Friday, February 15, 2013

Best 2/14 ever? Maybe.

So Thursday.  February 14th.  Valentine's Day.  This year?  Loved it.

I can't remember when I've had a better day than I did yesterday in a big picture kind of way.  Shall I elaborate?

I got some huge, awesome health news.  I've had irregular paps for the last four years, and that has resulted in multiple colposcopies and biopsies, and seeing my OB/GYN 3-4 times a year.  I FINALLY got a test within normal range, and based on my last exams I've been released to go back to normal, once a year exams.  HUGE for me.  Huge.  Four years of this, and now I'm back to being normal in that regard.  I attribute this change 100% to my new fitness and diet changes.  I really think it made a significant impact on this, and it is just one more motivating factor for me!

I got two Happy Valentine's Day texts from nice guys I consider my friends.  I got a Valentine's Day card in the mail from my mom, and a Facebook message for the holiday from my grandfather. 

I got really lovely blonde highlights put in my hair at my appointment yesterday, and they are awesome.  I got a relaxing blowout and got to come back to work for the afternoon feeling like a million bucks.  I got a small box of chocolates and a note of appreciation in my chair from our General Counsel, whom I work with on a regular basis. 

I met up with a new girlfriend after work for a drink and a little food.  We'd never hung out solo before, as we'd met through another friend, but we got along swimmingly and had a great time talking about work, dating, and life in general. 

I went to Pentagon City after work and got two fantastic new shades of nail polish from Sephora, along with a new Clinique Chubby Stick (love those things, especially the new bolder color ones).  I got an adorable, swingy black skirt, two shirts, earrings and a bracelet. 

While I was shopping, E texted me.  He warned me that thanks to his training session, he may not be able to move his arms for our date.  I told him how sad that was because I really like his arms.  :-)  He said that maybe they would make a recovery for me. We talked about details of timing and the like for tonight, and then we were talking about the 5k I've agreed to run at the end of March with my trainer.

I've talked to E about this before, and he was very encouraging to me about it.  Last night, he one upped himself.  I was expressing concern about if I could get ready for it in time, and he offered to run and train with me.  I told him that would be awesome, and that it would be nice to have someone to do that with.  He likes to run and often runs in 5ks and 10ks.  I then warned him that if he trained with me for it, I would want him to run the actual race with me.  He responded that he would run it with me with no hestitation.  The run is March 24.

He gave me tips on a good pace to aim for as a beginner, and I told him I felt all motivated and full of restless energy, and that I was going to go to the gym that night and just see how much I could run.  He was super encouraging and got me even more motivated.  We wrapped up our conversation and I did as I said, heading to the gym to run.

I got on the treadmill and I ran for 36 minutes straight without stopping.  Never, ever, ever in a million years did I think I could do that. Ever.  Disclaimers:  It was at a slow pace of 4.5 for 29 of the minutes, and at 5.0 for 7 minutes.  I ended up running a total distance of 2.72 miles in that time.  A 5k is 3.1 miles, and at the goal pace of 12 minutes per mile, that ends up being 36 minutes to run that distance. 

When I finished, I was stunned.  I'd not even intended to do it.  I'd gone in thinking I would just try to run for 12 minutes and see if I could hit a mile at that time.  But I ended up covering all the indicators because I didn't want to be distracted, and when I hit 12 minutes I thought, ok, let's try for 15.  Then 18.  Then 20. And then I  said, okay, I'll just run for 30 minutes.  But when I got to thirty, I only had those six left, as I'd set the time of running for 36 minutes.  I finished.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT.

E's motivation was gigantic in this.  The happiness of my day, and of my weeks in general was huge.  The confidence in my body and how much more in shape I am now than I ever thought I could be was huge.  I truly think this was the most shocking, awesome thing I've accomplished in the six months I've been training and working out. 

I know to a real runner this is nothing, but to someone like me who for years has proudly declared that I'll only run if being chased, who could never finish the mile run in high school without walking, who used to get winded going up a flight or two of stairs....this is such a momentous accomplishment.  I ran for 36 minutes without stopping.  I ran 2.72 miles.  Warrior Bluemoon has landed, and she is only getting better.

