Monday, May 6, 2013

surly bluemoon

It's definitely a Monday.
I definitely need acupuncture tonight. 
I definitely need a good workout.

Today has not been a good day.  It started out well enough with me waking up before my alarm.  That meant I was ready for the bus that gets me to work on time instead of late.  Came in and started sorting through emails from Friday when I was out of the office.  I had some catch up to do, but nothing out of control.

And then.

People started asking moronic questions.  And my Wednesday plan to go see a baseball game fell through.  That was disappointing even though I suspected it may have been rained out, anyway.  Then my Sunday plan to see a baseball game fell through.  Please note that Sunday is the only day of my three originally scheduled baseball days this week that is not supposed to be rainy.

I agreed to a second date with someone from the other week for this coming Sunday, but I think I'm going to cancel.  1) He calls me "Hun" every time he messages me and it drives me up a wall. We went out once, sir.  You have to earn the right to call me a pet name, and like I've said before, doing it this early makes me feel like you can't be bothered to remember my name. 

2) Innuendo.  Not a fan.  He asked what I was doing when I got back into town last night and I told him I was going to go to the gym. He said I should come "work out" with him, that he was just as good of a workout as the gym, and cuter.  He also frequently texts me things like, "Thinking of you.  Muah!"  Um.  ONE DATE.

3) Plus, this guy seriously just had a heart attack (at 36) two and a half weeks ago.  He can't drive far (and he lives 45 minutes from me).  He can't do any real exercise right now.  Call me evil, but when factoring in everything else on top of this, I don't really want to be forced into driving out to him all the time, or worrying about him constantly. 

In summation, I think I'm going to extricate myself from that situation.

Angry Ex emailed me this weekend, fishing to see if I'd hang out with him.  He "needed to talk" and wanted to see me.  Nope. 

Artboy pissed me off Friday by IMing ME. I told him I was at a Braves game while in Atlanta.  Because it's the polite thing to do, I asked him what he was doing.  "Why do you even care?  You're at a Braves game.  I'm flying to a rocket to the moon.  It's going to be amazing."  Yeah, screw you, Artboy.  I was being polite.  Try it.

Today I had an online dating random tell me I was "high maintenance" because I told him that I wasn't into his two word messages.  He pitched a bitch fit and told me he was at work and had priorities.  Right.  Except for when he was initiating messages with me.  While at work.  I blocked his dumb ass.

I was really, really looking forward to this week.  Yesterday I was super excited about all of the things I had going on, and now I feel like this is going to be one of those weeks where it all gradually falls apart.  I am certain my Thursday plans are proceeding because tickets are bought, and I assume the same about Friday.  5K on Saturday is a set plan, as is acupuncture tonight and trainer tomorrow.  Supposed to have a date Wednesday rescheduled from Tuesday.  And I will be going to see The Great Gatsby this weekend sometime, even if I go by myself. 

Today I just feel jaded, and tired, and burnt out on people.  My apartment is in dire need of a deep clean and I have zero motivation to do it.  The weather is gray and gloomy and cool and disappointing. 

Part of me really wants the relaxation acupuncture provides, and the therapeutic release the gym provides.  Another part of me says it's gray and shitty out and I'm in a grumpy mood, and I just want to lay on the couch and watch DVR and paint my nails.  Thusly my goal is to do all of those things in some measure.  A little DVR when I get home, or paint the nails.  Acupuncture at 7pm.  Gym shortly thereafter.  Then DVR/nails at home.  Then sleep at a hopefully reasonable hour. 

Tomorrow night I'll do trainer at 8pm, and Target either before or after.  Going to buy Target's exclusive edition of The Great Gatsby soundtrack (yes, an actual CD!) and Ross Mathews book for the book signing and reading on Thursday. 

I need a date with myself.  Hope to get it between tonight and tomorrow.


  1. Back when I was online dating, I HATED the pet names too early on. "Hun" was a common one. Made me CRAZY!

    1. Yeah, I don't like Hun EVER, much less from someone who basically doesn't know me. :/

  2. We can go to the Great Gatsby together. I'll go west coast time, you east coast, we can totally make it the new trend.

    Also, that second date guy? Loser, stop talking to him, immediately. Like the fade away, but no fading, just stopping. Secondly, the high maintenance guy, please. When I told the guy I'm talking to that he didn't seem interested, I did it in a no bullshit or drama way, and he was cool with it and made an effort. If a guy is going to freak out, then that's his reaction, and he can go F himself.

    Gotta go to yoga tonight as well, I want to do is go home and watch Netflix with the rain pouring outside. Oh well.

    Oh and Artboy

    1. Artboy is an ass. Even though your message cut off, I imagine that's where you were going with it, LOL. And you're right!

      I so wish we COULD go to the movie together! We may have to coordinate if things keep going the way they are. :)

    2. Oh, I was going to say that Artboy was just mad that you didn't have time in your life for him. I bet he was all pissy that you weren't waiting for him to contact you. That's how those guys are.

  3. Yeah I gotta be honest, the heart attack thing would FREAK me out. Probably enough to deter me (I know that's awful). Nothing about this guy sounds that great and the "hun" thing would make me nuts, too, but the innuendos just make it all so much worse. Check, please!

    1. Yeah, I feel bad about it, but it DOES matter, you know? If we'd been dating for even awhile it would be different, but to start off on that foot...

    2. Exactly. If I already knew him or was dating him, that would be an entirely different story.

  4. Also, if he can't even exercise right now, the innuendos are just lies!!! haha

  5. Blurgh, when it rains, it pours! I'm sorry your week's plans went to the crapper, but I hope you got some much-needed gym & DVR time (Survivor?)!

    As for the date, he sounds like a jerk who wants to get you in bed without any real effort. And the two-worded message guy is an angry asshole!