Thursday, February 14, 2013

Singles Awareness Day?

So I woke up this morning to a text from Movie Guy, whom I went out with on one date after meeting him through a meetup group a few months back.  We still chat on occasion and see each other at meetup events, so it was nice to get a Happy Valentine's Day text before I even got out of bed.  Got my second V-Day text from S, a guy I went out with a few times in May/June and later rekindled a friendship with.  He now lives in New Mexico, so there is no chance of that changing from platonic!

Facebook was littered with Valentine's Day wishes and greetings via status updates, and another guy friend has "Happy Singles Awareness Day" as his status update in Gmail.  That's the second reference to that version of today that I've seen this morning!

Stopped at Whole Foods this morning and it was swarming with people buying flowers and stuffed things, and they had a whole section set up where they were putting together bouquets for people as they came in. 

Our receptionist is wearing bright pink, and indicated that while she is representing for the firm on the holiday, she will be spending the evening pampering herself with a spa night while her boyfriend is at work. 

I suspect I will see lots of flowers around the office today, although they were already trickling in yesterday, too.  Gotta love Valentine's Day.  :-)

I'm not wearing red or pink today, but that's just because I was in a hurry this morning and it didn't cross my mind.  And I am not even sporting fun festive nails, as my fingernails are totally naked today, wich NEVER happens.  It was chipping so badly that I took it off last night, but didn't have time to do a new paint job before bed, so naked nails it will be.

I'm good with today.  :-)  Little work this morning, then hair appt. at noon for highlights.  That will be a nice little break!  Grab some lunch, soldier through the afternoon and head out.  Tonight I may stop by Pentagon City mall after work briefly, or a couple other spots (Ulta!!), and then home to grab a bite and then hit the gym. 

Honestly?  I am really looking forward to tomorrow, no doubt about it.  But I am also really, really looking forward to Saturday night, when I intend to get any errands and the gym crossed off my list in advance, and spend the evening catching up on way overloaded DVR, getting my (new to me) ultrabook all set up, and just relaxing.  I feel like I spend all of my time running around like a crazy person during the week!

Last night it snowed while I was out running around, and it was lovely.  Pretty and sparkly and nice, but without messing up the roads, which is ideal.  :-)

So in summation, highlights of today:

* Happy Valentine's Day chocolate chip scone for myself this morning
* Hair appointment this afternoon
* Shopping!
* Trying out my new armband for my ipod at the gym tonight

Feels like a successful Thursday in the making. :-)


  1. Happy Valentine's from one single gal to another! :) (Even though boys may litter the ground we walk on. Haha.) I hope you have a lovely day where you love yourself if nothing else and it sounds like you have a good plan for it.

    I, too, am looking forward to a low key Saturday night after feeling like a headless chicken this week.

    Good luck tomorrow and have fun!

    1. Ha, love that comment about boys littering the grounds we walk on, so true! :p

      Happy almost friday. :)

  2. I can't wait to hear how tomorrow goes! I'm also oddly jealous that you're getting your hair done today but that just sounds so lovely having someone play with your hair. ENJOY!

    1. The hair appt was lovely. It really is so relaxing to have someone play with my hair!

  3. Totally looking forward to this weekend as well instead of just this faux holiday. I waited all through the month of January before allowing myself to paint my nails all the different shades of pink I have in my collection, and so far I've only painted them once. So lame of me. Maybe tonight.

    Hope you find some good things shopping! I always have bad luck when I intend to go shopping, I never find what I want. When I don't have that idea in mind, I find too much. Meh.

    1. You should definitely get back on the pink nail polish train! I am such a nail polish junkie, I am redoing mine later tonight.

      I'm with you, anytime I have money and want to buy things it's impossible, but send me into a store broke as a joke and I can find a whole collection of things I want!

  4. I hate the term "singles awareness day" it just makes it seem like every single person is just miserable all the time and that this day makes them even more so. Stop whinging peeps!

    Sounds like you've got a really nice weekend ahead of you!!

    1. Yeah, I think it's weird and unnecessary. Some people are just VERY bothered by this holiday as singletons, and I don't fully get why.