Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Come on, Spring!

So the weather this morning is so mild and lovely!  It's such a nice change after this long, cold, snowy winter.  I know we're not out of the woods yet entirely, but hopefully the good weather days will be more plentiful than the bad!

I met with my trainer yesterday over my lunch break.  I hadn't seen him in two weeks, so it was a hard workout, but totally worth it.  I was exhausted afterwards, but I felt amazing when I got home to BF.  I was happy, energetic and in a good mood.  Working out really is such a good mood booster! We also determined that this was a workable option, so I'll still be working out with him twice a week like before, just at my building gym instead of the one by my apt.  I'll use my lunch hours for the workouts.  So pleased with that!

So because of my appointments this week, I decided the easiest way to deal with everything location-wise was to get up this morning and drive to Alexandria.  I showered there (with a bag packed full of stuff since my apt. is basically empty except for furniture!) and commuted into work from there.  I will leave at 2 today to get home and out the door for acupuncture later this afternoon.  Tonight I've decided to maximize my Alexandria time so I'll be running some fun errands with my friend, A, and then coming back to sleep at the apt.

Tomorrow morning is my Dr. appt. at 8:30, so I'll get that over with then head into DC for the remainder of my work day.  In order to balance out the mojo for the day, I'm aiming to negate the blah aspect prompted by the Dr. appt. by making a relaxing, pampering hair appt. for after work.  It's time for spring highlights and a trim!  Now I'm actually excited for Thursday.  :-)

After the hair appt. I'll commute back to the apt. in Alexandria, pack up a few additional things I ran out of room for last time, and then drive to BF's house.  I probably won't get there until 9 or 9:30, but BF has plans to go out to dinner with some guy friends, anyway, so I'm not missing anything!  On the upside, this saves me the need to come back to Alexandria this weekend for the stuff I'm grabbing on this trip.  Silver lining?  Ha!

My apartment is so weird right now.  Empty closet, empty bathroom except for what I brought.  Very strange!  I will get a chance to get some more stuff donated and thrown out, too, I think, which is good.  Every little bit helps!

I got the pleasure (?!?) of returning to a Metro commute to work today and again tomorrow, and I realized something....ignoring the timing issues of my new commute (ie I wish there was a later bus so I didn't get into the office 30 mins. early), I prefer the new commute!  The straight bus ride is so much easier, so much more relaxing.  I've got the option of sleeping, reading, watching shows on my ipod, listening to audiobooks or music.  I don't have to worry about going from the bus to the Metro. It's just simpler!  And at least for the time being, I'm kind of enjoying my walk to and from the bus each day.  I love that I'm getting 2 miles of walking in every day automatically, especially when my longer days will likely make it harder to get to the gym.

Speaking of the gym-still planning to check out the local one this weekend.  Wanted to wait a week to get settled in and used to things in case they give me a free week trial or something.  I'll check it out and decide what to do about my other gym membership from there.  It's super cheap, $20/month, but not worth keeping if I'm never going to use it.

Got my new shower caddy and drying racks for BF's house.  Got some mail there yesterday, too (Birchbox!).  All of these small touches are really making it feel like my own place, which is awesome.  I truly love coming home to him, too, and the two cats.  I like knowing that on Friday I'll get to go straight there and arrive before 7 when usually Fridays I don't roll in until 8 because I go to my apt., get my stuff and then head out.  It's a new routine for sure, but I think we're off to a good start.  :-)  (YES, I know it's very early.  I just have a really good feeling about this!)

Anyway, better get to work.  Lots to get done before my early departure today, especially since I'll also be in late tomorrow.


  1. You sound happy and I love it! Good feelings are important and this sounded good from the very beginning. Yeah for new beginnings and Spring!!

    1. I actually am happy, despite some small life crap getting in the way. Everything else feels really good. :-)

  2. That's so exciting! Glad it is working out well.