Thursday, July 12, 2012


It's really, really annoying when I continue to find obnoxious, frustrating people so damn attractive.  Will it ever go away?  Shouldn't their bothersome personality traits neutralize their ferociously random sex appeal to me?

Apparently picture, unsolicited, unexpected (and not even a little dirty) and I'm all aflutter with "damn, he's sexy" butterflies.


  1. @DM I wish it were that easy! That one I at least have a slim chance of happening, LOL. But no. The only person I've had that kind of attraction to is stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid Artboy.

  2. and therein lies the problem! They're sooooo annoying but I realllyyyy want them! For me, after a while of them frustrating the heck out of me, they start slowly losing their sex appeal.

  3. Right? But this one has staying power. It's been since May of last year that I met him, and I haven't even seen him in person since February. But every damn picture he sends me makes me miss him and how he felt. I miss making out in his elevator every time I came over, LOL. 11 floors to kiss through!