Tuesday, June 4, 2013


things are feeling better.  :-)  almost as soon as i posted my woebegone, frustrated with the world blog entry, things started picking up in a crazy way.  suddenly i had so many more fun things on my calendar, including some of the things i wanted to do and couldn't manage before. 

my plans for the next few months now include:  baseball games, an amusement park, a bbq, comedy shows, a concert, happy hours, my upcoming trip to cincinnati, the following birthday trip to florida, a trip to ocean city for a girls weekend, and now a trip to nyc in the fall to see wicked and just enjoy the city. 

my weekend included: shopping for summer clothes (friday), an art fair, frozen custard and lunch with a new womens meetup group I loved, a dinner date and bowling (saturday), a session with my trainer and some errands and relaxation (sunday). 

tonight i'm meeting up with a new friend from the meetup group for a drink and exploration in georgetown, as she just moved to the area.  i just got back from lunch with a former coworker/friend and it was gorgeous outside.  i'm wearing a new dress and cute sandals and i feel summery and good.

tomorrow is a baseball game with two girlfriends, thursday is date #2 with dinner date guy, whom we shall call "teacher", and friday i have a 9 am session with my trainer before i fly out to cincinnati around 1:30 pm. 

i feel like this week is my summer kickoff finally.  i'm ready to get the fun things started, and to make new friends, enjoy old ones, and go on a good date.  i'm ready to wear sandals and bright nail polish and sunglasses and baseball caps.

it's almost summer!  :-)


  1. that all sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. yes, I'm looking forward to all of it! :)

  2. Awesome. Don't you find that things tend to go from one extreme to another? I know for me I either have NOTHING to do, or I have more than I can handle. Dear, Universe, could we please find a middle ground?

  3. Yay! So glad that things are looking up for you! I'm definitely jealous of all the fun things you have planned :-)

  4. woohoo, I like that things are on the up & up! Life is so up and down sometimes, it's crazy.