Friday, March 20, 2015

Margarita, please

I'm in a better mood than I was this morning, which is a plus.  The main issue now is that I'm just feeling a bit frazzled and discombobulated about handling the rest of this move.  I feel like there are so many loose ends to tie up and still so much to do, and it's hard to get all the puzzle pieces to fit together.

First thing tomorrow BF is dropping one of his cars off for an inspection before we head out.  We get to load my car with some garage stuff of his that we have to take to the dumpster.  Yay?  After that we're going to the apartment.We'll squish as much as we can in my CR-V, but I'm hoping to return all my Comcast cable equipment prior to that and cancel my service.  I also want to make a Goodwill trip to donate my pots, pans, dishes, flatware and miscellaneous kitchen gadgets, along with anything else that I decide against keeping.  Those trips will come first in order to clear out as much stuff as possible, and I also need to take my couple of heavy bags of books to the book donation bin right next to my apartment to get rid of those.  These chores will be a lot easier to handle with two of us there!

After those detours and loading up my car, we'll head back to Casa Blue, where we'll get the joy of unloading everything.  Once I see how much stuff is left after the trip tomorrow, I'll decide if I need to make another trip this weekend, or if I can just get the rest next Saturday.

Among other things to figure out:

Real moving truck day is a week from Saturday.  That's also the day I'm handing in my keys to the leasing office.  In between this weekend and next Saturday I need to get my move-out clean scheduled, as that's one thing I do NOT want to mess with.  Unfortunately due to timing issues I will likely need to get the move out clean prior to the actual moving of the furniture, but that should be fine.  This week's list of things to do will also include moving the current guest bed, dresser and nightstand out of the guest BR and to the garage to make room for my things coming next weekend. I also need to book the U-Haul by the end of the day Saturday just to have it on the books.  Waiting to see how much stuff I have left after our trip to decide between 9' cargo van and 10' truck.  Don't want to spend the extra money if I don't need to!

Other decisions to make include:

Gym situation-
Option 1: Cancel old gym because of no locations by new home. Keep using current trainer, which will require twice weekly sessions over my lunch break at the office.  This means mid-day showers, overly long lunch breaks, and a lot of rescheduling likely due to work obligations.  Work out at work gym or use home elliptical and weights the rest of the week.

Option 2: Cancel old gym, join new gym that costs three times as much a month for a smaller gym. Ditch old trainer. Increased gym cost alleviated by not paying trainer anymore.  No trainers.  Just me, new gym, home elliptical and weights.

Option 3: Join new, more pricy gym and enlist new trainer at same cost  as current trainer.

I really like the accountability a trainer provides, but honestly?  I've been working with a trainer for a couple of years now.  I know what to do.  If properly motivated I can do this on my own now.  WILL I????  This new gym is $60/month and my current gym is $20.  :-/

A few weeks ago all I wanted was to get to the first friday of my first week in BFland.  Now all I want is to get to a week from Sunday when I'm officially DONE with that apartment, aside from the residual financial obligations.

Right now on this friday I'm just counting down until 4 pm.  We're having a March Madness themed happy hour celebration for the office that starts then, and they'll have basketball on TVs in the room, plus a bunch of bar type food and a margarita machine.  You better believe a margarita or two are in my future!  :-)

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