Thursday, May 2, 2013

Men are like boomerangs

Yeah, that's right.  The men in my life are like boomerangs.  They always come back!  This time it was just Swoon.  Got a random text around 10pm last night.  "Hey, Bluemoon!  How are you doing?"

Sigh.  So predictable!  Told him I was very busy lately, but fine.  He told me he'd thought of me many times since our night out and wanted to see how I was.  Told me we should do it again.  This time he offered to come to me.

I reminded him I wasn't interested in random hookups, and he told he wasn't either.  That he'd had fun hanging out with me, and the conversation had been good.  Yup.  I'm sure the conversation is why he circled back!

He was clearly looking for me to offer myself up for this weekend, but I dismissively told him I was out of town this weekend.  He seemed disappointed, so I told him he could probably come to DC, anyway, and pick up some random young thing who would be more easily blinded by his charm and physique.  ;-)

I was on my way to sleep by this point and lagging off in the chat, so he ended with a hopeful suggestion to keep him in mind, and that we were just a few good songs down the highway from each other.  This still makes me laugh today.  :-p

I'll keep his number in my phone in case I'm ever feeling reckless and random because he would be an excellent person to be reckless and random with.  But in the meantime, I'm good!

Went on a couple of dates last weekend.  Thought the first one went well, but it has burned off since, and the second one went fairly well, too.  Did have to have a chat with the guy about being a little too much in general, and he's scaled it back significantly since then, so I guess he listened.  I'm too busy in the coming days to worry too much about dating, so I'm kind of glad for that.  I enjoy being unavailable for the time being, it's fun to watch these guys squirm a little. 

I was supposed to go out with a new guy monday night, but he's coming off way too insecure, and not in a cute way.  Neediness turns me off, and totally baseless insecurity (he's gorgeous and has a great job) is worse.

Work is insanely busy lately, but I'm being hugely productive, so that's awesome.  Went to boot camp last night and tweaked my knee for the second night in a row.  First time was at my regular training session and was the result of a deep lunge exercise that is just not good for my ailing knee.  Stupidly tried to keep up with the jump lunge portion of boot camp last night and hurt it again.  Iced it at home, but it's sore today and I'm not pleased.  Not sure if I should go to the gym tonight and just take it easy on the arc trainer or skip it altogether.  I'll be out of town this weekend so no set gym time then either, so I'm really hesitant to skip tonight totally.  Will be icing it again for sure later and ibuprofen is my friend!

So glad today is my friday at work!  Also so glad I'm not in Omaha or really anywhere in the Midwest that has gotten any quantity of snow in the last couple of days.  WTF, world?  It's MAY!!!


  1. I would take a break from the gym. Knee pain is no joke, however, it could possibly be your IT band as well, as it wraps on the outer part of your knee. My IT band was super tight and causing the worst knee pain ever. If it were me, I'd probably do a yoga class or a video at home, elevate, ice, and ibuprofen. You should pick up a roll of KT tape, I bet it would help! That stuff is amazing! As much as you work out, I'm sure you could find so many uses for it, like I have.

    Yeah, Swoon, nice try testing the waters. Guys are so dumb! Although keeping him around for fun, would be fun.

    I don't get why that guy is so insecure. I bet its a play to get women to trust him, I've had a guy try that with me before. Play off so insecure, but in reality your a pompous jerk, who only wanted to get into my pants then go to the next girl.

    1. Yeah, insecure guy is off my list of options. I just can't deal with that level of insecurity or game playing, whatever it is!

      Swoon is a maybe for later. Can't say I wouldn't like to get that shirt off of him, LOL. So pretty. Sigh. But that's all he would be good for, I have zero interest in him beyond some entertainment LOL.

      Probably will heed your advice tonight as my knee is getting more sore the more I walk around on it. Going to ice it tonight again and try to rest it, and wear some smart, comfy shoes most of the weekend. Hopefully a few days rest will do the trick. Will have to look into the KT tape, my trainer uses it all the time and loves it.

  2. Way to go holding Swoon at bay! And I agree that it's either a good idea to skip the gym tonight, or just go and do upper body and give your knee the night off!

    1. Ugh, I know that's probably true, but I hate it. :( I won't get a set workout this weekend, either until at least sunday night. Bah.

      Yeah, Swoon is a moron if he thinks I don't see right through him, LOL.