Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Personal Day

I'm taking a Personal Day from work tomorrow.  I simply have too many things to get taken care of that cannot get accomplished after work  hours or on the weekend.  My To Do list is too long and it's stressing me out, so I'm taking Wednesday off to get things done!  It's going to be a really busy morning for sure, and probably a fairly busy afternoon.

I will start out my day driving to Alexandria to meet someone at 7:45 to sell a small table I currently have on Craigslist.  After that is an 8:20 dental cleaning, a 9:30 oil change appointment at my dealership and a 10 am chiropractor appt. that I'll go to while waiting for my car.  I will also be going to Comcast to return all of my cable and internet equipment and pay my final bill, going to my apartment to get what is hopefully the final load of things for my car and taking some measurements of the couch I'm selling since I dropped the ball on that during the original posting.

On the route between Alexandria and home I'm likely going to pit stop at one or more of the following places:  DSW, Payless, JC Penney.  I have some Rewards money at JC Penney which will likely be spent on socks because I'm glamorous like that, and the other places are because I'm having an urge for some new shoes.  Back in the town of Casa Blue I will be venturing to the Town Office Building in order to trade in my Alexandria parking sticker for a Town of Casa Blue sticker.

I hope to be done with all of this and home relaxing before BF gets home from work around 5 pm. We'll see how successful I am!  :-)  Seriously, though, if I get all of this done (and manage to get some laundry in when I get home), I will be able to cross so many things off my to do list.  Plus, I will get a lot of my Alexandria appointments done and should be set for awhile.  I really like my dentist and my car dealership, so since they are usually infrequent visits, I'd like to try to keep them.

No big plans for tonight.  We were supposed to get chicken tortilla soup ready to make for tonight's dinner, but forgot, so we're going rogue and doing waffles for dinner since it's one of the two "Waffle Days" (though admittedly the less noteworthy one here in the US).  Beyond that I'm sure it will just be a low key night since I have so much to do tomorrow.  I'm super bummed I don't even get to sleep in.  :-p

These next few weeks are going to be pretty busy.  This weekend is moving day on Saturday, and we'll have BF's daughter, J from Friday until Wednesday in light of her spring break.  We're hoping to see Insurgent soon, and I'd like to swing it this weekend, but who knows if we'll make it.  The following weekend is a nicely empty weekend, and also Easter.  We likely won't have J and will just do a little nicer dinner than usual.  Weekend after that is my short Saturday-Monday trip to KC for a girlfriend's wedding, then the weekend after that is BF's in the works "Guys" trip weekend.  Five of them are driving five hours to one guy's family cabin at some lake, where I suspect the weekend will consist of fishing, drinking, eating and bullshitting LOL.

I'm currently making plans to fill this wide open weekend.  It will be the first time I've stayed by myself at that house, so that will be interesting!  My initial inclination was to pack the weekend totally full of plans out of the house, but then I my apartment I loved an occasional night or weekend on my own.  I liked ordering in Chinese, spending the whole night in yoga pants and a t-shirt watching DVR or Netflix.  So I may compromise and take some advantage of a wide open social schedule, but not make a desperate effort to fill every minute.  Right now I just have lunch plans with a friend I've not seen in ages on Saturday and brunch plans on Sunday.  I suspect one evening will end up with plans, even if those plans include roping a girlfriend or two out to the new place, and one night may be more low key.  To be determined!

Can't wait for the end of this work day.  Looking forward to getting to my bus and spending the ride home reading or just zoning out.  Finished another book ("Little Black Lies" by Sandra Black) and will be deciding on the next one soon, as I have a few on my Kindle to read.  They include:

The Girl with a Clock for a Heart-Peter Swanson
Life Drawing-Robin Black
The One That Got Away-Simon Wood

I also have the audio book of "The Kind Worth Killing" (also by Peter Swanson).

Just watched the Girls season finale on HBO Go last night and loved it.  Thought it was one of the better season finales they've had.  Currently wanting to watch "The Jinx", while also needing to catch the episode of Grey's Anatomy from two weeks ago b/c my cable was messed up.  I'll have to get that one via On Demand.  Finally, weirdly intrigued by this new show I've read about called iZombie.  Didn't initially sound like my kind of thing (even though I love The Walking Dead), but when I read it was done by the Veronica Mars people, I was hooked.  Hoping to check out the first episode sooon to see what I think!  Speaking of TWD, super excited about the season finale this sunday.  90 minutes of awesome!

Anyway, now I'm just rambling and procrastinating.  Back to work I go!


  1. Getting socks at JCP IS glamorous, what are you talking about?! I missed the Girls finale Bc I was still back home in PA. I've loved this season so far so I hope the finale doesn't disappoint!

    1. I think you'll enjoy the finale, it was really good. :-)

  2. Enjoy your day off!!! Hope you get everything checked off your list with time to spare so you can relax!

  3. I love getting new socks! I find with socks I can get away with silly little creatures on them, and no one will be none the wiser when I'm wearing a trouser suit or boots! Haha!

    You sound so super organised and busy! I've been lying on the sofa trying to motivate myself to work, so I SERIOUSLY need to take a leaf out of your book! Thanks for reminding me to stop slacking! :-)