Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chipped nails

I stayed up too late.  I overslept by an hour. I had to flag down my bus in order to not miss it.  I forgot to pay for said bus trip and had to be reminded a block into the ride.  I was hot and sweaty by the time I got to the office.  My desk is seriously overflowing with work, and everybody thinks everything is a rush.

My nail polish is chipping.  I brought the polish in with hopes of maybe fixing it over lunch, but we'll see.  I do look cute today, in an outfit cobbled together during the rush this morning.  I brought leftovers to eat today, as I actually cooked myself a real meal with meat, vegetables and a bit of jasmine rice last night. 

I have laundry to do.  Floors to vacuum.  Cat food to buy.  Apartment complexes to call and complain to.  Car insurance to pay.  A novel to write. 

My ex-husband, who for years has asserted how much my friendship means to him, is straight up ignoring me right now because his lady is obscenely threatened by me. 

My ex-boyfriend and his wife had their baby recently.  I hate Facebook for giving me a means to know that.  It's weird.   That might have been me in another lifetime.

I'm staying up even later than usual lately, but I've had company.  It's entertaining and fun and means absolutely nothing.  Something to break up the late night monotony. 

I have a date thing on thursday evening in Old Town.  I'm trying to not be so jaded, and to give people a chance on occasion. 

I had Corn Pops for breakfast because they sounded like a good idea at the store and I hadn't had them in years.  I bought the ingredients to make chili even though it's 100 degrees outside because I had a random urge for chili.  I'm reading a really good book with scenes that take place in the winter, and mentions of soup and hot things inspired me, I think. 

This is the way I spend my time when my desk is overflowing.  ;-)  Must get back to work.


  1. I really admire you for continuing to go out on dates even when you have a "thing" with someone else. I've never been good about dating a few people at a time and I wish I knew how I could have done that better back when I was single and not put 100% of my focus on the wrong guy. Good for you.

  2. @ames It's been a learning curve! I think I've just realized that committing my mind to one person so early is just not healthy for me. I'm all about commitment when I want it and when it's decided, but for so long I was unilaterally committing my heart to people who didn't deserve it or even want it, and that was just damaging.

    In this situation, it also helps that the primary situation is basically non-existent, LOL. It's pretty much just online anymore, even though we live ten minutes apart, and it ebbs and flows. Since this post, it has ebbed again. ;)