Friday, May 24, 2013

fast forward friday

So I'm at work, and I can't say I'm excited about that.  It's the Friday before the holiday weekend, and many people are out of the office.  I spent about an hour this morning doing some necessary work and now that I've wrapped that up, I'm feeling less than enthusiastic.

I brought my Kindle Fire to work, and it's loaded with some episodes of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and a new book.  I will certainly be busting that out sooner than later.  I also plan to take a very long lunch with my door closed so I can get up to whatever I want with no judgment or reproach.  This includes laying my head down on my desk and faux napping, or surfing the net, or indulging in some quality texting time with miscellaneous people.  I may venture out in the afternoon to meet a friend for coffee/dessert, which will be a welcome break in this long Friday.

I am having one of those days where I just want to go home and have a nice, quiet night in.  Last night I went to the grocery store and the gym, and then I randomly made chili about 12:30 am.  Went to bed with it beginning to cook in my crockpot and woke up to a delightful, ready to go lunch.  It actually felt kind of seasonally appropriate today, too.....only low sixties this morning with a really strong wind that made it feel cooler.  It felt very autumnal outside!

This is the most boring blog post ever.  In case I don't return with something interesting to say, I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Happy Memorial Day weekend! I have a warning for you: Like your lunch plans you described, I also frequently enjoy quiet lunches in my office with my door closed so I can do whatever I want. However, for two weeks straight, this also included sitting in my desk chair and leaning over on my meeting table to take a nap. I woke up one morning and my back felt DESTROYED! I'm not even 30 yet, so I was amazed this could happen so early. But I just wanted to tell you, because no one warned me, napping like this is horrible for your back!

    Alternative=laying a huge sheet of paper on the office floor, laying on top, and napping sleeping on your side. This is what I do now =)

    1. You have a good point there! I will keep that in mind. :) I've been trying to motivate myself to get out and walk over lunch, or better yet go to the gym in my building to get an extra mini workout in. We'll see....