Friday, July 6, 2012

Oh, hi!

I think I'm experiencing some sort of summer blog malaise.  I recall this happening every year when I still posted consistently on livejournal, and that it seemed to be a common thing.  It's not as if I'm too busy to's more like I open a new post and stare at the page blankly off and on for an hour before closing it out.

There have been crazy storms, power outages, holidays.  There have not been any dates with new people.  I got tangled up into an IM/email thing with one guy for a week and I thought it felt very promising, but then he stopped messaging me out of the blue.  He seemed too good to be true, and he was.  Life lesson!  ;-)  Luckily we never managed to meet in person, so the loss was insignificant.  He's one of those types who is probably secretly married and whoring around on a dating site because he's gross.

During the power outage last weekend, good old Baltimore resurfaced.  Anyone who hangs around me long enough begins to associate me with thunderstorms, as they are one of my favorite things ever.  I frequently get emails/texts/IMs from people here and really anywhere when it storms.  That's what Baltimore did, and when my power went out that night he offered his place to me.  But it was late, so I just went to sleep. When I still had no power the next day, I tried to hold out, but that evening I accepted his offer and headed out to his house.

Oh, Baltimore, I shall never understand you.  The flirting game was on high intensity, the sexual tension just about as present as another person in the room.  We went to dinner, then watched a movie and a half.  We lay coiled up on the couch together.  Howe we got that way I don't even know, but it was nice.  For all of the confusion Baltimore brings, once we wrestle our way into familiarity I'm comfortable with him.  We just seem to have to get there the elementary school playground way...teasing, play fighting, goofing around.

I left the next morning after brunch (and a hot shower at his place, just in case, as my cold shower the day before did not impress me).  We hugged goodbye in his driveway, he gave me a quick kiss, and I was on my way.  So there was that.

The other day we made plans for me to come out for there tonight so he could grill food for me.  I texted him just now to confirm, so we'll just never know.  I won't feel like the plan is set until I hear back, and meanwhile he's just assuming it's a done deal.  This is the way we roll, we roll.  This remains the weirdest dynamic EVER, LOL.  It's like a surprise, each time wondering what I'll get when we meet up.  After last weekend, which felt, even almost relationship-like, I'll be interested to see how things are this time.  Probably he will sit on the other side of the room from me.  :-)

Wouldn't it be nice if I could just meet someone consistent, mature, funny, sincere, who knows what they want, follows through on what they say they will do, is affectionate without being lecherous, is sweet without being cliched....

I'm beginning to wonder.


  1. With regard to your blog "malaise" (good word, BTW!): I say post when you feel like it and you have something to say, rather than doing so just because it's been X number of days and you think it HAS to be done. That's when it becomes a chore. :-p

    Did you make it to "The Baltimore Grill" the other night? LOL! Any man who can harness fire and cook a decent meal is a keeper in my book. :) Hope you had fun!

  2. I did go to Baltimore friday, and I had dinner, and we hung out. Of course, because this is how we roll, it was much less flirty and familiar than before, and more along the lines of two friends hanging out. So strange.