Thursday, April 2, 2015

Stranger Things Have Happened...

So I miss going to the gym.  GO FIGURE.  I initially thought I would just work out at the house since there's an elliptical, a weight bench, and all of my various gym items (exercise ball, Bosu Ball, resistance band, Kettlebell).  But let's be real---it's just not a motivating environment.  If I'm at home I want to hang out with BF, or watch TV, or take a bath, or lay around and read a book.

I'm planning to check out another gym on Saturday.  It's this weird concept that seems popular out in that area of a gym that's only staffed certain hours, and the rest of the time it's keyfob access.  The problem with this right now is the gym I'm going to look at follows the school system's calendar to some degree, in that it's operating under seriously limited staffed hours this week because of spring break.  WTF?  They have no staffed hours today or tomorrow, so I'm stuck waiting until Saturday.

I should be able to get a 7-14 day trial pass, which is a good start. Assuming their membership fees aren't totally insane, I'll probably join.  I just really need to have access to an actual gym sometimes! At least this particular gym has other locations, including Omaha, and it's built into the membership fees that you have access to all of them.  So we'll see!  I'm really hoping they are reasonably priced.

In other news, I'm officially all moved in!  It was a really busy weekend, but we got a ton accomplished.  I turned over my apartment keys and am officially done there aside from the outstanding financial obligations.  Hopefully they get it rented out quickly.  I also got some things sold via Craigslist to sane, normal people who paid my list price for everything.  Cheers to that!

I still have some situating to do, but I'm in pretty good shape for the most part.  This weekend we need to do some more organizing in the garage now that all of my storage stuff is in there, but I think it won't be more than an hour of work.  It's such a relief to just be fully moved in.

We had J from Friday until yesterday morning because of her school's spring break.  I think she and I really bonded a lot this weekend!  We've always gotten along, but this weekend really solidified it. We hung out a lot, she sought out my company a lot, and really opened up to me about a lot of things. The kicker was Tuesday night when the three of us went out to dinner.  The subject of Take Your Child to Work day came up, and BF was saying that they don't generally allow it at his work since he works at a hospital (even though he's on the business side).  I jokingly commented that I've never participated because I don't have a kid, and J piped up, "Now you do!"  I know it was a goofy conversation, but I do think she sees me in a near stepmom role, which is pretty cool.  :-)

Tonight we are planning to FINALLY grill a dinner.  Our weather has been such a pain lately.  We can't seem to get more than one halfway decent day in a row before a crappy day surfaces again. Today is supposed to be about 70 and sunny, with similar temps tomorrow, but rain also.  Saturday is cooler again, grr.  So we're going to take advantage tonight and grill up some burgers and corn on the cob!  I'm really looking forward to it.

No real weekend plans.  We should have J again Friday until Saturday evening, so I imagine Friday will just be dinner at home and maybe watching a movie (or going to a movie).  Saturday we'll likely run some errands.  Like I said, no real plans!  But it's nice after having such a crazy busy weekend last time around!

Things are just going really well.  I will say that I've had one of those weeks where ghosts of the past have resurfaced a bit.  Angry Ex contacted me via LinkedIn of all places.  We hadn't talked in over a year.  Luckily, I think it was just a one off, quick conversation.  He is apparently still with his wife and has a baby boy.  :-o  Craziness!  Meanwhile, my other ex, M, who I've kept in more contact with just via FB, found out last week that he has an aneurysm in his aorta.  :-o  Super scary!  I didn't get a ton of details aside from the fact that open heart surgery will be in his future in the next few years. He's a firefighter/medic with two small kids----I really hope he takes good care of himself and is OK for his sake and that of his kids.

Beyond that, Artboy popped up, as he does occasionally, this weekend.  Weird thing is that he popped up Friday, he popped up Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday....just tiny exchanges, but still.  He luckily avoided giving me any further grief about my move, instead getting weirdly nostalgic.  "So your apartment is empty?"  I told him it was and he said it was sad since we used to hang out there.  OH WELL, lol.  It continues to feel so good to feel completely done with all of these people, especially Artboy since he was my weak spot for so long.  I wouldn't trade my healthy, real relationship for anything any of these people ever offered!

In other news, had to get a TB test this week in connection with my law firm's partnership with an elementary school here in DC.  We're tutoring there 1-2 times a month and the TB test and fingerprinting are required.  Super fun!  I go back either this afternoon or tomorrow morning to get the results read.  Kind of a pain, especially since our insurance didn't cover the rest, so this "volunteering" is costing me $56.  :-p

All right, enough rambling for now.  Let's hope this thursday moves along nice and quickly!


  1. I love what his daughter said to you! That's so sweet! And I do agree about the gym. I don't do all my workouts there but it is def needed for certain things like weights and the treadmill. And motivation. Ha! Love that you are getting completely settled in.

    1. Yeah, it was just a random part of a random convo, but it made me kinda happy, anyway. ;)

      Totally agree about the gym. It's a different environment for sure, and I at least need the access to a gym on occasion.

  2. J is so adorable! That's amazing that you're settling into a lovely little unit! Like you say, you wouldn't trade anything for your current happiness, and I think that's the stage where you realise that everything is going well - because you couldn't want for more and you think "Wow, I'm so over that!"

    1. Yes, definitely way over Artboy! Miracles do happen, LOL.

  3. Cheers to selling Craigslist items for list price to SANE people!! I'm getting real sick of not going off on people when they offer me less than half of my asking price for something. I get that its "used", but I'm not selling it for the full price I paid!! Jeez, some people!

    I hate working out at home, home is where I relax and be lazy. Not get super sweaty and crazy. Ooh that rhymes.

    Ugh, what does Artboy think he's really doing? It doesn't necessarily sound like he's being a friend, but like I've said before, throwing a hissy fit and trying to test you to see if you miss him... Maybe? I don't know.

    Good luck with grilling!! Sounds delicious, I need to grill some veggies next time. I don't like my grill much because its charcoal and I'm not good with cooking on charcoal (seems like one spot is always hot, the others are cold). I need to go back to gas.

    1. I know, I couldn't believe how easy it was! :-o I got some lowball emails, but luckily I also got some good ones, and those are the ones I went with. Refreshing!

      Totally agree about working out at home---not motivating as a regular routine. Maybe on a whim, but I will ALWAYS find something better to do.

      Artboy is a mess. I think that even though he hasn't had real interest in me in YEARS, he's still not used to me being over him. He was so used to me being an easy ego boost, available at his whim, and now I'm not, I haven't been in over a year, and he knows it's done. I think he definitely wants some kind of validation that I miss him, but all I feel is a fond feeling for the good times we had---I don't miss it.

      Grilling was so good---everything tastes better on the grill! Love charcoal, but it takes so much longer and like you said, such uneven heat. We go gas grill most of the time, as BF has both.

  4. That is adorable what his daughter said. Shows that she is excited about your relationship. I know when I move eventually I will miss my gym so much! Its so easy for me now...

    1. Yeah, my gym was SO close and SO easy and SO cheap, LOL. Oh well, just one of the many changes!

      Yes, I was pretty happy with that offhand little comment she made. I'm so lucky we get along because this relationship would have struggled to survive if we didn't!

  5. Congrats on being completely moved in, and on being able to look back on the ghosts of boyfriends past without any regrets! And I agree 100% that home is not a motivating workout environment. Even if I lived in a mansion with its own exercise room, I think I would still want to make a trip to a real gym. I think seeing other people working out around you is the motivating part.

    1. I totally agree---there's something about being in a space designed for working out, with others working out, that is so motivating. Hopefully this new gym will be a workable option!