Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'd rather be reading

So it's Tuesday, but in my mind I've already started thinking about the three-day weekend.  I have no big, noteworthy plans.  Right now I have no set plans at all aside from a session with my trainer on Sunday morning.  I have a lot of maybe things going on, including a midnight showing of "The Shining", possibly going to see the latest Iron Man movie with my ex-H since he saw "The Great Gatsby" with me on Sunday, maybe some outlet shopping, maybe some time outside reading by the Potomac in the park I like to go to.  All I know is that I'm looking forward to the extra day off! 

I think I found my new stylist this past weekend, too.  I really loved her.  I got my first "Deva" cut, which is a specialized technique for curly hair.  I was there for about an hour and a half just for the cut, which included an initial consult of about 10 minutes, then a dry haircut, then a three step washing/conditioning deal, some time under a dome dryer, and a touch up in the styling chair. 

I don't know if its the cut, or the new Deva products I'm using, or the new tricks I'm implementing at her suggestion, or some combination of all of those things, but my hair has been crazy curly the last couple of days.  It's pretty cool and I'm liking it!  I'm also intrigued to see how my hair looks blown out in light of the Deva cut.  Deva cuts address the hair curl by curl, focusing more on the shape of the actual curls and the way they fall than exact matching lengths.  Thusly, when my hair is straight and blown out, the differences in length that may be there may be more obvious.  My stylist said that this will just add more texture to my blowout and assured me it will be fine. 

She gave me the slightest A-line haircut ever, mostly just because my hair is already fairly short.  She said that as it grows I can have a more severe A-line, which I love the idea of.  It's interesting because from the front it looks mostly just like I got a mild layer trim, but in the back she cut off a bit more length and a lot of the layers.  It just lays so much better and I love it!

Anyway, enough of that.  Not much going on this week.  I have a session with my trainer thursday night, and that's all I have on the books aside from my own gym time.  Last night I did get my apartment vacuumed and my bedding washed, which was really nice.  I love going to bed on fresh, cleanly washed bedding. 

Work:  My desk is full of about half a dozen boring, time consuming, but necessary projects to be done.  Blah.  None of them have any kind of deadline, so I'm not so motivated to get going on them.  A bunch of our partners are at a conference this week, so it's really dead around here.  I imagine it will only get worse as the week goes on as people defect early for the holiday!  I really wish I could take Friday off, as all my days off anymore are allocated for travel.  I'm considering it, but I feel bad asking for more time off even though I have plenty of it to take.  We'll see.  The idea of having Friday tempting!  :-)  I just know it will be such a ghost town around here!

Anyway, that's all I know for now. 


  1. Oh my goodness. I want a haircut that feels the way that one sounds! Maybe I'll have to fly to DC ;-p

    1. LOL, I'll hook you up if you ever get the urge to do just that! :) It was super relaxing and all the products smelled really good, too. She has me putting product in my hair when it's soaking wet, blotting it dry while scrunching upward with a microfiber towel, clipping certain sections if I blow dry to provide lift at the front, all sorts of cool little tricks. :)

  2. Ooh, there's a Deva salon a block from my office, I should check that out! The top half of my hair is curly, the bottom is still straight from my Japanese straightening treatment over a year ago.