late today for a chain reaction of reasons.  First of all, I stayed home last night with a grand plan of doing nothing.  I got into bed at 10:30 with great aspirations to get to bed at a reasonable hour.  And then the boy called, and we ended up on the phone until 1:30 in the morning.  Subsequently, I got up and was moving a bit slower this morning, and dawdled over my shoe selection for my Friday outfit.  I then missed my bus as a result of said dawdling, and had to catch the next one.  Then once in DC I decided I needed to go to Whole Foods, wherein I purchased a delightful selection of mixed fruit in a ready to go fashion, and a corn muffin.  Then I stopped at Starbucks because I needed to complete my trifecta of destruction.  :-)

So here I am now, fruit on my desk, coffee already gone, muffin at the ready, better than before curls and a burnt finger.  I can't say I've done a lot of work in the hour I've been here, but it's Friday, and that's okay.  I'll get to some work shortly, but it's taking me awhile to get into the work frame of mind.  I cannot wait for tomorrow morning when I can sleep in and hopefully catch up on some much needed rest. 

My weekend should be good.  Tonight is happy hour with my friends, the tame version.  :-)  I'm actually hoping to get home by 10 so I can power through a little DVR.  My DVR has been woefully neglected and is chock full of good things for me to get through when I can.  First on my list is The Office finale.  Tomorrow will be sleeping in, and then going to the gym.  Hair appointment in the afternoon, and then date, baby, date in the evening.  Weather reliant we have plans to go miniature golfing and get some food.  I'm looking forward to it!

I am frighteningly unmotivated today. 

I suspect I am going to kiss someone new this weekend.

I hope the new hairstylist does not ruin me.

I wish I could go play in the sun instead of being stuck inside today!


  1. Don't go into the hair appt with high expectations. When I go, I tell her these few things "Keep the length as much as possible, lots of layering, and just make it go with my face shape" she knows my hair style is boho hippie, and she is the best.

    I hope you get to kiss someone new this weekend! How exciting. I have to go to the dentist today, although I don't really mind the dentist, I just rather sit at home and have a slow breakfast and tea. Your Friday could be filled with a dentist appt, so it looks like your not doing too bad.

    1. I hope, hope, hope I don't leave super disappointed. :/ Yeah, I'm going to be very specific about how I know my hair to be and what I do and don't want, and see what she can come up with from there.

      I am definitely excited to kiss someone new. I feel like we almost made it there on first date, but I'm kind of glad we waited...something to anticipate!

      I don't envy the dentist visit, lol. :)

  2. I'm also unmotivated today, but you're right, it's ok because it's FRIDAY!

    Good luck on your second date(s)! I have high hopes for you and this boy! (I'm pretty sure this is the same boy from the other day, right?)

    And good luck with the new hairstylist! I've been getting my hair done by the same friend ever since she went to cosmetology school - I went to someone else ONE time in the last six years and I was very unhappy about it. Some stylists just aren't good with curly hair. I like having a friend who knows 1.) how my hair actually works, 2.) my personal sense of style, and 3.) the level of effort I'm willing to put into my appearance on different days. Hopefully this new one will be your hair match!!

    1. Yes, same guy from wednesday night. :)

      Why is it so, so hard to deal with curly hair as a stylist? I always go into new people with such trepidation. Crossing fingers!