Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mid-Week Miscellany

The last two days have been sunny and lovely.  We grilled our dinner on Monday night, for God's sake.  Today it is currently 37 and chilly.  Friday we are likely to get WET SNOW in the morning. Can winter just be over yet??

This week has felt like such a little snapshot of domesticity at Casa Blue (my new name for my new abode, since it's no longer just BFland!).  We sat down and planned out our meals on Sunday, shopped accordingly, and have been dining accordingly each night.  Monday night we made buffalo turkey burgers with corn on the cob on the grill, last night was homemade fish and chips for St. Patrick's Day.  Tonight is baked mustard crusted chicken with roasted asparagus and brown rice and tomorrow is pasta with chicken sausage and garlic bread.  I thought I would HATE meal planning, but cooking dinner together is really turning out to be a highlight each evening.  :-)  It's something we've always enjoyed doing on occasion, though mostly on the weekends.  I love that we now get to do it all the time!

My commuting continues to be an adventure.  Since I get in so early, I'm heading out five minutes early each day because it really helps me get home quicker.  The weird thing is that there are so many buses going out in my general direction at this bus stop in quick succession that it can lead to some confusion.  I got there in time for the 5:11 bus, so when one rolled up that looked right, I boarded it. The driver announced that this bus did not stop at a certain park and ride that the bus I usually ride does, and I knew something was amiss.  I covertly checked my bus schedule, not wanting to look like the newbie I still am on this ride, and tried to figure out what bus I was actually on.  It stopped in Rosslyn, which my other bus doesn't do, so I was all confused.  I spent the rest of the ride being stubborn and not asking and just hoping it got me to my Park & Ride.  Luckily it did....I think I just ended up on a different bus & route because the bus was running about ten minutes late and showed up when my regular bus would have.  At least I have a lot of options to get home!  It's amazing how leaving work five minutes earlier can result in me getting home 15 minutes earlier.  I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but it really makes a huge difference mentally for some reason.

Tonight I have to stop at the local dry cleaners that I'm trying for the first time to pick up some things I dropped off last weekend.  Hopefully they did a good job, as they were super nice and friendly when I went in, and gave me a discount for being a first time customer.

Last night, as mentioned, we made homemade fish and chips for St. Patrick's Day.  BF indulged in some Guinness for the occasion and I chose the Bailey's on the rocks route instead.  ;-)  I felt like such a rebel drinking during the week LOL.  Plus, I drink so rarely now that I'm a real lightweight. Two drinks over the course of a couple of hours had me feeling good!  Luckily it was the right kind of tipsy where I felt perfectly fine this morning.  When I got home BF had no green on, so I was obligated to pinch him.  He ended up putting on a really corny, fun St. Patrick's Day tie that was previously his dad's just to be festive and avoid further pinching.  It was quite a sight, him in khaki shorts, a white t-shirt and a green shamrock & leprechaun laden tie.  :-)  Love him!

So my Mom's birthday is Monday.  I mailed off her card last night and got a Sephora gift card in the mail for her.  She has become rather addicted to Sephora, but always expresses guilt about spending money there.  I figure this way she has some guilt-free spending!  I'm also sending a book from her favorite author via Amazon, so everything should arrive before or on her birthday.  I'm pretty pleased with my choices and think she'll be quite happy with everything.

I'm trying to resist the siren song of Etsy, as there are some really cute things on there, like usual.  I think I'm an earring addict!  I'm going to have to get another earring stand to hold all of these earrings! It's dangerous for me to even browse on that site.  :-)

Anyway, I guess that's all I know in this particular moment.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Noooo to Etsy!!! I'm trying so hard to resist and I forgot it existed (until now!)

    I love the domescity you have with BF. I think it shows that you're comfortable with one another and that you plan to have a future together, because things like meal planning are things you will have to do when living together. It's a good sign! It's also nice that you want to get home to relax with him :-)

  2. Omg all of your meals sound amazing! I am not a meal planner at all. And I wasn't really blessed with the culinary gene. I need to find a man who likes to cook. Or heck even just grill! Haha. I'm glad you're having a good week :)