Thursday, July 19, 2012

This is why I don't date well.

Seriously, I am really annoyed right now.  Remember I mentioned that other guy I went out with in November who contacted me out of the blue a couple weeks back?  I was wholly unimpressed with him ignoring my email after our date back then, only to saunter back around multiple months later.  I waffled about replying to him, but in the end decided to see what he had to say.  He claimed he'd never gotten my message (BULLSHIT), but he was really cute, and I thought maybe I should give him a chance.  At worst, I thought I could go out with him and then bail on him, LOL.

We talked on the phone one night for about half an hour, which was fine, but kind of boring.  We agreed to get together on Sunday.  Saturday he texted me and told me he forgot he had to help his brother and wanted to reschedule for Monday.  I told him no worries about sunday, and didn't acknowledge the monday suggestion.  I wasn't feeling it.

He messaged me again monday asking me how I was.  Ignored.  Just didn't care.  Messaged me tuesday night saying something about how I was obviously pissed about him "standing me up" on sunday and how he was sorry, but it is important for him to help out his family.  I was annoyed that he was making this some big personal thing, when I just was not interested, so I responded and told him he hadn't stood me up, and I wasn't pissed about anything, just busy.  He was still a little defensive, and again, I didn't feel invested enough to care.  I told him eventually that our timing had just been off.

He asked later if I still wanted to get together.  That was yesterday.  I responded this morning and told him the same thing I told the other guy:  My heart isn't into dating right now.  He replied and told me something along the lines of "Fine, your loss.  Good luck with things." 

Seriously, November guy?  My loss?  You went out with me in November, told me you wanted to go out again, then ignored my message the next day.  You play around on the online dating world and realize that the pickings are questionable, and realize that in fact, I was a pretty good catch.  So you lurk back around and then play dumb about my message, thinking that you're good looking enough to slide by.  By now I'm bored with you, and your ego is bruised that I'm not quaking in my wedges to go out with you.  So now it's my loss?

Also, he spelled loss "lose".  WINNER.  My lose, indeed.


  1. Short for LoseR! You are right, no love lost!

  2. andddd this is why you should always trust your gut! I was gonna say exactly what Mummy said: no love lost. NEXT!

  3. @Mummy and @ames: Right? Way to go out on a lower note than you were already at, sir. ;)

  4. So a friend was telling me about an ex getting in touch with her. The ex said something that led my friend to say to me, "It's not like I sit around with the mirror from 'Beauty and the Beast,' and say, 'Show me the Beast' when I want to see what's up with my ex." So I've decided I'm going to randomly say, "Show me the Beast" and just giggle. I feel like when you DO feel sorry that you've losed (?) this fabulous catch, you, too, can say, "Show me the Beast" and feel sorry for yourself. ;)

  5. Well, I don't know what that means exactly, Tracy, but cheers to it, anyway. :p
    Somehow I think I will muddle through this DEVASTATING LOSS (that I initiated). :D

  6. You made the right move by not going out with him. Trust yourself!

  7. @D: trying! Sometimes that logic gets me in trouble, LOL.