Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In love...

With this weather!  No, I haven't gone off and swooped up a new relationship after waxing poetic about how accomplished I feel for not doing that very thing last night.  ;-)  Truly, though, this springtime weather is making me so happy.  I know there are tornado warnings in the area, and we're under a tornado watch ourselves, and let me clarify that I do not have love for tornadoes...just the on and off rain, wind, thunder and lightning we've had all night and at various points during this week.

There is no better way to fall asleep than to the sound of low rumbles of thunder beyond your window.  I know it may be rainy and gloomy tomorrow, which will be unfortunate since I have a couple of things to do during the day, but it's all good.  It's spring, and spring means thunderstorms!

Mellow night at the homestead tonight.  Walked the Merdog in the rain.  Listened to music.  Watched some DVR.  Redid my nails after a relaxing bath.  Ordered in takeout for dinner, which means a couple more meals of leftovers in store for me.  :-)

Tomorrow is thursday, and thursday is almost friday.  Another week winding down...part of me will be sad to see this one end.  It's been such a fantastic week, and it's not over yet.  I'm really just feeling all sorts of love for all of the people in my life right now, and the weather, and anticipation for more good to come.

On that note, time to shut the laptop down for the night and get some sleep!

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