After the gym I came home and I was wired.  I cleaned up and then painted my nails with one of my new colors.  I called my mom to brag on my achievement.  I watched some DVR while my nails dried, and eventually I went to bed.  My body was spent, and I was mentally exhausted from what felt like an insanely long day...but a brilliantly good one.

This morning I woke up, put on one of my new shirts, got a smoothie on the way into work, and immediately got two compliments on my shirt.  I told my co-worker about my run, as she's a runner and appreciates my efforts.  And now I'm here, bubbling with accomplishment and energy, while also feeling like I could sneak a nap because all I do is run around like a crazy person lately.  But I can say with no uncertainties that I cannot remember the last time I have been as happy as I am right now. 

Happy Friday, indeed.  :-)


  1. Your posts keep making me smile!
    1. Incredible about your run! I need to start trying to incorporate running. I'm doing the Baltimore Color Run in May. You've inspired me to "try" this weekend.
    2. The fact that E seems so awesome and grown up is fantastic!
    3. And yay for girly stuff!

    Have fun tonight!

  2. I think I would consider doing another 5k if it were a Color Run, LOL. Those look so fun! I also have a friend doing a Zombie 5k where you get chased by zombies, ha!

    Good luck trying the running this's so hard for me, but last night was tremendously rewarding!

    Yes, I continue to marvel at how well-adjusted, kind, intelligent and fantastic E is. It's really kind of amazing!

    1. Well, there's a DC Color Run in September. The registration opened today I believe. :)

      I've heard about the Zombie runs. They look so fun! I actually have a friend who is "training" for one and they bought an app that will tell you when zombies are chasing you so you run faster. I love it!

  3. I am in the same pap smear, colposcopy and what not club. Misery. Been 4 years now as well...fingers crossed it will be over soon.

    1. Ugh, awful isn't it? Nothing like getting to be a ball of nerves every six months. On the upside, I am proof that even if it does stick around for that long, it can still get better! Crossing fingers the same happens for you. :)

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  5. Yep, I've had the same issue with the irregular pap, colpo, but was lucky and mine went away - I feel your pain, though. It SUCKS and it's scary. I'm so so so happy to hear they're normal again. I think most of my friends have battled this same medical issue.

    That's incredible about your run! I wish so much that I could be a runner but I hate, hate, HATE running. Sounds like someone's trying to look nice for their date with you tonight! :)

    1. I'm definitely not a runner either, but I'm going to give it a whirl just this once. :)

  6. Thats awesome! I am not a runner, but sometimes think about starting (I won't because of knee and IT band issues). Perhaps one day! Its so cool the things we can accomplish when in a good mood, versus a bad mood, ya know? This is something to remember for the next time you get in a rut or something. Did you take a picture of the treadmill screen when you were done? I totally would have!

    Sounds like the best VDay! I had a pretty good day too, and didn't really have those "I'm alone forever!!!" thoughts. Totes awesome.

    Good luck on the date this weekend!

    1. Yeah, I'm having to be super cautious with my knee, but so far so good. And it's totally amazing the difference between a good, motivated day and a stressy, unmotivated one!

  7. Dude, I am SO JEALOUS of your running prowess. I literally cannot run more than 5 minutes at a time. I tried (in vain) to do the "Couch-to-5K" plan last year, and by week 4 my knee was shot. I also just plain despised running, so now I just stick to biking and walking. :)

    Also, yay for the clear pap! I've only had one colonoscopy in my life, and it (meaning the prep) was just plain awful. Tip of the hat for having to go through multiple ones. :P

    1. I rather love you for talking about me, running and prowess all in the same though, LOL. I'm going to try again tonight I think, so we'll see how effort #2 goes! Running is SO hard on the knees, whcih is why I think I won't necessarily turn into a big old runner after this, no matter how addictive the high of finishing may be.

      And for clarity sake, I had colposcopies, not colonoscopies. :o I've not had one of those yet, and I'd like to keep it that way as long as possible! :)

  8. Oh that is fantastic! So happy for you!