Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Great Apartment Purge of 2015

God, I love organizing.  I really do.  I love straightening things, making sense of things, finding homes for things.  I really love the part of moving that requires you to re-evaluate all of your belongings and whether or not you care about them enough to lug them with you to the new place. I've been doing a lot of that lately!

I got to have some involvement in BF doing this this past weekend at his house, but ultimately these were his things and his decisions.  I got to vote on clothes he wavered on, bedding he was keeping just because and other such things.  But it wasn't a true involvement because it was his stuff.

This week at my apartment it's my stuff.  I went through my clothes last week and again last night and culled a large pile of items to donate.  I also went through my purses, my belts, my shoes.  I found two pairs of almost never worn shoes to donate and may end up adding more to the pile later this week.

I plan on going through my DVDs (because honestly?  I rarely watch them, and am more into BluRays when I get anything now).  I want to go through my books (!!!), but I'm not super confident I'll clear much out there. I  do love my books!

I made a preliminary pass through my linen closet where I also store hair, face, body products in an overflow capacity.  I tossed some things out and will make another pass before leaving this weekend. I've made preliminary passes through my kitchen cupboards and will be re-visiting those, as well as all of my kitchen gadgets and pans.

The holy grail of impending organization will come in the form of my storage unit in the basement of the building.  It's not a huge space, but I know it will feel like a lot more when I'm moving, so I want to really be thorough when I go through it.  It's full of things like an old Dyson vacuum that doesn't work well anymore, my dog's old crate, bins of old bedding and towels that got cycled out.  I got a new, giant Rubbermaid bin for my holiday decs as my current one is cracked and unwieldy.  I'm pretty sure there's a bin of books down there, and those may be more ripe for donation since I haven't looked at them in the 3+ years I've lived here.  There are also a bunch of seasonal clothes to go through, and then my favorite....BINS OF NONSENSE.  Seriously, probably at LEAST 2-3 large bins full of miscellany.  :-o

I went to Target again last night, as well as making a stop at Petco for cat food and then HomeGoods. I left HomeGoods with two smallish woven baskets I plan to use for purse and accessory storage in the closet.  They are blue and gray and lovely!  Target resulted in the aforementioned large rubbermaid bin, two larger woven black baskets for t-shirt and miscellaneous overflow clothing storage in the closet and a gray, low height bin for under the sink toiletry storage.

I am such a nerd for being so excited over this stuff.  I am a big nerd for getting a little thrill from the growing pile of donation stuff at my apartment, and I'm excited to be thinning out my belongings just a bit before the move.  It's definitely therapeutic!

So this week was intended to be all about move prep, and I'm doing well so far.  Tonight I'm scheduled for trainer, but keeping an eye on the weather forecast.  We're supposed to get some sleet/freezing rain this afternoon into the early evening, and I'm just waiting to see how the timing actually shakes out and how much there is.  Trainer will definitely cancel if the weather is bad, and I won't blame him!

Wednesday night BF is supposed to come over for our usual (and now last!) weeknight stay at my place together, but again---weather watching.  They're predicting snow, and perhaps a chunk of it, Thursday morning.  If that forecast stays on track, he likely won't come over after work because his cars are terrible in the snow.  I'm not too devastated either way since I'll be with him all the time starting this weekend!  Honestly?  A little part of me keeps thinking that him not being there will give me more time to pack and organize and sort.  :-p

Thursday trainer is scheduled again that night, but...WEATHER.  So basically a lot of my plans this week are waiting on the weather to shake out, but it's OK---any free time I have can be spent getting situated for this weekend!

I ordered my shower caddy and drying racks (so many of my tops are dry flat!) on BB&B today, so they'll be coming to BF's house (OUR HOUSE??) in the next few days.  I'm calling it....aside from groceries, I'm done buying things for this move for now.  :-)  I think I have everything I need!

Anyway, this is a long, rambling post about boring stuff, but talking about all of it is a cheap stand in for doing it, and I'll take it.  Would much rather be at home getting organized, but instead I'm at work, with a 12:30 training on our new, upcoming database that may last my entire afternoon.  Cheers!


  1. Can you get the Dyson repaired? It may be worth keeping if you can, or try and sell it on Craisglist. I see Dyson's on there all the time that are in need of a repair or missing a part. Maybe they are on there because its almost as expensive to buy a new one before trying to fix one? Not sure.

    I use my old towels for cleaning rags. I cut them in half, twice, and its the perfect rectangular size, then I really get some work out of them. I wish I had a sewing machine still, because I have one of those Swiffer kind of sticks (but not swiffer, it just comes with a cotton washable pad), and I would like to sew new pads with my old towels. Although this is all because I don't use paper towels anymore, because I'm a filthy california hippie.

    As far as your old books go, have you ever looked into or whatever its called? Maybe you can use your old storage library to add stuff to your new library? Could be worth looking into if you are stuck inside due to inclement weather.

    Good luck with that weather though! I've been annoyed that its raining and like 45-50 degrees here. Although I do pay a premium for perfect weather.

    1. I'll look into what to do with the Dyson later I guess---I may just stick it on CL, as I don't want it anymore. I never felt like it really did a much better job than any other vacuum I've had!

      Weather is COLD again now. Super excited to get my car all unloaded tonight in light of that. Ha!

  2. I could never get rid of books (or so I thought) but I ended up donating most of mine to charity. I kept the ones that I enjoy reading and that I will read again and again, and any that have sentimental value...

    This is so exciting! Your house with BF!!! I'm so happy for you!

    I like your possession 'cull', you seem to be in control of it. I think that is the way to go, otherwise you end up with more stuff, or drawers/boxes of 'stuff' e.g. sequins and random things that you won't use.

    1. I managed to cull out SOME books for now, but I'm hoping that when I return for the official move I'll be a bit more bold about it.

      It's exciting, but weird! :-o Will be good to just get into it and see how it goes, commute and all.

  3. I love organizing and above all, throwing stuff away! Which sounds so strange, but I'm sort of an anti-hoarder... nothing makes me crazier than storing away stuff that I don't use.

    1. Yeah, I really love these periodic purges...though I swear, I still have so much crap! :-)

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