Wednesday, June 27, 2012

dance, dance

Yesterday, oh it was a day.  I had a special moment over lunch wherein I realized that my pants were coming apart at the seams in the worst possible place.  Please note that this was the second time I had worn said pants, and unlike many of my clothes these days, these were loose on me (because I bought them to accommodate my less than ideal size until I remedy it).  And yet, they were just nicely splitting at the seam, and the split was beginning to travel up the back of the pants into visible territory.

I panicked, oh yes, I panicked.  I had no sweater or anything to tie around my waist.  I had no replacement clothes in my office.  I had visions of my pants just unraveling and falling off of me.  I borrowed a cardigan from a friend at work, tied it around my waist and made the mile trek to Gap to buy some new pants.  I found some cute ones that turned out to be on clearance, bought them, changed into them, and returned to work.  VOILA.  Day saved!  On a related note, the shoddily constructed pants will be going to get fixed, as I think a good, solid mending job will put them back on track to success.  I liked them because they are very lightweight for hot summer days!

Last night at home I had a good time.  I'm working to redirect my focus to being happier, appreciating the good things.  A random mood struck me later on in the evening, and my ipod was playing on the sound dock, and I took turns swooping up my two cats and dancing them around the living room with me.  Mostly I was laughing so hard at the absurdity of the whole scene that we didn't get much done, but it felt good to be ridiculous. 

Later on, the ridiculousness continued as I played Fruit Ninja on the Xbox Kinect, and did a trial of Just Dance 3 that I'd downloaded.  Um yeah, I'm going to buy that so I can more completely make a fool of myself in the comfort of my own living room.  Not only is it a damn hilarious way to spend some time, but it's a workout, too, and in my condition I can't turn away an opportunity for some cardio.  :-)

Because it was a good idea yesterday....

I love making a total, undeniable fool of myself on these Xbox Kinect games.  I love friendly strangers who open doors for you and smile in passing.  I love the smell of the perfume I'm wearing today.  I love how powerful I feel in heels.  I love Allegra for big bad allergy days like today, LOL.  I love watching silly tv shows that just make me laugh.  I love the friends I have who are good and true.  I love the month of June.  I love certain words like conundrum and deluge and tumultuous.  I love caring enough about my well-being to make a concerted effort to be happier, and to laugh until my stomach hurts over completely silly things.  :-)


  1. hahaha! The dancing with cats is GREAT! I'm sure they were like, wth is going on here? Something about music and dance, I'm tellin ya! The pant split reminds me of the good ole days of having to run home because SOMEONE came a tad early and I was not at all prepared for her. Such a bitch :)

  2. Yes, they were definitely puzzled by me, but it was entertaining. :)

  3. Oh yeah, I've had split seams a time or two. :-/ In fact, the other day I noticed some favorite jeans were starting to get a little thin, so I'm sure it's only a matter of time. . .

    I'm glad to hear you're staying focused on the good things and learning to have some fun as it comes along. It's easy to lose sight of all that in the daily routine.