Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Remember when

Remember back when this was more of a dating blog?  I have foggy recollections of such a thing, but lately I've been too busy obsessing over working out, the scale and my eating habits.  In honor of what once was, and what I aspire to bring to the table again, I offer you a post about DATING!

So yeah, I went on one.  A date.  I started talking to E maybe a week ago.  We exchanged several very lengthy emails before agreeing to just meet already for coffee on Monday evening.  I actually felt a little bit nervous!  I hadn't been on a date since November with Dozen Roses guy, and before that it had been awhile, too.  I'm a bit out of practice from my once fighting dating form!

I arrived first, early, and was waiting in a nice comfy chair by the entrance when he got there.  On rare occasions, someone has cute pictures and is even cuter in person.  This was one of those rare occasions.  :-)  Short, dark brown hair, lovely brown eyes, great smile.  We got our respective drinks (chai tea latte for him, a honey vanilla steamer for me) and sat down for what would be three hours of conversation.  We left only when they were about to close up for the night, and I still had to get to the gym!

The conversation was excellent.  He's very smart, well-spoken, and funny.  Oh, was he funny.  I honestly laughed and smiled so much that my face hurt by the end of the date.  :-)  Gotta love that!  We parted at the corner outside with a big hug.  After I got back from the gym that night (nearly midnight!), I messaged him to thank him for the drink and the company.  He replied in the morning and told me he'd had a great time, and that I was really easy to talk to, which was a nice change for him.  He marveled at how long we'd spent in the Cosi, and said we should have taken a walk.  He then said that if I wanted to get together again, maybe we could work on that.

I replied and told him I definitely wanted to get together again, and that was very, very late last night, so hopefully I will hear from him today.  No idea when we would try to meet up again, but I'm interested in a date #2!  E is just very cute, very funny and very down to earth.  Plus, he grew up in Missouri, so we had a little regional common ground to cover!

Beyond E, Georgia resurfaced on Sunday.  He popped up like he'd never been gone, or really, like I'd disappeared on him, ha.  We've chatted each day since, and he will be in the DC area a week from today, which is kind of crazy.  Again, we've made no plans to get together yet, nor even mentioned it in any real way.  I figure I'll just let him get here and see if he then decides to suggest meeting!  I'm laying a bit low on that one because I just don't have a great sense as to what exactly he's looking for.  He says he wants a relationship, but it's just hard to read right now.  I figure that once he's in town, I'll know fairly quickly if this is something worth my time or not.

Lastly, a guy I went out with twice about a year and a half ago, during my first lull after dating Artboy briefly, contacted me again.  He actually didn't recognize me, so I got the dubious honor of reminding him we'd gone out twice.  I wasn't annoyed or anything, as I think it was an honest error and it had been since June 2011 that he'd seen me!  We've exchanged a couple of messages, but nothing too involved. 

I never know how to handle things like that, when people resurface.  Part of me wonders if I just wasn't in the right place to date him (as I was hung up on Artboy bigtime then), but the other part of me wonders if maybe he just wasn't the right fit.  I had to tell him I didn't want to see him after the second date last time, so I'm wary of going out with him again just to see if it's different.  Maybe it's good he doesn't remember what happened.  :-) 

I'm also talking to another very cute guy and have been for a couple weeks now.  However, he's basically a walking list of all the things I'm not crazy about logistically.  He lives over an hour away.  He's a firefighter, so his schedule is wacky.  Plus he has two little kids he has fairly often.  Sigh.  Not sure that one is meant to go anywhere, but he's fun to talk to!

Randoms here and there aside from that, but those are the noteworthy options going on right now.  Patience is a virtue, and luckily I have it in at least one area of my  ;-)


  1. I hope the first one contacts you again for date #2. The thing with the Georgia guy that worries me is the disappearing/reappearing act is a pattern. I've dated guys like that and it's maddening. And yeah, they're like, where have YOU been? ME? You completely fell off the grid, dude.

    1. Yay, date #2 looms!

      Georgia is one I'm wary of, though not entirely crossing off. I just have a feeling he's not going to go anywhere.