Thursday, March 26, 2015

Back to work

So my personal day was a big old success. I got so much done!  I have clean and sparkly teeth, my car got an oil change and a tire rotation, I got my chiro appt. in, returned all my Comcast nonsense.  I also sold a small end table via Craigslist, packed a final carload of stuff up, and managed to go to DSW and Payless, too.  ;-)  Weirdly, DSW let me down and Payless was the winner of the day.  I came home with a cute pair of simple, black flats and a pair of comfy, black, peep-toe heels.

I finally got back to Casa Blue around 3:30 and got everything unloaded, then got a load of laundry in.  I sat down to relax and DUN DUN DUN...discovered I had two missed calls and a text from my supervisor.  She wanted me to call her, and in the end I had to log in to work to handle something briefly.  I was super annoyed because a) IT WAS MY DAY OFF b) she just wanted me to confirm her understanding of something because she no longer has any confidence in her ability to do what I do and c) I had truly JUST sat down after making several trips up and down the stairs to unload things, and all I wanted was a single hour of relaxation before BF got home.

I ended up getting about half an hour before he got home, during which time I multi-tasked by re-doing my poor, thrashed nails and watching some DVR.  Sigh.  I did get another couple of hours of Bluemoon time after BF and I exchanged hellos and day catch-ups, then we re-convened at about 7:30 for dinner (homemade chicken tortilla soup that had been in the crockpot all day).  We capped off the night with a visit to Sweet Frog for some frozen yogurt...yum!  Definitely a worthy reward for a full day.

I truly cannot wait until this move is complete.  We're so close!  It's going to be a busy couple of days, but luckily tonight is an exception.  We are going to see the 30th anniversary re-release of "The Breakfast Club" in the theater tonight. :-)  BF has (GASP) never seen it!  I'm excited to be the one to show him this classic John Hughes movie.  He's picking me up from a Park & Ride tonight so we can get some food in advance, and it will be a nice little weekday date night!

Tomorrow night he'll pick up J on the way home, and we'll have her until Wednesday due to her spring break.  Unfortunately we will be spending probably 30 minutes (I hope) getting the furniture from the spare bedroom into the garage in preparation for Saturday.  It's just a double bed, a small bedside table, a horribly ugly lamp and a small dresser, but fun!  ;-)

Saturday morning will be an early waking day since we're picking up U-Haul at 8 am in town.  We'll bring it back to the house and load up the furniture we'd moved out the night before, as well as some other nonsense in BF's garage (old bed frame, another super old mattress set, etc.).  We're going to get rid of all of that before going to my Alexandria apartment.

So far I have one woman coming to see and likely purchase the couch, and I'm still working on getting rid of the dresser and TV stand.  I've had a ton of interest in the dresser, but no commitments yet.  This morning some guy emailed me to say he was interested, but had no way to transport it,and asked if I could deliver it.  UMMMM.....NO!!!

Anyway, hopefully we'll get these things sold that day, and then get the rest of the Alexandria apartment loaded up in the U-Haul.  I'll turn in my keys before we go and aside from financial obligations, I'll be done with that apartment!  Back to Casa Blue to unload (boo!!!  so many stairs...) and then to return the U-Haul.  I imagine Saturday night we'll be pretty exhausted.  Sunday I plan to work on getting the new things organized...books on the bookshelves, out of season clothes in the spare bedroom dresser, etc.  I will feel so much better when that's all done!

After this weekend I'm hopeful the only things left to do will be to get all the art hung and to get a new nightstand.  I'm relegating mine to the spare bedroom because it matches my bedroom set that will be going in there and does not match the master bedroom set.

Also, once this is all done I'll no longer have to talk about it ALL THE TIME.  I'm sure we'll all be relieved!  :-)

Anyway, that's all she wrote on this subject for today, so I'm going to wrap up.  Happy Thursday!


  1. BF has NEVER seen the Breakfast Club?!!?!? I'm glad you remedied that situation!!! Did he like it?

    I hope the furniture clear-out is going well.

    1. I couldn't believe it either! He liked it and I definitely loved the experience of seeing it on the big screen. :-)

      Tomorrow is the big moving day...tonight is the preview with moving things from his spare bedroom. GOOD TIMES AHEAD! :-)