Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blue Moon Rising

So last Friday I had one of those days that I have a couple times a year at most, the kind where I let down all of my guards, broke all my own rules, and just let things happen.  It was amazing, and fun, and surprising, and strange.  I had drinks with friends, so many different groups of friends that merged and separated and merged again as the night wore on.  I saw a comedy show (Bobby Lee), got pictures with the comedian.  I danced with my friends and I laughed and I flirted and made out with a 25 year old who has been wanting to kiss me for at least a year.  ;-)  Yes, he's a baby.  But he's a damn good-looking guy and he's fun and flirty and we danced and had a good time.  So this almost 35 year old will take it and run with it and hold it like a scandalous little badge of honor!

I'm supposed to partake in another happy hour tomorrow, though with a slightly different group.  Perhaps some overlap, but we'll see.  This will subsequently (and necessarily) be a milder happy hour, at least for me.  I need to save my drinking days for special occasions, like my Cincinnati trip in the first weekend of June, and then my birthday happy hour on June 21, and then my birthday Florida trip on the four days following said happy hour.  And of course, my Ocean City trip with the girls in late July! 

I'm excited for my birthday this year.  It's about 5 weeks away, but I already feel hopeful that it will help erase the memory of last year's super depressing birthday.  I look forward to the merging of some more of my current work friends with my former work friends, as well as extraneous friends like the 25 year old.  If everyone shows, it should be a good time!  And if only the couple staunchly reliable ones show, that will still be awesome.  :-)  I will be leaving town that following day for the beach in Florida, and I am crazy excited for that.  Also, I'm excited to hang out with my friend, Tracy, as we've never taken a trip together.  Good times ahead!

So the weekend is looming.  This is a good thing because of the following reasons:

1) Weekends?  Always awesome.

2) I have a hair appt. with a new stylist Saturday afternoon in Old Town.  I'm terrified to try new stylists, but I'll never find one if I don't!  Crossing my fingers she can find a way to give this mop some body and shape and fun without taking away too much of the (tiny amount of) length I've been working to acquire. 

3) Trainer session on Sunday morning.  Yes, I do look forward to this! 

4) Second date on Saturday, I do believe.

5) I hope to go see The Great Gatsby, probably on Sunday, for realsies this weekend!  If not, I guess it gets bumped to the holiday weekend! 

6) I have a deeply held desire to really clean my apartment this weekend, including the completion of the seasonal clothing transition and hopefully compiling a collection of things to donate and rid myself of!  Really hope I can make this happen, but the apartment cleaning is top of the list.  My apartment is tiny, but is it wrong to wish for a one time cleaning service treat to do a good, deep clean so that I can just start fresh?  ;-)

7)  Yes, I said second date.  ;-)  First date was last night, and we very adorably met for ice cream.  Once the shop closed, we sat outside and talked for about an hour.  When we went our separate ways, we hugged and he smelled really good, and I drove home smiling.  And I went to the gym (late!) smiling. And it was nice. 

8)  I'm starving.  I know this veered from the intent of the list, but I couldn't help myself.  Time to wrap up and procure some food!



  1. So many exciting things! I'm glad you really let your hair down last weekend - we all need to do that every now and then :-) And I'm so jealous for your pending vacations!

    1. Thank you, I definitely needed that kind of night. :) And yes, I'm super excited for my trips, too!

  2. High five, making out with the 25 year-old!! Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful things brewing. :) The ice cream date really is adorable, it's more fun than coffee but less pressure than drinks!

    1. LOL, it was totally worth breaking my own rules about minimum age. He's not boyfriend material, but he's great makeout material! ;)

      Yes, I'm super interested to see where things go with new guy. I need to coin a nickname for him...

  3. 5) I hope to go see The Great Gatsby, probably on Sunday, for realsies this weekend! If not, I guess it gets bumped to the holiday weekend!

    This IS the holiday weekend. :p

    Have a blast, girlie!

    1. Ha, I wish! :) I'll enjoy this one and then the three day weekend next week will be a bonus.