Friday, March 20, 2015

Things That Do Not Impress Me

It's Friday, but I'm in a funk.  It's probably at least partially a result of going to bed too late and getting seriously insufficient sleep.  Nonetheless, here I am, grumpy on a Friday.

Today's list of things that do not impress me include:

  • Snow on the first day of spring.  It's not really sticking, but STILL.
  • Getting lectured by our General Counsel for a problem that resulted from him being too lazy to respond to an email of mine ALL WEEK LONG.  I proceeded without hearing from him because I was overdue for a deadline because of him, and he got all up in a tizzy and really pissed me off.
  • BF took today off because he was going to stop accruing vacation time if he didn't take a day. This, btw, is a problem I will never have.  He planned to stay up to watch the Georgetown B-Ball game, which was supposed to start shortly before ten and ended up getting delayed until almost eleven.  BF is NOT a late night person, so he prepared by getting a Red Bull and indulging in that to keep himself awake.  
I have zero interest in basketball and did have to get up today, so I adjourned to the bedroom to watch TV shortly before 11.  COULD NOT fall asleep, and probably didn't do so until around 1 am.  Woke up at 2:40 to see that BF was still not in bed.  Went down to basement, he'd passed out with the TV on at some point.  Tried to wake him, but he was out.  Went to bed and figured he'd get up eventually to come to bed.  He did not.  He was still asleep in the basement when I left the house this morning.  Not impressed.  Seriously, not impressed.  He JUST texted me this morning to declare the obvious, that he fell asleep on the couch.  Because I am pissy and grumpy I have nothing nice to say right now, so I'm choosing to leave his message unread and not respond for the time being.  Grr.

I hate that I'm in such a lousy mood on a Friday.  I look really cute at least.  Silver lining?  Right now I'm just in a sour mood and not fit for public consumption.  Hopefully something will turn this day around.


  1. Cheer up! Did you know today was the International Day of Happiness ;)

    1. I didn't know that! Day is looking up some. :-)

  2. I would have slept in the middle of the bed. Sounds like a win-win.

    Basketball is boring, the guys at work had me fill out a March Madness bracket.

    I don't listen to lectures or discussions on things that I've tried to tell people about numerous times. Its not my fault they failed to heed my warnings.

    Perhaps take yourself out to a fancy lunch today or maybe do a bit of indulgent shopping after work!

    1. I just couldn't sleep at all, no matter how much I spread out or rolled around. One of those nights!

      B-ball is SO boring. Give me football any day!

  3. I would definitely recommend some Etsy time or earring shopping, pretty things cheer me up. I hope you feel better soon though, maybe as Danielle says, enjoy a fancy lunch or something?

    I don't understand staying up late and watching sport, but that's me. I also don't understand staying up late in the first place, I need my bed!

    1. I'm doing better now, thank you. And all I bought today was a new bikini trimmer, HA. Thanks, Amazon!